I cannot tell You how much it means to me to receive your Gifts of Support in this time of Great Transformation and Expansion!

In Gratitude for Your Support:

  • I send You Ten-Fold Blessings in return (and my innate MIRACULOUS GIFT of Service to You Opening Abundance in Your Life through a Custom Created Living Abundance Light INfusion Download - just for You!) ...KNOWN to create money miracles in people's lives all around the world!
  • And.. I will also send You a private and intimate letter that this Child of Love wrote through me ... Quite Personal and revealing ... so You can get a feel for how Powerful and Amazing he is, and how miraculous it is that he is able to come through me!
  • And... Private Photos of us and my growing Belly!

In case You did not hear in my Daily Dose of Jyoti Video Announcement...

My Heart is Opening beyond what I could have imagined for my Life ... Joyful Tears of Gratitude are streaming from my eyes as I write this now ... I am now PREGNANT ... with this AMAZING Child of Love who is facilitating a great Transformation in my Life, Family and World!

This Blessed child was not planned, and deemed IMPOSSIBLE by the "Medical World!" - and seemingly "off" in timing, or preparedness ...

And ... Here is is, Here we are! I am now 21 weeks Pregnant today (October 27, 2013)!

I had a dream of this child over 10 years ago ... I received a Powerful Vision of this child - the day before I gave birth to my daughter Bella (Isabella Anam!) - Our Red-Curly-Haired Magical Being of Love and Magic! ... and I was told by my doctors the day of Bella's c-section delivery that I was going to have to have a hysterectomy during her birth, because it was simply not possible for my body to be capable of having another child. They were even afraid that I may not "make it" through Bella's Birth - they had 3 surgeons, the cell-saver machine, many pints of extra blood to give me, and all emergency life saving technologies on board for Bella's delivery. (My pregnancy with Bella was very "high risk" and super challenging - landing me in bed for most of the pregnancy!) I refused to let them take my organs and told them that I WOULD have another child! They said it would take a MIRACLE! for that to happen!

In my vision of this child, I made some ego assumptions about how it would all unfold - I MISTAKENLY thought:

  • 1. I would be married, or at least in relationship with my beloved partner for life, and conceive this child with his devoted father. (Perfectly - did not happen this way yet! His father is not in our lives.)
  • 2. That I would be in PERFECT REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH for the entire pregnancy and would be able to naturally give birth to him in the warm Hawaiian Ocean with our Dolphin Pod, or at least give natural birth. (We have a c-section scheduled and I have already had several ER and Hospital visits - and THANK GOD for Western Medicine when needed!!) I am back at home now and DOING WELL, yet still with challenges - so worth it! We do not have medical or health insurance!)
  • 3. That I would be "ready" for him - with real world things like: Insurance to pay for my care during the pregnancy, My Love Partner living with and supporting our family, A HOME OF OUR OWN, A Local Family of Support and Care, A Community to lean into for Support, Network of Self-Care, etc...

Obviously, things did not unfold as my ego was expecting ... THANK GOD there is a HIGHER ORDER of MIRACLES than Logical thought - or this certainly would not be happening!

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE ... each and every day I am a living breathing Miracle, and I am witnessing a living breathing (and now kicking) Miracle ...especially with how this is changing everything for Bella and I, even before his physical out of womb arrival! He is requiring me to LIVE MORE FULLY AND COMPLETELY My LIFE's TRUE PURPOSE from LOVE, HARMONY, and JOY in CREATIVE, MIRACULOUS and INNOVATIVE WAYS!

If You are inspired to offer Your Blessings, Support and Love to this unfolding Miracle (You can make such a huge difference in my Life by sharing your gifts, support, time, energy, or anything that inspires, uplifts, and expands You in service of us!) We deeply and reverently appreciate You and Bless You  for Your Presence and Support in our Life now! It means so very much!

I know I am known as "the Miracle Girl" - yes, it's who I am.  And, I am inviting YOU to also BE the Miracle One ... for me ... as I have no idea how I am going to do this without the Love and Support that only a Community of Miracle Ones can provide! (This is inspiring all kinds of ideas ... TEACHING (EN-TRAINING) others to do what I do! As, I *WISH* someone could do for me what I could do for someone facing the things I face... As all other forms of "healing" feel so far inferior! And take "time!" This child may be bringing a whole new world of HEALERS together!

We all benefit immensely from the care, support, and nurturing that can only come through the Love, Devotion, and Connection of others! I feel we are all here to offer each other Support, Nourishment, and Love that has the capacity to expand what is possible in Life! This is what makes this Life Journey so very heartfelt and meaningful! (You can make a huge difference for me too! I just want you to know!...Smiling...)

What You give, share and expand is always multiplied and returned to You ... simply because of your giving, open, loving heart! This is what expands possibilities!

Thank You for being here with me in this very sacred and beautiful time!

In Love, Gratitude, and Expanding Miracles,


With Heartfelt Immeasurable Gratitude, We reverently receive your Support!

Thank You!!

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