The Miracle Heart Activation

21 Days of Life Transformation with Jyoti

This is by far the most Powerful, Immediate Means to Transform Your LIFE NOW, constantly, silently, and powerfully working behind the scenes of your everyday Life experiences for 21 days!

Exponentially Elevating Your Resonant Vibration

You Resilient. Strengthened. Aligned. Illuminated. Restored.

If YOU are tired of struggling with fear, depression, dis-empowerment, illness, pain, worry, anxiety, or lack - this MIRACLE HEART ACTIVATION is for YOU!

The Level of the Heart we are Activating in this program gives YOU an inborn DIRECT LINK to Infinite Higher Intelligence that goes far beyond what you can even perceive with your current mind.

This domain of the Heart, lives the Magnetic Center of your Life...Your connecting link into INfinite Love and INfinite Intelligence that naturally holds all your Answers, Solutions, Miracles, Transformation, and Healing. Your Heart integrates your own unique embodiment of experience, awareness, and this world and beyond.

Within Your Activated Heart You will discover that
YOU are the Creator of your Life Energy and Experience.

Your Heart functions as the Master Generator of ALL of your Life Energy; which naturally Raises and Purifies all your Energy levels: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

You will be given empowered connection with True Creative states of Being and Creation Portals of Potential from within the deep stillness of your Activated Heart.

Your Heart is the point of stillness from which you can view and experience infinite eternity, far beyond the seeming problems of today. As you view your Infinity you activate all levels of potential within and around YOU. Love and the INfinite Sub-Atomic Crystalline Particles of Creation cohere together as a Manifestation Point within manifest and Orchestrate Miracles, new Potentials, and new forms, while fulfilling your Unique Purpose and Mission for BEing here at this point of our conscious evolution.
This is where Your Life becomes more effortless... yet overflowing with synchronistic, High Vibrational Creations that are Successful and Uplift, Transform, Transcend, Inspire and Heal you and others.
This is where the “solutions” to our “world problems” come into BEing - through YOU! (See how important YOU ARE!!)

This is a Series of Activations, Attunements and Alignments specific to YOU and Your Life Requirements that quite literally transport you to the Next Level of Your Life in Purpose, Mission, Joy, Abundance, Creative Power, Love, Health, and Conscious Expansion.

You will be given etheric cohesive blueprint structures that through the Activated Heart create the necessary forms to support and expand Love and coherence in your Life. This is structure in is true intended purpose - the foundational support for the expansion of Love and evolution of consciousness.
As noted in contrast to the way “structure” is predominantly dis-functioning in our world now, showing up as control, containment, and imprisonment of possibilities...where the mind has become the master and the heart- contained and limited in expression, secondary to logic and reasoning.
This is why we are facing all the troubles in our world today.

Our ONLY Sustainable solution is to re-establish the correct Harmonic of the INfinite Creative Heart in our world!

And, it can only happen through You.

LOVE is truly the most Powerful Technology upon our planet! And through US - it becomes MANIFEST as the Primary mode of human functioning.

Within the current version of our world and functioning of our minds as primary, we only have access to less than 4% of Reality, thats 4% of conscious awareness.

Jyoti was born with, and maintains a greater ability to see, access and know a larger percentage of Consciousness and Reality. This is how she can assist us in our conscious evolution which has the capacity to really Know and utilize our Authentic Power, that is Sourced only through the Activated Heart...Love.

As YOUR MIRACLE HEART is ACTIVATED - YOU TOO HAVE this EXPANDED naturally comes forth from WITHIN YOU, and expressed in the world as Your Unique and Powerful Potentials that ONLY YOU CAN bring into form.

You are Supported.

You have everything You need, right within You!

There is no power in technique or method or force or manifestation in the world.

Anything that stands in creation now, is calling to become “re-created” in a higher frequency, a form that births from Love new potentials.

The Power is in YOU - through the Activation of Your Precious Miracle Heart!

YOU are supported in activating your Heart Now...Re-Membering that coherent Life experiences are magnetized through your Spirit-Aligned, Activated Heart, which cohere the Crystalline Sub-Atomic Miracle Particles creating new Possibilities and Potentials, that have never existed before. When LOVE is Commanded through YOUR is made real, tangible and palpable in all aspects of your life. (beyond your conscious mind)

It is not through the application of force or technique that things are created, manifested,  transformed, or healed. These come from your conscious mind.

The conscious mind is vibrating at the level of the “problem.” Your conscious mind, as noted before only has access to at best 4% of reality and awareness. DO you really believe that 4% of your total Consciousness (structured in linear, dualistic, cause-effect rationality) can command INFINITE POTENTIAL and TRANSFORMATION?

Let’s just go directly to the SOURCE, allowing the linear mind to be lovingly and gently supported during the 21 days of this program. Here we will manifest our True Power, which the mind will come to support...the way of correct alignment.

