** Please Bookmark this Page ... this is where Your Encoded Support Video Lives ...


Yes! Beloved One! You are in ... I am so Deeply Happy and Grateful to share this Space with You! 

This is a Powerful entry level support where I hold you 28 days at a time, 24/7!

Miracles Naturally Happen Here!

This above Video is encoded specifically for You each month, with new and updated encoding weekly and monthly... for as long as You are subscribed! You receive new healing energies each day you experience it, however, You do not need to view it to receive this program. It is complete within the Silence of Holding You in this Sacred Space. This Encoded Video is just extra support for You. You may experience it as many times as you wish, and You can best receive your video by **reviewing this page!** (If you choose!)

You cannot mess this up, as it is streamed directly to You, the True Essence of You ...  bypassing the need for your consciousness, interpretation or thinking... Naturally Producing New Life Opportunities, Openings, Potentials, and Miracles. When we work at this level together, it truly is from Your Spirit, which is beyond form. Here is where the Miracles Begin!

I fully expect your life to change in miraculous unpredictable ways .. including greater Awareness, Presence, Peace and Calm, Abundance, Expansive Possibilities, Health, Vibrance, Healing, Transformation, New Life, and the Release of what has held you back.

Within each 28 days together, I keep you held within a Sacred Cocoon of Love, Divine Support, Love Miracle Magnetic Field, and Openings to Healing, Wholeness, Expansion and Love beyond what you have known, gently and consistently. This is active, steady and consistent transformative unfolding ... It unfolds in Grace and Divine Timing... gaining momentum each moment, always working behind the scenes of Your Life... Awakening You.

Here ... With You ... Holding You In LOVE and Devotion,


Need Extra and Specific Support? I am available HERE. And, as ALWAYS, I do my best to Serve You completely in this program ... from my Love and Devotion to You ... and sometimes additional things emerge that may need specific support and focus offered in my Level One Services. (i.e. Light Infusion Downloads, Sessions, Activations, Immersions, etc...)

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