FREE 12:12pm Living Miracles Broadcast!

*Includes a Karma Clearing Freedom Blessing of one Major Life Issue!

@ 12:12pm on Wednesday 12-12-12
12:12pm (in your time zone around the globe)

I will focus specifically upon You and your one most potent concern, transmitting and opening Potentials and Possibilities for You to receive and permanently in-body Miracles and Transformation. (many have already!)

This offer is freely given to You and as many people as you wish to include...

You can share this GIFT with anyone you Love, 
who you feel may need some extra special support and Miracles now. (Each person must sign up for themselves, with their own email - unless it is your young children!)

I want to give you a Gift that continues to blossom in your life and in all the lives you touch! In this Living Miracle Blessing you receive the opening of new potentials, possibilities, and even Miracles to Manifest in Your Life from here forward!

Yes, 2011 has been a wild ride of shifting everything and I feel You deserve some RELIEF, FREEDOM and CLEARING of the karmic patterns that have kept you small, stuck, and limited!
You are ready to step beyond into Conscious Creation of Your One Wild Precious Life of Amazingness ... Now!
This FREE Living Miracles Karma Clearing Freedom Blessing supports you in Blossoming your Full Potential bursting forth new possibilities, potentials and Miracles now ... and onward into the exponential future. 

In Our New Future - all things are compounded and multiplied based upon your Rate of Vibration, Frequency of Being, Connection, Presence, Alignment, and Love of your Spirit...
You will be uplifted into new possibilities, free from the previous limitations of your ONE most restrictive Karmic tie, and All the resulting limitations, challenges, and difficulties!

Freedom is accessible to You and through You ... erasing the bonds to heavy weights of burdens, lacking, fears, and associated blocks along your path ... that have kept you from fully Being You and Blossoming what You came to BE, HAVE, and DO in your next level of Transformation into Your Highest Potential.

You do not need to be doing anything specific during this broadcast, in fact, the less you focus on it from your mind, the more powerful it is... You can simply Know ... Flow ... and FEEL your Heart ... Expanding ... and  mysteriously unfolding as Your Life, and fulfilling You in ways that defy your normal ideas of causation and linear step by step process (thank God!)!!

This Living Miracle Blessing Broadcast works for You in ways that defy logic, understanding, or explanation, and will blossom and flow through your inner (unconscious) paths of least resistance to manifest in your life.

This work has been known to actually transform areas of your life so immediately that your linear mind may not be capable of understanding or tracking the jump in transformation, which some people experience as “nothing has changed” - when in fact, everything has changed...and the ground you now stand upon is New, because You are in a New place. (and, everyone around you witnesses!)

The logical mind cannot go here with us, at least not yet...

The changes are permanent and life supporting.

The changes allow you to live more in Harmony with Your Deepest Heart’s Desires, effortlessly.


Effortlessly ... things begin to line up for you in your life, in ways that allow the manifestation of your Purpose and your Greatest Joy.

Even if you have been feeling overwhelmed, stuck, stressed, abandoned, traumatized, alone, confused, ungrounded, fearful... even if you have no means of support in your life, even if you have suffered great loss and change in recent events, even if your situation in life seems hopeless...

This works right through the center of even the most challenging, complex, chronic or even acute life struggles and situations.

There is support for You! Now!
I am here for You!
I Love You!
I can see Who You Really Are ...
And it is my Joy to give this Gift to You and watch you Blossom!
Join me?

Sign up here for FREE!


Tell me your nametime zone, and the ONE thing/situation/challenge that you are really ready to receive support with now... the one most difficult challenge you are facing that you would like my assistance with now. 
Or you can just leave it up to Your Spirit...choosing to Consciously let go of “control,”  Knowing that a POWER far greater than your mind has “got your back!” (highly recommended...smiling)


Because I Love You! Because I can!  Because I want to see You Shine and expand Love as You!

How Long?

It is intended to broadcast for 12 minutes (or more, since I don’t really operate in “time”)...  I will keep Broadcasting until I am shown that our Transformation together is complete.

If you want to “tune in” consciously and really feel the energy in present moment broadcast, You may lay down, sit in meditation, or simply close your eyes and feel (no matter what else you may be “doing”)- 

Please be aware that your conscious participation is not necessary to impact permanent, radical, lasting transformation, as this works on a higher than conscious level within You.

**So, you can be doing anything and still receive the full benefit for You!**

***This is a Pure Love and Direct Transmission Broadcast of Living Miracles Healing Light for You, This is not a teleconference, video, or internet session.
This is a new (in the shower!) inspiration I was given to impact Global Transformation through the Most Powerful Technology we have access to - Unconditional Love...joined in together, while utilizing my natural Gifts in Service of You and of the Expansion of Love!

No one will be turned away, and nothing is being sold.

This Powerful Life Transformational Gift is given FREELY in Devotion and Love for You! You deserve it! (No matter what your mind tells you about yourself - I SEE YOU and I KNOW and I am Giving this to You now!) You have the POWER to help so many people now by forwarding this link, and including them in this Offering of Love. Be quick as it is 12-12-12!

And... there's more...

Everyone who participates in this Live Event will also be invited to another Exclusive Surprise Event on 12-21-12!
See you at 12:12pm on 12-12-12!
In LOVE and Devotion to YOU!

PS... I AM Broadcasting at 12:12pm YOUR time ...

I only ask for your time zone and location to Connect with You in your Physical location on our planet!

Living Miracles Broadcast 12:12:12

Living  Miracles Broadcast 12 . 12 . 12

I Offer this Gift in Love and Support of You!
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