In Honor of My Father

Instant and Permanent Transformation andHealing for You

I am Creating a Sacred Opportunity in honor of My Father ... for You ... to Receive Profound Healing and Transformation ... that can change your life. Now. Today. And from here forward.

New choices will be Yours.

New Experiences will be in your Field of Possibilities.

You may advance far beyond your current challenges, and live from a whole new space of access.

Joy and Freedom can be Yours. No matter what you face.

This Healing and Transformation requires ZERO EFFORT!

This is My Miraculous Purpose, Gift and Natural-Born Ability!

I offer this to You in Honor of My Father on his Day of Birth! 

(I LOVE YOU DAD!! Forever Unconditionally! May this Gift in Your Honor Bless the Lives of Millions ... so Your Love can carry forward beyond your body!)

Here's how it works:

You send Your "YES IAM Ready to TRANSFORM and HEAL" and I will begin working with You immediately to identify, track, release, complete and heal FOREVER ... all that Your Spirit Reveals to me in your Soul Constellations of greatest challenges ... This opens the Space within to Receive where you need the  MIRACLE to Change Your Life Forever. This may be immediately apparent ... or it may unfold in Blasts and shifts and waves of Bliss, Joy, Inspiration, Gifts, Miracles, Money, Gratitude, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Revelation, and so much more ... expect the unexpected ... and notice what IS ... As this changes your life so rapidly that you may not "notice" the Transformation, even as You live in a completely new way. Your mind collapses upon your Current Reality as "the way to Is" (and always has been)... it is a Miracle to Behold the Gift you are given ... May You receive this fully and be Awake to the Difference You are here to Make as a result of your New Life! You will be touched by Grace!

You will Receive an Encoded Video (within one week) that contains the full potency of this Healing including anything you may need to experience by viewing this Sacred Encoding within Your Video. All you have to do is experience it, and have a glass of water with you that will also receive the encoding ... this way when you drink the water you will also receive the added cellular light information to soothe you and keep your body from identifying from the past as your life ... So you can Be Fully CLEANSED and FREE here and now, in your body and in your whole Life experience.

This Service is Exclusively offered here for over $10k (yes thats right) However, in honor of my father ... I am Offering this to You for only $1111 (With the option to upgrade for deeper support below!) This AMAZING Service also includes Miraculous Support in Evolving beyond addiction, Unhealthy Self-Centeredness, Self-Absorption, Lack of Awareness, OCD, Suffering and feeling alone - even if you are surrounded by people who love you! This changes the way you live and view your life, and opens the miraculous pathways to True Love, Self Forgiveness, Healing and Giving from your Heart!)

You Deserve this.


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