Welcome to Your Magical Activation Page!


Your Activation is Opening now as you enter this page! 
(Silent activation recording below!)

Welcome a deep breath ... You have arrived! 

You can Allow your Self to become aware of the Space where Your Activation Opens ...

However, this activation does not depend upon your awareness of it.

Your Awareness will meet You here, from now forward, beyond your previous level of "consciousness"

Awareness is where Your Power and Revelation lives.

Consciousness is where you are held in the mass suffering of recycling limitation ... where you "seem" to be "getting somewhere" yet find your self ultimately more deeply embedded within limitation - even after "learning" "achieving" "understanding" etc... this is how the mind controls you (through consciousness) ... with your "hard earned" understandings... This is the old path of life as death, controlled, limited, and owned by the structures of control and manipulation. 

Awareness is vertical 

Refreshingly New and Expansive

Giving You Access to Your Truth.

Awareness is given to You through this Activation.


Consciousness is horizontal and keeps you contained in mind generated structures which control and limit life.

Now you are free to move beyond your limits and Open the way of your True Infinite Destiny!

There is nothing you need to "do" to receive this ... It is through your Being that You are given instant access ... Your Magical Miraculous Activation Opens Now ... and continuously unfolds, opens to new levels of access and activates your Life over the course of 8 days.

Here is Your Opening Activation Silent Recording with LOVE beyond this World!