Techniques are only here to show you that the Power is actually within YOU!  There are INfinite Sub-atomic Crystalline Particles surrounding us. They are actually the smallest particles of ALL CREATION that cohere things into “forms” and “experiences.” Once we get the Power of our Lives properly aligned, these Miracle Particles are magnetized to cohere together in higher vibrational forms of love - in our emotional, spiritual, higher intelligent, and physical forms and experiences.

All Potentials already exist.

The 21 Day Service ...

As you Activate and Attune to your Miracle Heart, you effortlessly discover and manifest yours.

**Please note this offer is intended for YOU only if you are really ready for POWERFUL Transformation, this is not for the “curious” - it is for those who are READY. This program will move you rapidly into the Active, Powerful, Transformation, and Potentials of Your Heart...

The MIRACLE HEART ACTIVATION - 21 Day Service, is a very powerful new opportunity of Transformation developed from a higher level of Love in Harmonic Consciousness.

This 21 DAY Miracle Heart Activation Healing combines powerful Quantum Light and Information Patterns along with ongoing Energy Support to hold and support you the entire 21 days, and (for the linear mind) you will receive special step by step instructions and information about how to create and effortlessly allow the transformation you desire.

The time is now to Live and experience Joy and Wonder as you transform your life!

It does not have to be hard anymore!

With this powerful Miracle Heart Activation, silently delivered to You over 21 Days, Your Life Potentials Open in Exponential, Miraculous ways.

**Going in, you must be of sound mental and emotional health to graciously receive rapid Transformation, in all the ways it emerges through your Life.

This program begins with opening direct Soul/Spirit communication as Jyoti activates multiple levels of clearing, cleansing, and release, and opens powerful self-Intelligent activating and aligning Light and INformation INfusions which build a strong foundation for Your Transformation.

Once registered, You have the option of sending Jyoti a direct email (  )  ... In this opening email, You will have the opportunity to make it deeply specific and personal for you ... You can choose to additionally address any area of your life which you would like to experience change. This can include: abundance, health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, finances, trust, job, purpose, manifesting, bliss, creativity, or whatever else you want as your integrated focus.

You will Receive:

*Powerful Permanent clearing of limiting constellations of experiences and causative belief patterns, conscious and unconscious

*Transformational Access to manifest and allow the Life you are meant to live

*Powerful Quantum Support to manifest your Purpose in the highest possible ways

*21 days of Energetic Support...complete with Silent Quantum Energetic Activations, Attunements, Alignments, and Sustaining Light Energy ...

*The Miracle Heart Frequencies are broadcast directly into your field 24/7 for 21 days.

*Morning Focus Video to keep your mind open and attuned during your day

*Evening Focus Video to keep your heart open and attuned as you rest
Greater Ability to remain in Your Center...serene, aligned, and congruent through your 30 days and nights.

*Ability to instantly realign with your Love and Power in times of great change and external pressures

And, Infinite Unique Benefits that exponentially unfold from YOU... from here forward...into your life, and the world.

Here is how it works...

After you say YES...You will receive an email which opens the portal for You to really begin this adventure in Living from Your Miracle Heart. This email “Opens” an on-going Stream of Love and Quantum Support that continues to flow to you for 21 days...(and beyond...)

This unique program has never before been offered...

Imagine your life in 21 days...

Imagine your life when you have Activated Your Miracle Heart... creating a Life of inner access to Miracles, Potentials and Possibilities where ANYTHING is possible and lovingly offered to YOU...

PLEASE NOTE: this program is designed for those willing and wanting to make a SIGNIFICANT energy shift into a MUCH higher vibrating realm.

Cost/Appreciation of Value:

“Sacred Economics”...a term Authored by my friend Charles Eisenstein has inspired me! As we all know, the faulty structures of our current world are falling, including the Monetary system. As the NEW system of monetary exchange comes into being, it will be based upon TRUE WORTH...the True Value you receive from all goods and services. This is the foundation that financially sustains us in our new world...

We are opening the possibility for You, now, to live this new Sacred Economy by offering you the ability to pay for this Miracle Heart Activation 21 Day Program what you expect to receive in the Value of Jyoti’s assistance...You must be ready and willing to Gratefully pay for it’s actual Value to You in your life.


*What is it worth to YOU to Live Consciously in Your Creation Center of Love?

*What is it worth to You to Live with the Knowing Experience inside of You that You have the Access, Power, and Potential within YOU to Manifest exactly what You need when you need it in your own life, and in the lives of others?

*What is it worth to YOU to be supported completely by Jyoti and Focused Quantum Resources for 21 days and nights?

*What is it worth to You to be assisted to Manifest Your Life’s Supported Mission, Purpose and Intention into the world?

More than the consideration of “what can I afford” - ask yourself -

"What is this Truly Worth to ME and my Life?"

