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No matter which entry point You use ... 

Surface Specific or Depth Whole Life Transformation  

You have come to the right place ...There is Vast, Miraculous, Magical Support for You here! 

All of my Healing is:
FREE FROM: working on yourself * learning new strategies * tools, techniques, and systems time needed for healing *  time for money

Where the grip of consciousness (illusion, limitation appearing real) is surpassed, and opened to New Possibilities ... Where You can Live as a fully embodied expanded being with possibilities that were impossible before.

Healing happens Immediately, at the Cause ... which evaporates the experience, usually instantly.

You may be experiencing many challenges and they may be very specific, or overall general-whole-life-invasive - clouding your whole life. You may have tried many healing modalities, without success. You may have received diagnosis from doctors and health professionals, gone through treatments, and yet have not experienced relief. Or you may just feel blah (no name) ... just a knowing that you are not living at your level of Love, Truth, Health, Life... or Happiness. You may be financially struggling. You may be working too hard for not enough money. You may be working-on-yourself, working on self improvement and self healing, and Law of Attraction and positive thinking, and seeming to make some progress, yet not really...

Real Help is Here.


You don't have to wait. The moment I receive Your PayPal YES! I begin working with You!

I don't believe in time, or in waiting for relief.

Now is all there is.

I meet You Immediately Here.

Custom Encoded Videos

**Special entry level price $333!

Yes Beloved ... There is immediate support for You in all of your specific and urgent healing needs  ... I have created (and will continue to create) specific Healing Videos I encode specifically for You as you request! Each encode is laser focused, directed specific healing ... for the specific area of your life.

This is not my Soul Constellation Healing, Whole Life Healing, yet it makes a huge difference in your life experience now.

Once you send PayPal, I will send you an immediate blast of silent Present support, then send you Your Encoded Video for up to three areas of concern within 24 hours!

Here, You receive immediate support and immediate relief.

Custom Encoded Healing Videos

Entry Specific Healing with Jyoti
$555 - $1111

Entry Level Specific Healing
When You check out through PayPal, You will be directed to an Instant Healing Support Video, which I then encode with Your Specific Healing need, within 24 hours ... You can experience it now, and in 24 hours when you experience it again ...  it will be Deeply Embedded with Frequencies specific to address Your deepest need, and will be a deeper much more comprehensive in depth Healing experience.  You can experience this video as often as You wish.

  • You may require more than One Point of Access to Healing the whole causal structure.
  • You may repeat this Level of Healing as many times as you wish or need, for various specific experiences.
  • Some Causes have many points of origin. In this case, deeper access is needed to release ALL.
  • In purchasing, you are agreeing to the terms of use of this website.

  • Private Silent Distant Sessions with Jyoti

    Instant. Immediate Support. Powerful.

    In all my Private Sessions ... You don't have to wait for an "appointment in time" ...  I begin working with You the moment you send your PayPal YES! I am alerted and Silently, Powerfully, and Miraculously Connect immediately, no matter the time of day or night. I am here for this. I was born for this. 

    I do not need any information from you in order to powerfully and instantly Serve You, however, you are welcome to share whatever you wish for me to know via email riverofmiracles@gmail.com. 

    I Instantly Open the Deep Dive into Your Soul Constellations, which are responsible for EVERY limitation of your life, including limits in health, wealth, love, choices ... what you even had access to in doors of possibility. Life Healing and Transformation Together. I stay connected with You 24/7 at Your Spirit and Soul Levels ... permanently releasing the limitations that are at cause for the limitations of your life. I am alerted to the moment by moment Soul Constellations as they emerge to be cleared from your life, so deeply that they are also cleared from the akashic records. Gone. Forever. (This also clears your entire bloodline from the beginning, including your deceased ancestors, as well as your future bloodline generations.) 

    Soul Constellations are star-constellation-like-clusters of interwoven balls of condensed energies, patterns, layers, and depths of discord, wounds, limitations, traumas, conditioning, karma, genetic dispositions, fears, reaction patterns, perceptual lenses that do not allow new perspective, and keep you stuck in repeating dysfunctional patterns.

    When they are released, Your Soul is opened to greater and greater Spaciousness and Presence (Light) of Your Spirit to shine through into Your Human Life experience. .. creating and opening Possibilities and Potentials that simply did not exist before. You may (will) experience radical and fundamental transformation in vast arenas of your life experience. The changes usually happen so radically and instantly that your conscious mind cannot track the changes and collapses into "yes, it has always been this way."  You can access more, You can live more freely, You have more awareness, you begin to Awaken beyond consciousness, life troubles and patterns are no longer the center of your life's focus, You are more abundant, Money and Life Supports are more graceful and easy. This begins a radical New Life experience.

    You experience Relief, Healing, Awakening, Transformation, and Ease ...  in areas of your life that you were unaware you were limited, stressed or compromised. These Soul Constellations have a global effect in many and sometimes ALL areas of your life that you may not have any awareness of. When they are released, You will feel fundamentally different and refreshed and expanded in global whole life ways. Unpredictably ... Miraculously.

    ** Your Life WILL change in unpredictable ways, You will expand and grow in many areas of your life exponentially. New Possibilities will now be a daily choice and part of your life... this work continues expanding on for the rest of Your Life. It is Miraculous. You will experience Miracles. You may experience immediate and instant transformation, or you may not notice it from your new level of Awakening Awareness, where the Mind best serves you by collapsing on the NEW NOW, as if it was always that way... Your relationships are likely to change long with your Life ... You must be of sound mind, emotions, and health in order to receive this work together. If in doubt, email riseaslove@mail.com

    Private and Intensive Sessions with Jyoti


    In Depth 30 Day Immersion 

    The Most Powerful Life Transformation 

    Here ... we embark upon a Depth Experience and Embodiment of Healing, Awakening, Refining Your Life Experience into the Purpose for Your Being. Here, things begin to "make sense" from the Un-Story ... the Opening and Awakening beyond "story" into Presence ... here now... with everything that IS ... Opening the experience of BE-ing in the midst of old stories ... Awakening Beyond Story .. and Awakening to the True Nature of Life and Presence and Beingness here, now. Embodied Experiential Awareness. Awake to so much more than we had the capacity to hold and experience before.

    Here are a few options to begin ...

    • Spirit Immersion: Awakening  
    • Deep Dive Whole Life Transformation 
    • End of Life Release and Completion: Returning to Spirit Source, beyond astral plane - VITAL for end of Life!
    • Entrepreneurial Innovation - Give Birth to Your Genius Path of Miracles and Abundance, Aligned with Your Spirit 
    • Life Purpose  and Mission Alignment - Find Your Clear Path!
    • Custom Intensive Support 
    • Custom Family Support
    30 Day Immersions with Jyoti 1-12 Month Intensives

    By Invitation Only: 

    ** A  w  a  k  e  n  i  n  g     E  m  b  o  d  i  e  d

    ** Miracle Healer Entrainment 

    ** Master Healing 

    ** The Master Heart Mind

    ** Next Level Alignment Entrepreneurs

    **Mama Mojo ... Alignment, Abundance and Wealth for Solo Mamas

    ** Next Level Entrepreneur

    ** Private Retreats

    ** In Person Day Together one-on-one with Jyoti