Receive Physical Tangible Items Encoded to Support and Shower you in ongoing Miracles from now forward!

Each item is embedded with a Portal Access Point to Your Spirit Expression in Your everyday Life!

  • Small Encoded Miracle Crystal $444
  • Encoded Miracle Essence Remedies  $555
  • Encoded Mastered Sound Healing Audio $777
  • Encoded Commission Portal Painting $7777
  • Encoded Healing Crystal Singing Bowl $5555
  • Encoded Support Crystal Singing Pyramid  $5555

Miracle Crystal:

Our Miracle Crystal is encoded for You to expand your Life experience in a multitude of ways. Your crystal will arrive to You encoded, blessed and embedded with a Portal Point of Access to Your Spirit. This crystal is small enough to carry around with you everywhere you are ... even small enough to fit into your pocket.

You can also charge your water with Your Crystal and receive even more support!

Encoded Miracle Essence Remedies:

Our Miracle Essence Remedies come in a cobalt blue glass bottle - custom made and encoded for You! These Miracle Essence Remedies have been known to heal and open the way for gentle healing, insight, and revelation that leads to supported Life Transitions ... Easing your experience from stress, pain, illness, suffering, depression or loss ... Into Healing, Joy, Hope, Health, Vibrance, Opening, and Support. You will notice that your life patterns begin to change and open to NEW experiences!

Encoded Commission Portal Painting

This Painting is EXTRA Fun and Powerful ... and one of the most Powerful Embodiments of Your Spirit and Your Beyond this world LOVE! You will receive a custom Portal Painting created just for you and encoded to continuously support you in your life . Your Portal Painting is an Opening of Life, of Love, Bliss, Support, Nourishment, Security, Serenity, Gentleness, Self Love and Recognition of Who You Are ... as a Human as well as Your Spirit...

Each Portal Painting begins once you order it ... You will receive photos as it is being created. You will receive it shipped to You, as soon as it is completed.

Encoded Crystal Singing Bowl