Manifest Your Mission Impossible!

This is not for the faint of Heart!
If You are ready to actually LIVE your DREAM -
I am here to fully support You!

Many people will talk about their dreams, and believe they want to manifest them ... yet, they do not, as they have greater unconscious misalignment and fear as Causal Patterns embedded within the Powerful Blueprint fabric of their Soul

- these Soul Constellations of Limitations create layers of unconscious blocks and Soul Programs that prevent You from LIVING YOUR DREAM - no matter how well intentioned You are!
These manifest as feeling:
too tired
weight gain
feeling overly vulnerable
feeling unsafe
not enough time
not enough energy
not enough of YOU

YOU have a Dream that if You do not ACTIVATE and MANIFEST in Your Life, someone else will ...
And, because of this, the world will be at a loss -
As this is YOUR DREAM - that ONLY YOU can Manifest in the Greatest way for All Life!

NOW is the time to OPEN the Space to ALLOW it to Manifest in the world!

I am here to Support You, specifically in the Successful Manifestation of Living Your Dream ...
Of Allowing Access from within You ...
Naturally Opening the most effortless path to the
Fulfillment of Your Life's Dream!

From this Dream forward, you will be in-powered to naturally allow all that is inspired by and beyond this Dream in Living Form!

  • Activate Your Potential NOW!
  • Effortlessly Manifest Your Unique Offering to the World
  • Allow the Flow of Expanded New Opportunities into Your Life
  • Receive the Support You need to stand strong
  • Impact the world with Your Mission

Yes ... You have a Powerful Mission!

A Mission ... that once you discover (within you)
Will make ALL the difference in the quality of your life on every level~ from now on!

Your Life is being Lived for a Potent, Completely Amazing, Abundant, and Powerful Purpose!

There are so many People waiting for YOU... exactly as You are Now ... exactly Who You Are and What You Bring in this world - Your perspective, Your unique vision, Your innate gifts (that may seem small or insignificant) Your Presence, Your unique Quality of Being ...

The world is waiting for You! I can assist you to OPEN and fully embody the Essence of Your Unique Gift Purpose, Passion, and Mission in this world! This is the Opening of a Beautiful path of Life Manifestation on a whole new level of ever-expanding abundance, joy, and Potent Impact.  You feel fulfilled and grateful and genuinely happy from the core of your being because You are fulfilling a need and your Unique Purpose in this world that connects You... and fuels You... while making a difference in the lives of others ... from an authentic space of Love that people respond to in powerful ways. This is where Your Unique Quality and Presence of Love expands ... as they receive your Gift and share it on ... expanding this Unique Quality of Love and Purpose in rippling waves throughout the world beyond Your immediate impact.

You will never know the full impact of Your Life and Your Unique Quality of Being ... You are here to impact and Expand what is possible for all of Life!

I can show You ... from the inside out!

This Activation Access Program "Mission to Fruition Now" includes:

Custom Mission to Fruition Light Infusion Download with Jyoti!

On-Going Audio Support for 3 weeks to integrate, expand, and unify with your Mission!

Email access to Jyoti for 3 weeks (21 days!)

Only $888

or $777 with the Purchase of a Private Session total $1888

Manifest Your Mission Impossible