Divine Mother Embodied Love


Divine Mother's Love heals all.

Bring Your Suffering.

Open and Release Your Pain.

You can finally let go.

You don't have to hold it all together any more.

Here, You are Loved.

Exactly as You Are.

Miracles Happen within this Space together.

Everything changes as You receive this Transmission, which Lights the Flame of Your Truth, Your Essence, Your Sacred Infinite Radiant Love.

We Are Being Called to Embody and
Transmit this Miraculous Love ... Now.

Personally, I have gone through one of the most difficult, challenging and painful times of my life.

Divine Love and Support felt so far from my experience in my personal life, even while I am able to consistently assist others to experience this, even while personally suffering ... Such a paradox!

LOVE... for the "seeming perpetrators" of Our suffering seemed impossible for me to Access, and much less Embrace ...

And... The Divine Mother used this long term, deeply painful experience to Enter my Heart and Life ... in ways I cannot even begin to explain.

We are all Empowered from Within ... to BE LOVE in the face of great contrast. (Even though the human experience is to remember and forget, diverge and return... becoming the ONE we are destined to BE in this life... while Whole-Heartedly embracing our human embodied experience which includes enduring the suffering, discomfort, pain, loss, abandonment, rejection, trauma, and the full range of human emotions...)

This painful experience has stabilized my Vision, Energy, Commitment, and Devotion to BE LOVE and END Suffering for all, including those who "cause harm." It really is true that wounded people wound people. Not intentionally, simply by being where and who they are. Limited awareness, limited consciousness, limited presence ... this is where most people are currently vibrating in this world ... it is time to Rise into the Embodied Love that We Are ... which raises the possibility for the limited to step into the limitless Love that is within ... Now ... even in the midst of this ... however it is playing out.

In the middle of one night in utter despair, I couldn't sleep, I could hardly breathe under the pressure. My experience of hopelessness, suffering and pain... felt like it was suffocating me. I was witnessing such horrible things happening in my own family, and I was unable to instantly or even incrementally show up as the Miracle Girl who manifests Miracles Instantly in my life's work for others ... I felt stripped of my ability to Open the Space for Miracles in our very own Life experience... where it mattered so much! It was shocking...

I felt stuck in the mud. Lost. Depleted. Victimized. Beaten. Isolated, Rejected, Abandoned, Alone, without any support, no community to hold us, no friends to support us, no seeming access to
my Self ...

Within this Dark Night ... I saw, felt, experienced the Divine Mother ... I was Restored within her Illumined Presence, her Beyond-this-World Radiance, her palpable Unconditional Love and Presence ... She communicated directly to me ... She held me ... She showed me how to keep Our Inner Space Clear - no matter what is happening externally ...

She reminded me that It is through Embodying our Love, even within our most painful experiences... while Owning the full spectrum experience of our human life, including our mistakes, shame, guilt, fear, and unconscious choices we have made in times of trauma, stress, or overwhelm ...

That we are able to

Break Free and LIVE as

Radiant Infinite LOVE and BLISS

* ~  Regardless of circumstances  ~ *

It can feel like the most difficult thing in the world to witness those You LOVE suffer so deeply... also to experience this suffering personally ... feeling unable to help ... As humans, we all experience these times. You are not alone.

Sometimes the most painful experiences are used to

OPEN us to New Life...

Transformation calls.

It requires Surrender.



In Life, We will all face critical moments of transformation and challenge ... Inspiring and Calling us Home into our Purpose of Love,
through EVERYTHING that appears to be it's opposite.

We can be Restored in this Love now.

We humbly Embrace the
Wisdom of our Suffering, our Loss, our Pain, our Deepest Challenge,
and revere these as friend, simply calling us Home.

Home is where the Bliss and Love you have sought ...

Live Freely.

Free from conditions.

Free from need.

Free from Suffering.

Born through the pain of human experience, the Radiant Path opens to Our Sacred Heart Flame, where We shall never be alone again.

We are Lit by the Flame of Our Radiant Presence.

Our way is forever lit from within.

Our Heart Set Ablaze with Love knows no bounds.

And... when we forget, we shall be restored yet again.
We cannot lose who We Are.

In saying YES to this Calling ...

I AM (We Are)

Transformed. Expanded. Opened. Healed.

I AM (We Are) able to BE the Divine Mother's LOVE and Transmit her INfinite Embodied Love Experience directly to You

I am Called, Ordained by The Divine Mother to Embody, Transmit, and Spark this Radiant Divine Heart Flame of Embodied Love
To all who are Ready and come to me.

This is the Miraculous Next Level of what's Possible now.

Your Life Effortlessly Transforms ...
As You Receive Alignment with Your Life's Divine Purpose
from within this Embodied Love Presence Exposure.

Your vibration naturally increases and allows You to witness all life occurrences and experiences through a Higher, Expanded, Present, Embodied Love Space.

Beloved One... Yes! YOU Received the Call!

I Am So Deeply Honored to See You Here!

We have called You...

From the Center of This Embodied Love Portal
Within the INfinite Radiant Heart of the Divine Mother's Love ...
This Love, We Share, and BEcome One.

Together, we Heal and Walk Free ... Hand in Hand, Hearts Beaming!

Divine Mother Embodied Love


I humbly Offer You the Embodied Experience of the Divine Mother's Love ...
This is the Love that we have all longed for our entire lives ...

This Love is infinite.

You are meant to Shine from this Quality of Love in the world right now.

The whole world is awaiting You to step into and Activate this Love from Within. We all need You to Shine, Radiate and BE Illuminated From Within.

We need you to BE Happy, Feeling Free and Spacious, BEing Open to the Wisdom of Your Heart ... Attuned within Your Inner Knowing ... Living Miracles ... Being a Blessing to Life .. Overflowing with Presence and Joy.

You are here to (finally) BE Healed and Loved Free!


Divine Mother Love Transmission
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 The Divine Mother has called us together to Bask in the Radiant Presence of Pure, Infinite, Unconditional Divine Mother's Love.

Divine Mother's Embodied Love
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