Introducing...Daily INfusion Healing!

Monthly Support...unlike anything in the world!

Radically unique, comprehensive and powerful in creating daily living support for the very moment you need it most! Now!

Daily INfusion Healing is a Living Field...
Broadcast constantly 24/7 to our subscribers...

Giving you immediate access to transformational change

In the midst of your busy, hectic, full, and challenging life!

This is my Labor of Love...and answer to my question of how to palpably, sustainably create a living, expanding, breathing field of expanding consciousness, healing and transformation that is broadcast daily moment by moment in an expanding radiant field.

DIH accesses and utilizes the Creative energies behind the most powerful tools and techniques proven effective in stressful daily life situations. In this way, Daily INfusion Healing palpably supports You when you need it most... free from the need to schedule a visit with a practitioner, or wait for relief.

Within this program, you naturally have access to healing, peace of mind in the midst of daily activities of “doing” - you will be a part of a network, a Miracle Sphere that is fused from a solid and beautiful structure of expanding love, nurturing, and peace of mind. It calms, soothes, and assists you in recognizing Who You Are in the midst of everything - you are able to make choices from a larger more expansive part of You.

I cannot explain to you “how” - it can only be experienced to be “understood” and even then your mind will wonder... yet your Heart will know.

This is a revolutionary NEW 24/7 Daily Infusion Healing program! You actually receive the Frequencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you subscribe, you immediately begin receiving the frequencies and become a part of the Powerful Field that makes up Daily Infusion Healing. You are granted unlimited access into the benefits of this rare and unique support.

It has been created from
Miracles and “unseen” Powerful Creative Energies, Frequencies, and Patterns of Light and Information that actually create what is possible in reality - and also determine how it is experienced by You...This level of support has never before been accessed and put together in one place, completely to support YOU!

This advanced program is a little difficult to explain, actually... it’s impossible to explain - yet the experience of being part of it is REAL, POWERFUL and Palpable in your Life!

In it’s creation...Infinite Infusions of Quantum-Light-Information-Spheres containing Powerful Loving, Aligning, Sustaining, and Strengthening Frequencies, Energies, Core-Creative Techniques, Tools, Grids, Fields, and Access Points have been merged into a
Living Breathing Field that gives you immediate access to exactly what you specifically need, in the moment you need it most.

This Field is created and sustained by the most powerful technology we have...Infinite Love, beyond our ability to conceive, contain or understand. A Presence you can feel.

Daily Infusion Healing contains the Originating Creative and Transformational frequencies behind the most advanced “healing tools and techniques” available today... stripped clean of the dogma, steps, procedure of the application of “technique” and straight to the Benefit.

Do you understand how Powerful this is? For You?...

It can literally administer to Your cells the counter-balancing frequencies necessary to keep You in Harmony, Higher Balance, Health, and JOY...
No matter what is occurring around you!

Daily INfusion Healing assists you in instantly “processing”  events as they occur in your life from a Higher, more aware and more evolved part of You. You simply have access to more choice, more energy, more ability, more strength, greater connection, and access to your hearts desires in the midst of everyday life.

If you love the results you get from such magnificent techniques and tools such as: EFT, TAT, Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, QE, Matrix Energetics, NLP, The Reconnection, Theta Healing, SRT,  the AIM Program EM2, Scalar Wave and Zero-Point Field technologies and tools, Jin-Shin-Jytusu, Reiki, Healing Touch, Meditation, Brainwave Synchronization, Yoga, etc...etc...etc...You will definitely be shocked and amazed by the palpable benefits offered in this comprehensive daily infusion program!

Daily Infusion Healing naturally contains the creative energies behind the most advanced healing tools, techniques and processes known today...even the most “physical” and “energetic” and “healing techniques” comes this advanced level of energetic support containing an ever-expanding, upgrading matrix of the essential creative blueprint experience beyond these techniques.

*IMPORTANT REVELATION* This will not replace the deeper work offered in Personal Sessions, or Light Infusion Downloads. These deeper sessions and Infusions are powerful, deep and immediately LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL and, they transform your entire life, your entire past, and expand the possibilities you are capable of living. This deeper work clears the karmic slate, aligns you powerfully with your unique purpose for is an awakening and remembering...that naturally “evolves” you beyond your current limitations and awakens your Spirit, aligns and activates your True Power, and mysteriously removes the obstacles upon your path.

Private Sessions and Light INfusion Downloads open the way for your unique Awakening, Healing, Aligning with your True Purpose, and Transformation of your Life Experiences. And, it all takes place at a level beyond the conscious mind, so there is no need for “processing” and the impact is immediate - even though it may take “time” for you to become fully aware of it. This depends upon your Spirit, Soul, and personality fusion.

(**BREAKING Private sessions and Light Infusions with Jyoti - I have just received a powerful upgrade in access to more immediate Transformation and Permanent Change! What this means for You - is less and more Powerful Sessions and faster Light Infusions! (and less "work" for me / more benefit for You!) I used to be able to work with only three to four people at once, as it was too much for me. Now with this new upgrade - I am able to work with many simultaneously, and at even deeper levels!)

This Daily Infusion Healing Program is intended to give you the daily support that you need to gracefully move through the innate challenges of experiencing your life as an evolving human, on an evolving planet, in this very powerful and challenging time we are living.

Daily Infusion Healing is kind of like windshield wipers in the daily storms of life - it wipes free and clear from your experience the things that otherwise would have stopped you, exhausted you, defeated you, weakened you, and limited your abilities deeply.

You are actually meant to weather the storms of life with loving support, nurturance, and connection. As we align with our own True Inner Source in the midst of our daily challenges - we are strong, and even strengthened by the challenge itself.

This is unlike any other healing program offered, and will work in perfect harmony with anything else you are currently receive for support. It will actually quicken the results and enhance your life in innumerable ways.

In Infinite Love and Devotion to YOU...


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