Deep Dive Immersion with Jyoti ...

(ONLY 2 SPOTS Available!)

This is a three month program that is designed to give you the deep ongoing Support You need when You are in the midst of Whole Life Transformation ...

You will Receive:

  •  7 day intensive Session with Video

  •  Custom Light INfusion Download

  •  Live Transformational Healing Webinar

  •  On Going Support and Connection with Jyoti

  •  The Ability to Fully Ground in your New Life

This Three Month Deep Dive Immersion is only $9999.

You will receive Jyoti's ongoing, consistent attention to your specific challenges. You will have access to a private Email where you will be able to ask for specific support when you need it most!

I Am Ready for a Deep Dive with Jyoti

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Deep Dive Immersion with Jyoti