Worldwide Global Healing

Worldwide Global Distant Healing 

This Revolutionary Healing Service requires no effort, no hard work, and no special conditions in order to Receive and Experience Healing and Transformation. This Healing goes directly to You, Direct from Your Spirit ... It bypasses the linear conscious mind and creates permanent immediate change in Your Life.

This is a New unprecedented Live Healing Service Live with Jyoti Each Month!

When we Gather in this Sacred Appointed Space Together ... Miracles Happen Naturally! ... Just like breathing!

Its Time Beloved .. You Deserve to Live Your Greatest Life Now!

Receive Supernatural Support You can Feel and Experience from the Inside Out!

Naturally and Effortlessly Clearing Your Way Free!

How it works:

Choose Your Intensity Level of Jyoti's Supernatural Support and Healing

Once You Join, You will be given access to a page where you can message Jyoti Directly with Your Challenges and requests for Healing. You will have access to this private message to Jyoti throughout Your Active Healing Subscription. 

Your Live Session will take place the 1st Sunday of Each Month @ 11:11am Your Time. You do not need to do anything specific to receive this Healing. It happens beyond your consciousness during this Session time ... additionally This Healing Session will run continuously for the whole entire month. You will continue to receive Support, Transformational Shifts, and Unfolding Miracles throughout the month. Integrated into this Service is a weekly boost infusion of reinforcement each Sunday following our Initial Session to support and carry You through the whole month!

In the advanced options for more in-depth healing, I will post a silent Audio containing additional in-depth Healing Frequencies specific to You each month.

This is a monthly subscription Healing Service.

If You wish to receive for just one month, You may also do that!

To Join: Join in at the level of Healing and Transformation You are Ready to Receive.

Renews the 1st of each month if subscribed. 

If Choosing one month ala carte, you will receive only for one month, and must sign up for any additional month of Healing.

Global Live Distant Healing Session with Jyoti
Global Live Healing Session with Jyoti One Month

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