Hi Beloved One ... 

Thank You for Being here with me in my time of need. I share my current story with you for many reasons ... the first of which is demonstrate how to BE Vulnerable and STAND for YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE and reach out to those who can Love and Hold You in your time of need ... And, that there is no shame in needing support, love, help and nurturing, and in not being "perfect." We ALL need and deserve Support and Love. And my Life is a living testimony to Being that support for so many people around our world. This is my Love and Joy!  And, sometimes we as givers, lovers, healers, care givers ... take on more than the Human Body can manage. This is where I am.

Now ... I am the one asking for Your Support and Love!

Here is my love letter to you ... to share my experience ... maybe you can relate... ?

Beloved One,

I sit here sharing this with an open vulnerable tender Human Heart ... in a body that has collapsed in desperate need of restoration and rejuvenation ... while I find myself having zero financial resources to LIVE and a NEED to MOVE to a new family home, I currently need support to take space to care for myself ... and my family. Sometimes we need the help of others to make it through our deepest challenges ... (Details below)...

Even if you are unable to support me now ... May this be an example to you ... to BE willing to be vulnerable and ask for what you need ... so that You can feel embraced and supported and held in this world, when you find your self needing this kind of Support and Love! You deserve this too! I Love You ... and I am here to see You living your best life! All Ways. This is my Path in this Life ... and My True Heart's Devotion! This I Know.

Deep Vulnerable Truth ... 

We have to Move from our beautiful family Home of 6 Years ... rapidly ... 

How did this Happen? long story ... We received a letter of End of Tenancy. Announcing that they disapproved of my housekeeping, created fire hazards with too many things in the garage, and said that I had too many people (4) in our 4 bedroom house ... they ended our 6 year tenancy. When previously, just a few weeks prior, told me that they would love to renew our lease, and that I was their best ever tenant, as I have paid them early, every month for nearly 6 years. They are now requesting we vacate our most beautiful home ... 

This is the Perfect Storm at the end of a long journey ... Here are a few highlights from the past 24 months ...

In the Spring and Summer of 2015, my daughter's father decided that he and his new Fiance, (then wife) wanted to suddenly have custody of my Daughter. (She had not been with her father regularly since she was 3 years old and we were all together) LONG STORY...  with too many horrific details to speak... He initiated a year and a half long Court custody battle, where I had to fight daily in the legal system to keep my daughter, costing me an entire year’s worth of work PLUS more, actually over $150k … and (BLESSING...MIRACLE!!!) I somehow MIRACULOUSLY made it through the fear, terror, attacks, legal system, depression, suicidal thoughts, worthlessness, empty bank reserves, (and then the most miraculous manifestation of money only moments before each deadline of losing my attorney due to immediate demands for up to $10K at a time!!) ...  I endured consistent, ongoing sleepless nights, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, court appointed Child Protective Services investigation, and 5 month court appointed Parental Responsibilities Evaluator, ongoing psychological investigations, where my daily life was an open book to the “system” that cost me additionally over $80K, there were endless false claims made against me, my work was scrutinized, my home was invaded by these people, my children were terrified, (I was terrified!) I couldn't make a move without calling at least 4 people; therapists, attorneys, organizations, investigators ... even when I had to take a trip to Denver, I had to get permission or face jail time! Also, there were harmful structures placed on me, my home, my children ... my children had nightmares, our life was a nightmare, my precious sensitive daughter was suicidal and extremely depressed … for months on end… creating videos of epic graphic emotion, she made sexual abuse reports against (unnamed), in which the "system" called her a "liar" ... I was falling apart emotionally and physically with zero support - no one to care for us, no one to help… I begged my mom to come and stay with us - she was unable … I asked for help everywhere … nothing came in the physical. I endured months, over a year ...  of literally SLEEPLESS nights, numerous immediate demands to appear in court or lose my daughter. At one point the judge (who seriously did not understand Us) almost placed my daughter in foster care until “he could get a better picture of her life.” Thank GOD that didn't happen, as she is a highly sensitive intuitive being who needs a very specific environment, solid safety and security in order to Live!  There were many court appearances, and I had to hire an Expensive attorney after FAILing miserably in my first 8 hour court hearing. I actually went in there BELIEVING that We were protected in the legal system and that I would effortlessly win … I was sorely mistaken, my innocence got the best of me and I never felt more betrayed by life than in these moments… All in all I stayed Present through it all … until FINALLY in November of last year I WON FULL 100% CUSTODY…  AMEN!!!!!!

During the court journey ... my father also became increasingly ill ... (many healers keep telling me that I am keeping him alive) ... as he has been in liver, kidney, and heart failure for well over a year. He is a walking miracle for sure ... and being closely connected with my father and not being able to be with him has been a huge challenge, weighing on me always, sometimes more than others. He still continues to live, yet the quality of his life makes me want to cry. He is just happy to be alive, and has a will to live like nothing I have ever seen. He is requesting my help, love and Support in competing his life's purpose. I do need to go spend some time with him ... soon. In Person. 

