INtensive Private Sessions with Jyoti!

7 Day and 14 Day Intensive Nourishment, Healing, and Transformation with Jyoti!

This is not a common or usual offering...

This is seriously Intensive! (ongoing for 24hours each day!) I keep You in my Heart and stay connected with you each moment as we navigate and facilitate your most profound Life Transformation, Healing and even Miracles! This is like a Private Session, yet Supercharged - where we dive into the Soul Constellations that have created your life up until this very moment in an ongoing extended opening space!

Permanent Transformation

Personal Miracle Access

Intensive Support

This is where Jyoti works with You specifically for one or two weeks time...24/7

She will be responding to You and staying connected with You to support you in your Greatest they are happening over the course of 7 or 14 days and nights!

You will receive a special private email access to Jyoti, where you can feel free to send emails daily and she will support and assist You in the ways that only Jyoti can... in all of your concerns, new developments, deepest preferences and desires, root causes of and constellations of challenges, deep karmic ties and limitations, blocks to your greatness, etc... Are Gracefully and Effortlessly released at their very Cause.

As a general practice, she will not respond with a reply email, just her simple, direct way of assisting you and providing what usually feels like...

IMMEDIATE RELIEF in the moments you need it most.

At the completion of our intensive journey together, You will receive a custom encoded video that contains the light information patterns, frequencies and Love from our Intensive Session together - this video is for you to experience as many times as you wish!

Your video will also contain special frequencies for imprinting and in-forming water that becomes custom Living Miracle water for You with the embedded frequencies and information from our Intensive Session together.


To Your Greatest Expansion, Transformation, and MIRACLES Manifesting Now...

This Special 7 Day Intensive Private Session with Jyoti is offered to You for a limited time for only $3333

For an INtensive 14-Day Session here:

only $4444