Miracle Studio Boutique

Items Infused with Jyoti'sHealing, Grace, Bliss, Love, and Miracles

Welcome to Our Miracle Studio ... Where you can Commission Custom, Guided By Your Spirit Encoded Art Pieces, Soft Art, 36X48 Custom Miracle Portal and Healing Paintings. (Additional sizes available)

Powerful Physical Miracle Encoded Products: 

Purchase Custom Encoded Miracle Crystal Singing Bowls, Custom Encoded Etheric Healing Remedies, Essences, Tonics, and Living Miracles Essence Sprays with Encoded Miracle Crystals, Miracle Spheres, and more... These provide unprecedented support for You 24/7. Each is personally encoded with the high vibe frequencies to take you to the ever-expanding continual next level of Your Blissful Life's Growth, Expansion and Awakening beyond Consciousness.


Anything is Possible! 

Be an Open Channel

Vital Healing

Encoded Blessed Healing Art

Miracle Portals 

Miracle Portal Paintings

Healing Portals

Healing Portal Paintings

High Vibration Life 

Awakening Portals

Love Portals 

Gazing Photos taken in Bliss Presence


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