As a natural Effortless Result of Your Miracle Activations
You may also experience:

Indescribable Bliss, be amazed, uplifted, inspired, Transformed, Opened … Effortlessly ... Your missing links are corrected ... you are fulfilled at a deep level from the inside Out …

You experience an Activation of Transformation where what previously stood in the way of Your Miracle Access is dissolved and Opened to the Current of Life.

The Current of Life is a direct Flow of indescribable Bliss, Healing, Transformation, Access .. that provides the seed and blossoming of your Already Awakened (beyond the Mind) Perfect Self.

This is the part of You that has Living Breathing access to Miracles within every moment of your life.

This Powerful Activation is Individually Life Transforming and works directly with You exactly where You Are, catapulting your Life into the next level from within  the level of Cause and Creation now.

You may notice how easily and quickly changes and effortless transformation take place. In fact, Your changes may unfold in an instant… and your mind may simply collapse into Now, unaware of your prior limitations, worries, upsets, challenges, and concerns. (This has miraculously happened for so many already!)

Many feel their life becoming newly alive, radiant, and magical, where unexpected miracles happen regularly in their lives and in Life surrounding them.

Usually people first notice:

Something indescribable... that feels expansive, wonderful and fundamentally different. These changes are experienced as a radiating from within, not externally. Many report new feelings of Light-ness surrounding and inside their bodies, particularly within the Heart Center as it calibrates to the Miracle Activation in bursts ... Many feel vibration and expansion in their bodies ... and cellularly... They report the Belly Center Relaxing, Softening, and Opening, there are many reported sensations and feelings … buzzing, tingling, opening, expanding, deepening, relaxing, relief, awe, wonder, ... and even a playful innocence calling attention to the mystical, magical moment of the ever present unfolding Now Moment…

Presence becomes more natural and effortless.

There is a new inspiration to BE ... Present. Now.

Your Heart's Inner Calling begins to be heard … opening uplifting experiences in your everyday life .. "normal things" become magical moments of Presence.

There is a newfound effortless ease and happiness beyond external cause. Happiness begins to radiate from within outward, impacting the world surrounding you.

Your previous (and most deeply held)  life stories begin to be illuminated as fiction... You can then re-write your Life Story ... and Open a whole new Life!

Life feels more effortless… aligned.

There is a deep release into natural flow, replacing former “struggle” to "get" somewhere or something ... is replaced with greater capacity to simply Be Here Now … a feeling of deep and abiding peace and joy that you are no longer “missing out” on the preciousness of Life and the Presence of those you Love.

Changes effortlessly occur in external life. Right Alignment begins.

The external begins to open to match the expanded internal state.

Compassion for others is increased, and you begin to recognize “other” as Self. You may feel a stream of emotions and feelings as they exit the cells of Your body...

Each individual experiences this in a unique and completely personal way….

(I Am so excited to hear how this experience is felt and witnessed by and through You and how it manifests in Your Life Stream Impact in Your World!! Please do let me know!)

So far, everyone has reported feeling that something fundamental is “different” New, and somewhat undefinable or inexplicable...Described as "Expanded, Inspired, Uplifted ... New, Happy, Giggles, Joy ... Freedom ... etc..."
Which has Proven to be exactly the miracle they needed (even unknowingly) in their life.

Many feel transformed ... emotionally balanced and calm even in the midst of difficult life situations. They now notice that they feel more aligned, spiritually connected, and loved, just as they are …

Compassion is ignited, for Self and Others.

There is less need or desire to resist Life, and find facing the now moment more pleasurable, even when difficult.

There is a widening of capacity in all areas of life … in physical strength, energy, endurance, excess weight has been effortlessly shed without dieting or work, physical pains and injures seem to vanish.

You may notice improvement in various areas of your life that used to cause thoughts, worries, fears that controlled and monopolized your Awareness!

You may see better, more and clearer. (Yes, vision too!)

You may experience a deep connection with the Divine and open to profound states of consciousness and bliss.

Life Insights emerge with accessible clarity, You have an expanded ability to Source Solutions that seemed impossible before.

Your Trust in Life, Love, and Goodness is amplified.

You are aligned to comprehend the gift and blessing in all life experiences and find the good, even within the undesired turns of life.

Your Life becomes more enjoyable, simple and easy.

You gain access to Your innate Wisdom, granting you a feeling of inner support and confidence to carry you through the rough patches.

You may naturally unfold new abilities and talents in accordance with Your Life’s Purpose, and blossom new interests.

You can feel Life supporting You.

Life becomes happier, as you effortlessly develop healthier habits that Support your life. You feel more joy and Awareness of Your Self and the "Innate Love Nature" domain of all Life.

The experience of each person is very different and yet it is exactly what is needed. Your Life becomes a beautiful cascade of .... just what your Spirit called for ...

After receiving your first Activation, you may feel things more deeply, you may feel more emotionally resilient, more calm, greater peace, a new inner feeling of spaciousness and an increased ability to focus. As when You are aligned in this way, You are connected and directed by Higher Faculties of Life that carry you into the fulfillment of Your Life’s Purpose.

Those who have received this powerful Activation notice that these changes unfold directly following their Miracle Activation.

Once you receive Your Miracle Activation, it is yours, it lives within you and continues to assist you as you grow. It has also been known to bring more and more of your heart desires into form and experience. The impact grows with you as you expand and continues expanding throughout your Life.

There is nothing you need to “do” in order to receive this Activation once you are IN… You naturally, effortlessly, and directly receive it no matter where you are in the world. It begins working with you exactly where you are … expanding what is possible for You to live, experience, reach, touch, Love, and Live.

There is no limit to how many times you experience these Miracle Activations, as they always align you with your next level of Life... (You can register for and receive all!)

You do not need to to listen live, you will still receive the FULL Activation. Your registration is your YES to receive Miracles into your life. Your YES is all that is required. (The Live Call is really just a space holder for those of us who need to comprehend the Magnitude of this experience)

If you have already attended a previous Miracle Activation, you will find an amplification of Miracles, as well as NEW Surprises when you receive additional Activations! You will continue to amplify, ascend, and expand your Miracles. There is no ceiling to Magic, Growth, Expansion, Miracles and LOVE!

You can register for all of the Miracle Activations in this Series and future series. With each Activation, You naturally Upgrade and Open your Life to higher vibrations, capacity, and Miracles.

The Miracle Moment Now Activation is an amazing opportunity that is waiting just for you to say YES and Amplify Your Life.

Divine Miracle Activation