WELCOME to Your True Living Love Activation with Jyoti!

You will be receiving Your Love Activation Encoded Video in about 24-48 hours!

Once encoded it will arrive in your inbox!

I already have You Beloved ... I can feel You and I am attuning to all that You need to receive now in this Love Activation.

Your Video will be encoded specifically to You, reaching into the depths of Creation and Love that You are now capable of embodying and receiving!

You may find that once you fully receive this Love Activation You may be ready for your next level of LOVE ... Feel free to return... as each time you receive this Love Activation it builds and expands and intensifies with each level of access.

Yay Beloved One ... I am so excited that You are here for 
Your Life Changing Love Activation ... 

I am truly soooooo happy and excited to see You here now! 

You are ready for this ... 

"When You Move beyond Consciousness, You caress the Beloved.
When you move into the unknown beyond everything, the Beloved caresses You."

It's not enough to love me.
I want you to allow me to love you.
It is not enough to desire me, to want to be closer to me.
I want to reach out to you and grab hold of you, 
drawing you into me, and never letting you be apart from me again.
There is so much more for us to experience, you and me ...
simply gazing-even with Love at each other from a distance.
Let me take you into my arms.
Let me hold you until we cease to know or care 
where you and I once were you and I, for instead we will be one.
Will you allow it?
Will you allow me?
Will you allow us to be?