Welcome to Your Light Infusion Download Experience!

Light Infusion Downloads are extremely powerful. 

They create access to immediate change, opening the way for you to experience expanded awareness and access to preferred states of Being.

How it works:

I call upon Your Spirit , from My Spirit ... and together we join ... 

Creating a Whole Life Field Experience where you have access to the preferred ways of experiencing Life in specific and less specific ways.

 Light Infusions give you the ability to experience Miracles. 

They can cause radically new happenings in your life that are in accordance with the Divine Plan for Your Life.

I encode either an Audio or Video, or give you a code or a drawing.

The best form of delivery for you is chosen by Your Spirit.

I send you an email with your Completed Light Infusion Download as soon as it is complete.

The normal time for delivery completion is 24 hours, however, if it takes longer, I will not rush or complete it before it is complete.

Once You Receive your Encoded Light Infusion Download:

Honestly, there is nothing you need "do" in order to receive it. 

Simply opening the page/audio/video is the encoded delivery.

If you wish to include cellular experience for Your Physical Body and Emotional Body: Write the numbers 5683 on a piece of paper and place it under a glass of pure water. This encodes the water for Love and Cellular Healing, especially with the viewing of your Light Infusion Download Delivery.

You can experience your Light Infusion Download as often as you wish, as each experience deepens until you "absorb" it all through your Awareness.

When you no longer think about it, Your absorption is complete and You are ready for your next Infusion, or quite possibly Soul Constellation Session.

These Soul Constellation Private Sessions change your life from the actual causal Blueprint of the Soul structure itself. 

Sessions change your life in the most powerful and fundamental ways possible.

When we clear even one soul constellation, many and possibly even thousands of physical and emotional limitations in your life experience are geared, many that you may not even be aware of that had been holding you back from LIFE.

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