"I have many dreams of helping people... in ways that nobody has thought of yet, and in ways that nobody is doing, not even my mom.

I want to create a Home for people to come to, where they feel they belong and can receive love. I want to create art for them, bake and cook for them and love them. People need a place to be welcomed and loved and fed. I want to provide a place to play, eat, create art, create music and do fun things.

I want to create a home that people feel in their hearts, that they are always loved and wanted.

I feel deeply for people who aren't as lucky, and I want to help.

I love to draw for people.

I love to cook.

I love to bake.

I Love to make things up, and create new recipes.

I love to play music.

I love to do art.

I can give to so many people from what I love to do.

Currently, I would like to open a restaurant called "The Creative Cafe" - (more on this later)

I also would like to open a juice bar in a little shack on Main Street and make my Favorite Smoothies, Juices, bubble tea, and healthy baked goods and cookies! (We just found the shack, next to Durango Coffee Company, and the rent is over $800 per month.) I love to prepare things that nourish people. I put love in everything I do, and I can see how people change when they eat or drink or look at or touch my creations.

I am an artist, and I am very creative. I have ideas about things, and insight into things that can improve so many people's lives.

I want to play more music every day, and play with more instruments, and create healing music for people.

I want to go back to the Ocean and swim with my custom made silicone Mermaid Tail (that I am soooooooo wanting!!) and waiting for ... I am very passionate about mermaids now!

I will continue to write more here and keep you updated as I feel inspired. I am also going to create my own youtube channel, as soon as my mom let's me.

Thank You for Being here!

Love, Bella

Oh, and if you would like me to create a custom piece of art for you, or bake you something, please let me know...

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