Yes! It is time for YOU to Expand in to the Next Level Dearest One!

This Program was Inspired and Created just for You, by INvitation only! This is the next level of Living and Accessing Life from the Next Level of Your Miracle Heart. The jump is significant from level I to Level II - in the practical daily weavings of your life's tapestry. This is where things come more alive for You from the inside out ... where you are able to live from the space within You that Knows that You are the ultimate creator and artist of Your overall Life conditions. You are more aware and capable of perceiving your immediate responsibility for your responses/reactions and realigning in your Miracle Heart!

When You allow your Heart to be Expanded in these Openings and frequencies over the next 21 days, You will be amazed to witness how easy and effortless Your Life can become ...

See, Your Heart is the closest part of You to Your INfinite Spirit ... this is where You manifest and Live Miracles from, this is where You Live a life of Harmony - independent of external situations or circumstances. Yes, independent of any circumstances ... in fact, Your circumstances actually harmonize with You to match the expansive Miracle Heart Connection that You now are capable of living with the completion of this level of Activation.

This is the internal Connection, the Beam of Light Connecting that reaches deeply into Your Radiant Spirit that has a PLAN for You ... This is where You naturally and effortlessly live it .. Kind of like walking on a path that is simultaneously being lifted, raised, yet you are simply only aware of taking the next step in front of you... walking ...placing one step in front of the other with each breath you welcome and release .. You are naturally Blossoming and Raising and Expanding what is possible for You to LIVE ... without work, effort or struggle. The old cyclical questions in your mind become silent, as you are inspired to ask more open ended expansive questions that seek to "make sense" of this new level of Reality.

You are bathed in High Vibrational Frequencies and the necessary Foundational energy structures that allow your Miracle Heart to be the most active part of Your Life as You breathe ... there is nothing you need to "do" or focus on. However, You are also given guidelines and mind material as well to assist Your mind in realizing the Shift ...

You become more integrated as Your Infinite Self and the Natural Radiance that You are. People see a "New You!" Glowing and radiating with positive, expansive feeling. You become more magnetic to all Life and all the experiences that Your Heart has been longing for on this planet.

You can now experience deeper feelings of Connection.

You can belong more completely, and make the difference You are here to make in this world!

You move from a space of need, into a space of being abundance ... where your choices, preferences and desires can be met in unpredictable ways ...

You naturally expand beyond old concepts and feelings, and experiences of limitation.

You understand Your Self as a Larger Being of Love and Potential that is here to manifest new possibilities just by breathing and BEing You - Through Living from your Expanded Miracle Heart!

You naturally Live in Gratitude, not as a concept, as a resonance and Frequency.

I am ready to begin the very moment You are!

I say YES to YOU and to Your Miracle Heart living as Primary in Your life! I celebrate Who You are and recognize your Readiness for this next level and journey together. (This is not for everyone, and I have been give the permission from Your Spirit to open this and offer this to YOU! It has been a labor of LOVE for You!) This is a highly individualized program, where I work consistently with You for 21 Days under the direction and guidance of Your Spirit.

You will also be given unlimited email access to me - (I will only reply to your emails, if I am guided to share something specific with you, however, I read ALL of your emails and use them to directly clear any limitations that you may be feeling. I am here to SERVE YOU in the MOST POWERFUL of ways! So, please feel free to reach out and share with me in this journey!)

This Amazing 21 Days together in our Miracle Heart Activation Level 2, (is the same investment in You and Blessing to me) as our First Miracle Heart Activation, only more powerful and only offered by personal Invitation!