There are four levels of Miracle Heart Activation Intensive Support, You choose which Level best suits You. There are also Four Sacred Chambers of the Heart ... and Four Additional Levels to this Magical Heart Power ... Which is offered in another Intensive Activation upcoming. Prerequisite is the completion of Your Miracle Heart Activation here. 

If you decide the value begins at $5555 or above based on Worth and Value to You ...  click on the button below that matches the Value You are Ready to receive within our 21 days together! We'll begin first thing in the morning! (With immediate support streaming to you upon successful payment of course!)

21 Day Miracle Heart Activation

**Obviously the value of this work is immeasurable, as you cannot possibly know the far-reaching impact and potentials activated by this work. However, You can choose the Value you wish to receive, and KNOW that you OWN this value for yourSelf in your Life. 

No one will be turned away, yet it cannot be received by you if you are unwilling to VALUE it.

***In Depth Transformation with Jyoti is valued between $7777-$222222 USD and Euro. Currently Private Sessions begin at $5555, and INtensive Sessions begin at $9999. You always Receive what you are ready to Value!

There is Nothing and no one that can take Your Power away from YOU again, not ever.
This Infinite Power is Yours!
It is Time for Precious You to Shine!! - We need You!
You are the ONE we have all been waiting for!

With Love and in Service of You,
Jyoti Amma Sophia

“Jyoti opened the way to permanently clear difficult and challenging life experiences and patterns I was living for two years. She somehow effortlessly expands consciousness, accelerating your spiritual awakening, and remembering who you are, beyond your life roles and challenges. This is what happened in one session for me. I am eternally grateful!” -Ella, NYC

"I cannot even begin to understand what has happened, or how...I just Know that I am living in a new way. My family hardly recognize me, and sometimes it feels strange, yet familiar. I know that I am becoming who I was always meant to be. My work has skyrocketed. My love life has manifested. My circle of friends has changed. I am happy, independent of outer reason, independent of others. Thank You Jyoti! This has really truly changed everything!" Jennifer, HI

"There are so many changes, I am having difficulty explaining how. My life has unfolded in new ways that are so supportive of me and my purpose. I now have a successful sustainable business that I too do not have to advertise, and I am not even taking on new clients. I am so successful in the world of money now, yet, it doesn't even really matter to me anymore. I just feel it and it shows up. Thank You JYOTI! You saved this girl's life! and you are inspiring others through my living example!"

"The first day of my Heart Activation program was noticeably powerful and different. I knew I was in for the ride of my life! I began sobbing and crying like a baby. (I am a grown man and just don't do things like that!) I am amazed by how much a man can feel. How much I feel now. After this adventure in awakening my heart after the loss of my father has become a whole new life for me. I am capable where I was failing. My family even wants to be with me now. I feel loved and so full of love that I want to share it everywhere. My financial and business success has increased significantly.  My impact is felt. I feel important for the very first time. I am in gratitude." Russell, MO

"I got a new job, began a whole new career. And I feel so good! I feel alive for the first time ever. I have boundless energy that catapults my creative pursuits. I have been creating new streams of income following my Heart, and the hunches it gives me about what is next in my life for me. Thank You Jyoti! You are the Miracle of my Life!" Danielle, BC

About Jyoti:

Jyoti is a Natural Born Visionary with a Powerful Healing Presence of Unconditional Love. She naturally emanates high frequency waves of Love that Transform Lives and “Manifest” Miracles effortlessly and immediately. She is known for her ability to Transform the causes of our deepest challenges, while having coffee, or a conversation. Known as the “Miracle Girl,” She carries within her field a Powerful Love and Opening Potential that creates spontaneous Miracles wherever she goes.

Jyoti’s global impact speaks for itself. She quietly one day decided to offer her work publicly, and from the very next day forward, a consistent stream of people “found” her from all over the world, without “advertising.” She has an innate ability to show YOU that YOU are the POWER, that everything you need is inside of YOU, and she assists you by placing you in contact with YOUR OWN GREATNESS and POWER in everything she offers. She has the ability to see, understand, and Transform YOUR specific limiting Quantum Causative Patterns held in your Soul, manifesting as your life experiences. Under the Directive of (Your Spirit) Source she naturally opens, and transforms lives. She naturally Awakens consciousness in permanent and profound ways that continues to expand exponentially in evolving waves, impacting all areas of a persons life. And, she is still functioning as a member of society, raising children as a solo-mama, and continually evolving and expanding her potential, which we also benefit from. She is dedicated to Serving You in your Transformation and releasing you from suffering.

**If you are not ready for the full 21 Day Miracle Heart Activation ... You can receive a Taste of Being Healed and Held within the Sacred Heart Chamber of the Miracle Heart Activation for 24 hours! ... This is a Powerful Taste of Our 21 Day Immersion!

24 hour Miracle Heart Activation

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