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Entry Specific Healing with Jyoti
$555 - $1111

Entry Level Specific Healing
When You check out through PayPal, You will be directed to an Instant Healing Support Video, which I then encode with Your Specific Healing need, within 24 hours ... You can experience it now, and in 24 hours when you experience it again ...  it will be Deeply Embedded with Frequencies specific to address Your deepest need, and will be a deeper much more comprehensive in depth Healing experience.  You can experience this video as often as You wish.

  • You may require more than One Point of Access to Healing the whole causal structure.
  • You may repeat this Level of Healing as many times as you wish or need, for various specific experiences.
  • Some Causes have many points of origin. In this case, deeper access is needed to release ALL.
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  • By Invitation Only: 

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