Then I met my husband from another country, (who is a Gentle Beautiful Father and lover of Life and Music) and he has not been able to financially support us, and still remains unable to contribute or provide financially … He came to live with us without an income, and I have been supporting all of us … while my paying clients mysteriously dwindled to 2 … (even though I have continued serving many plus an additional 3 at my deepest level, and many many other beloveds at varying depths) Previously, I had been serving at least 10-12 paying clients every month, which immediately dwindled to 1-2 … Which means, we have not had enough income to survive. We are now in dire straights, as we have maxed out all credit, and are being forced to move from our family home of 6 years... with no resources, support, money to move … and nowhere to go … My Love, who had been a healing client of mine for over 8 years came with the intention to Love me, be with me and look after me and the children... and when he came with financial needs and zero money, this felt okay in the beginning, as I had made enough money to provide for us all ... literally until he arrived. We also have been financially unable to bring his (OUR) 15 year old son to Live with us! This has taken a huge toll on our life, and my husband's ability to be present and engaged with us as a family building a foundation here. And .. the immense stress ... as he arrived, the money simply and literally stopped. Like a water faucet that just got turned off and redirected through a new system. I now see that there was nothing left of my human ability to support or hold, it felt like too much responsibility all at once, as I needed to be still and listen to what LIFE and LOVE was calling me into my Next Level Expression of Love ... I knew for the past two years that my work and expression is evolving into something NEW and even more Powerful ... Yet, the STOP of all money was (and IS) a SHOCK, as money and abundance has always been pure joy and effortless for me ... 

And additionally under extreme financial pressure came the beginning of an IRS Audit … and owing over $$$$$$K in back taxes due to my own negligence and innocence and idealism. The first audit results just arrived last week stating I owe many thousands additionally, immediately... 

I recognize my responsibility for my life and my human … and I can see where I have made choices that have allowed this situation to be made manifest. I see how I have taken on more than I am able as a human, I see how I relied on people and things that were not able to support me, I realize how I acted from my innocence and ignorance in dealing with my life and taxes, I see how I have hidden and isolated myself from the world and from the support of others, I see how I denied my physical human needs to the point of severe depletion. I see how I have given away more than my human can do without, I see how I accumulated clutter in my life in an attempt to be “grounded,” which actually ungrounded me… I see the mistakes I have made. I see and feel the needs of my body and my Spirit for ME, My Children, My Family... and My Life's Work ... that NEEDS me to BE Renewed in order to accomplish!

I have been giving too much and taking on too much from my Human Self, and am now in a state of severe depletion…where my body is now in need of recovery, rest, and rejuvenation.

And… all the while … I have also been receiving inspirations and access to all that I am BLOSSOMING into at this stage of my life’s evolution, and even through this experience … 

I am here to assist Millions of people with My Unique Love, Presence and Healing … Along with a Supernatural team of Support, as well as physical team of support ... I have been shown many facets of my next level life and work, ... and I am in Awe... I am honored to be given this opportunity to help so many ...  I have been shown the projects and programs , and they are still emerging…

Every single day, no matter how I feel, or what is happening with me ... I feel the preciousness of all those whom I love on this planet, all those I have never even met, yet... I see your faces, I see their faces ... I know your suffering, I know their suffering, and pain, and need... and I know that I am here to help supernaturally from my Spirit, and my Supernatural Team. I am shown that THIS IS the deeper WHY ... I am being stopped right now ... stopped so that I can heal and restore mySelf my body, and shore up my human and spirit foundation in this life to serve more deeply, more fully, more selflessly  more completely ... while living in ease, grace, love, and the flow of bliss. And have Way. More. Fun. Love. Joy. Freedom. Bliss. Peace. Ease. Grace. Presence. Happy Jyoti! Joy!

I AM HERE to ALLOW into Creation and Being after my rest … (subject to change, expansion, and additions!)

  • Affordable for all - Instant and Permanent Healing Programs on line - Live on Video, Recorded Video, Audio, and Writings
  • Global Love Family of Light/Love Beings to Connect, Collaborate, Support, Evolve, Awaken, Expand, and BE POINTS OF LIGHT AND LOVE in our Divine Web Of Love on this Planet! 
  • Global Circles of Support for Women, Men, Families, Children
  • Mystery School - lineage wisdom access teachings (I have been shown this is part of my life's path)
  • Live In Person - Transmissions, Light Infusions, Activations
  • Live Retreats
  • Live Calls
  • Transformational Instant Access Meditations in 1 minute APPs (Know of any app builders?)
  • Deep Dive Intensive One-One Immersions 
  • Group and Live Programs to clear Soul Constellations and Soul Family Constellations in individuals, families, bloodlines, and Soul Families!

This is some of what is to come, yet after a bit of recharge and self nurturing space …

And, from this space now … I ask You … Will You Support me through this time? Do you know of others who are happy to as well?

I know we are a Global Family and we need to take care of each other in our most vulnerable times. I stand for this, always have. Always will. Even MORE so now.

If You receive Benefit from my BEing on this planet … Please Be My Miracle Support ... guided by your Generous Heart! 

I am eternally grateful! 

And You will receive exponentially from me as I emerge again renewed! We are actually in need of $26,000 immediately to cover the IMMEDIATE MOVE, past-due bills, and basics, and $180,000 ultimately ... That's the Truth right now. (including the first IRS audit, and my credit cards)

I am eternally grateful for your PayPal gifts which You can send Here: 


IF You are additionally INSPIRED:

Paypal is very efficient, and instant!  https://www.paypal.me/jyotilove

Bank transfers are also WONDERFUL, we have a bank of Colorado account where I can give you my account info ... especially if you are feeling inspired to gift over $10k

Please send gift cards to Amazon.com (riverofmiracles@gmail.com)

Please send checks or monetary gifts via mail to: (until we move, and I will update this address as it emerges!)

Jyoti Lilley

15 Riverbend Court

Durango, CO 81301

We would LOVE to have or use an RV, HOME on wheels! We plan to move to California on September 1 ... LOVE and FINANCES providing!


Do You have an efficient RV we could use? or Gift us?

 Sprinter that sleeps 4, perfect for us, small efficient and super functional, not too big: example HERE! 

 RPOD 179 or 179 Great as a pull behind our van! local dealer: HERE

And ... I AM STILL HERE FOR YOU ... Just needing a bit of recharge, rest and rejuvenation to embark upon the next Phase of my Evolution, Life, and Love!

HOW? Well...

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