Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Private Session work?

How does a 7 or 14 or 30 Day Immersion Session Work?

How does a OMPFH Session Work?

How does a DNA Session work?

How does an Awakening Session Work?

How do the 21 Day Immersion Programs work?

How does a Light Infusion Download work?

How does an Abundance Blessing work?


How do you work?

I do not work with problems. I dont even see them as real... even though you are fully experiencing them...this is why I do not need to know the details in order to assist you in changing your life. I do not work with or through techniques, methods, modalities, schools of thought, -ologies,

What if I feel ready, but the money is an issue?

"Jyoti Are You Enlightened?
I have always been told that I should to go to a "healer" that is in MASTERY of what I seek - go to the one who is more enlightened than you, more conscious, have manifested their soul-mate, have become a millionaire, have the PERFECT LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES, and Impeccable health, vibrancy, wellness, and happiness, oh and perfect children!"

I am a whole being just like you. I embrace (mostly) my full humanness, as well as my Infinite Spirit of Pure Eternal Love. IN my personal life, I have human challenges, struggles, dramas, illnesses, pain at times, etc... AND when I am in Service of my Life's work - in Sessions, in Immersions, etc... I am miraculously able to access the part of me that is infinite to allow what was not possible before. There is no scale or measure of how or what this Miraculous Gift of Presence and Love and Innocent Perception can manifest.

Your "readiness" is not gauged by your life circumstances. You are ready when Your Spirit (beyond conscious mind) guides you to my Spirit... and there isn't really a lot of thought about it - you simply arrive here and look at and commune with Your Spirit to KNOW if You are ready, and I am given a very specific sign that tells me you are.

Where am I now in terms of readiness of my next stage / phase /


I have multiple issues ... How do I know where to begin?
I highly recommend sending an email directly to me, Jyoti @ with the subject "EXPANDING MIRACLES" - this way, I can directly receive from your Spirit, exactly what is most powerful, immediate and potent for you now. (Many people who self identify what they are wanting are usually correct, however, there have been many situations where they needed less than what they thought, and/or in a larger area of their life.)

Do I (or You) have any control about the outcome of our work together?

Can You only work with my one specific concern, and do you guarantee that it will change?

Can I change my Body Structure and Weight - does it take mental work, affirmations, visualizations, specific diets, workouts, etc?

What creates our body and physical shape, weight, and size?



Jyoti, can't I just heal myself, why do I need You?

Well, YES, ultimately ... however... when ANY of us are challenged - we benefit Deeply and Transformationally (and open our selves to Miraculous possibilities) from the love, devotion, and compassion of another Beloved One who can come from their Infinite Spirit (not a technique, modality, or perspective of something is "wrong" with You) ...When someone witnesses and Truly Loves You from their Expanded, Non-judging Self ... we are Restored, Healed, Opened, Held, and Loved Free into the totality of Our Miraculous Being - Our limitless Expanded Potential for Living Life anew! When we are held and cared for by someone who has access to their Infinity - it Opens up Miraculous Potential that

free from judgment, free from need ... simply freed into a state of being held, loved, fully witnessed in perfection - right exactly as as you are, where you are.

Why does my work with Jyoti have to cost money? shouldn't healing be free of charge? Isn't it my birthright to be healed, restored, and be loved unconditionally?

You are an INfinite Being of Pure Innocent Love, as well as a Beautifully perfect imperfect human -