Welcome to Living Miracles Now!

This is a Innovative, Revolutionary, Powerful program that You can receive by the month...

It's similar to Private Sessions in that it will address and permanently eliminate the root causes of the manifestations and experiences of your life that you are able to move beyond.

Living Miracles Now

Releases permanently the causes of your deepest limitations...

Unhealthy challenging lenses, perceptions, beliefs, old soul contracts, bloodline and ancestral patterns, prior Lifetime influences, old "karmic ties", cellular links, programs, and life contexts of ineffective patterns of drama-trauma-chaos-fear, trapped emotions, life "lessons" etc...

In the Essence of Living Miracles Now - we Release...

All things that limit your ability to expand, evolve, flow and

Transform into Your True Nature,

Living your Purpose in Alignment, grace, ease, and flow.

You have the Power built within You to Transform!

Forever changing your life in exponentially evolving ways!

Most of the old unconscious energies you are dragging around and living from - you have actually grown beyond the "need" for. You do not have to struggle and work hard to earn worthiness, abundance, or goodness in your Life any more.

This is your Birthright!

You DO HAVE THE ABILITY to Expand and LIVE as LOVE NOW, without hard work, earning it or needing to do something to "deserve" it...You can Now expand Your Life's Possibilities, Potentials and your bottom-line polarity set-point.

How it works:

When You subscribe, You will receive the amazing gift of Jyoti's Loving Connection, Care, Flow, and Attention focused upon You with Broadcast Frequencies and gentle Clearings of the root constellations of causes of your most challenging Life's blocks, resistances, and limitations. 

This program is designed to work gently with You in a consistent way over the course of one or many months to assist You in Aligning, Strengthening, Releasing, and Living the Miracles You are capable of ... daily.

You are free to choose how many months you wish to be in the Flow of this Revolutionary, Transformational, Miracle Loving Program.

Similar to Jyoti's Private Sessions, You do not have to "do" anything to receive this Powerful Transformation...you do not need to focus upon anything, or quiet your mind or meditate - it is given to you at a level far beyond what your mind is capable of experiencing and understanding anyway. What the mind "understands" it "controls" and can only limit you and what is possible for you by it's very nature. The mind is a tool that operates and controls only through the context of duality and the past-future, and time and energy illusions.

This work is manifest at the actual causal constellations of what is manifesting in your life - a place your mind simply cannot go. (Thank God!) Then, Your life simply and naturally unfolds from the new alignment and new polarity balance free from the need to think about anything or change anything or do anything. You simply live from a more expanded, higher perspective and space of Being...where miraculous possibilities are available to You in your everyday Life experiences.

You will be receiving deep support where you need it most. And you may experience many things...or you may not notice much or anything...until time has passed or you can see through the contrast of other's perceptions of you or responses to you, or your own awareness has expanded to witness the transformation...You also may feel immediately supported, held, lighter, more aligned, more resourced, clear and able to handle things that used to cause imbalance...

No matter what you feel or perceive, You are given exactly the depth of support you need the most. And, You are also given gentle cellular renewal while You experience a video embedded with clearing, centering and aligning frequencies that assist You in gently releasing the root causes of many of your most challenging blocks, resistances, lenses of limitations, fears, and unhealthy emotional and behavioral patterns of "survival" ...

Your cells are gently re-educated to Thrive as Only You Can...

As You are meant to...

You gain a gradual experience of the Miracles and Possibilities and Potentials available to You Now...

While you are being given access to greater and greater possibilities, Potentials and Living Miracles as Your Life and Love...

What You Receive:

In this Monthly Program, We Are United in Powerful Broadcast Connection every Wednesday Evening at 5:55pm MST, and You will be given a Special Private Access Focus Video that you are free to experience anytime you feel the need or desire. This video is Powerful in and of itself, and contains natural clearing properties to help you align and center and clear the static from the world surrounding you. This video also supports You in BEing more coherent and free to express your True Nature.

I am so happy and grateful that You Are HERE! We really need You - to Blossom fully into YOU in this time of great Transformation - where all your needs and desires are fulfilled from the inside out...where you Know and Feel the support available to You in the midst of anything you face.

(You can join also join as a couple or family on the paypal buttons below!)

I look so forward to witnessing You through this adventure in Love and Transformation together!

Thank You for BEing here now!

With Love and Devotion to You,


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