Immediate Healing Session


This Session is for YOU if:

  • You are in an acute situation where you need serious support RIGHT NOW!
  • You are currently unable to invest in a full Private Session. This Session is only $222
  • You are open and ready to Receive Miraculous Support and INtervention Now.
  • You understand that this Session is specific to assist you where you are in this moment, and does not replace the need for a more in-depth Private Session.

You have come to the right place.

This Video Session is designed to immediately assist You in 
Right-Now-Moment of current experiences.


You are safe now.

I am here for You, with You.

I Love You.

I want you to be at ease.

Happy, trusting, full of faith, upheld and overflowing with Love.

I want you to receive the comfort, strength, and support that You need and Deserve...Now.

I am investing in You because I Believe in YOU!

YOU matter to me!

It is my JOY to assist you now.
I want to witness you aligned and Living from the expansive peaceful space within You...
In Perfect Harmony and Balance.

You are now STRENGTHENED in the midst and through your challenge.

We expand Love and Possibilities and Miracles.

Through our space together, our connection in this RESCUE Session- you may feel uplifted, supported, enriched, upheld, strengthened, aligned and awakened to on-going, ever expanding levels of security, safety, love, and matter what is happening around you.

This is an immediate boost of support for You
when you need it most.

I am offering this Acute RESCUE session for you and for your loved ones at an easily affordable price.
(My private sessions are currently offered at $2222 each.)

This is a powerful opportunity for you to receive the support you need to restore and replenish your Self now.

Even if you are feeling ungrounded by all that is happening, chaotic, depressed, dis-empowered, abandoned, confused, conflicted or lost...

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed...with anxiety, fear, worry, pain, suffering, lacking, depletion, unsupported, desperate, sad or even grief-stricken...

Now. We can Unite and Expand Miracles Together!

It is up to you.

I AM here for you.

I will not turn you away.

After You send Paypal, You will be immediatley directed to Your Session Video. This is a very powerful Video that was filmed on a very sacred lava rock beach in Hawaii.

This video contains highly specific encoded energies, frequencies and support ... meeting You exactly where You Are ...

All you have to “do” is sit back and experience this video ... by experiencing it, you are receiving immeasurable support and alignment and - you can experience it as many times as you wish. It is yours.

*Please do not share it with another, as it will dilute it’s power for you.

Allow your friends, loved ones, and family members to choose and CLAIM this experience for themselves by sending them to THIS page.

I love You!

I want the very BEST for YOU!

I am here for YOU!

I am able to work with you in ways that defy all laws of modern physics, and even challenge quantum physics theories. You may or may not immediately feel what is happening, as this work occurs at a level far beyond what the conscious mind has the ability to perceive...

yet, you may suddenly notice that you are supported, you somehow ... suddenly feel loved, you somehow notice that even your breathing is supporting you ... you feel a level of ahhhh ... now ...          no matter what is happening ... You know that now you are able to handle your life experiences with grace, ease, and flow - because you Have what you need...from within.

You are now Sourced from within You...and your entire Being is Aligned with this new level of Support and Strength from Within You.

You are Safe. We are in this together!



**After Paypal, You will be directed to Your Immediate Rescue Video!
(If not, please email ATTN:RESCUEVIDEO)


Immediate Rescue Healing Session with Jyoti Offering:

Immediate Rescue Session Video
Please feel free to EXPAND YOUR LIFE by Sharing Your Love and Monetary Donations to Support others who are unable to Support themselves! The More You GIVE and SHARE, the More You ultimately Receive... especially with this Miraculous Opportunity!
Here for You!!!

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Beloved One ... You are meant to have the embodied experiential awareness of certain signposts along your Life's Journey of Awakening beyond the consciousness with which you were born into on this planet.

ALL of the challenges You face and experience in this life are here to assist you to awaken beyond your current perceptions ... as your perceptions are based in the fear of the consciousness, limitations on what is possible - old, recycled energy embodiments, held in the dna that ever re-creates itself through souls and lifetimes bloodlines and families ... until you Awaken ...

Awaken beyond this Consciousness into the Miraculous ... the Infinite Possibilities that physics call impossible ...

I am here to tell you - there is no one that you can follow one is your teacher ... however there are those select few on this planet that serve as your guideposts, not your answer, not the Truth of Your UNique Being ... as only You can unfold that from within yourself and Radiate it in this life ... and when you do ... you are actively changing the vibration of the entire cosmos, the entire universe ... and all life everywhere rejoices in expanded access to the One Magical, Mystical, Miraculous Presence of LOVE that IS LIFE ... the very CORE of Your Being ... that you have a unique and precious expression of through you ... there is no one else ever in creation with your Vibrational signature and resonance of Love. If you do not open to it ... allow yourself to Be it ... your expression is lost on all creation.

Everything you do, feel, think and embody impacts ALL of life  - either further limiting it, or FREEING it to it's original intended Purpose ... which is Your Life's inspiration for BEcoming Human in this form at this time ...