Before You Open and Experience Your Light INfusion Download - (below) Please:

Have a Glass of water, a bottle of water, a pen and paper ... at least three pages ... to write upon.

Place your glass and bottle of water next to you as you experience this video.

When You play Your encoded video the embedded frequencies will naturally infuse the water molecules with customized cellular support and Light INformation that You will benefit from immensely - and it also keeps your body from going into physical detox, providing the correct balance of hydration for Energetic Alignment with Living Abundance for You now, just exactly as you need it most.  This allows You to fully integrate and receive this level of Support and Abundance that is available to You now.

You may drink the glass of water immediately after your video for instant cellular support, and You may use the bottle of water in any creative way you desire or are inspired to! Many bathe in it, spray it upon their pillow at night, add essential oils to it in a spray bottle, water plants with it, paint with it, etc... You name it - and You follow Your heart for best creative results! This water is powerful and supportive for You, your environment, your life of living abundance! You are free to use it as you wish!

Three Pages and Pen ... Yes ...

I suggest that just after you experience your video and after you feel the inspiration ... pick up your pen and write, doodle, squiggle, or whatever you are inspired to do ... just fill three pages ... this solidifies NEW connections between that which your mind "knows" and what it allows you to witness after this Download ... I have known many who have also committed to writing every morning following this LID for three days (at least) and have had MIRACULOUS yet sometimes subtle awareness and insights that changed the entire course of their lives ... into Abundance ... in ways unimaginable before! I recommend you also do this! However, it is definitely not necessary!

I personally benefit immensely from this 3 page writing thing, and it has birthed many new programs and created many new alignments in my life! It is fun for me!

You may notice many things shifting in your reality immediately, and you may not notice much from your conscious mind ... in any case, HUGE things are shifting for You ... and it manifests through your Life, and then sometimes through your awareness later. This is because when you make a quantum leap, the mind is unable to process or understand or comprehend, or control this ... so it simply aligns with what IS now, and assumes it has always been this way ...

If You wish, You are free to immediately move to the next level of Abundance ... and I am here to support You. Through Private Sessions, Additional Light Infusion Downloads, Monthly Support Programs, and many NEW offerings (in the process of BLOOMING FULLY) ... Stay tuned - as there are many new ways we will be able to PLAY and CREATE and MANIFEST MIRACLES Together in 2014 and beyond!

Happy New Year Beloved ... and THANK YOU for stepping up and saying YES to Living Abundance ... this is the first step in a HUGE expansion you will look back upon and be WOWED!

Welcome Beloved Treasured One ... May You fully Receive all the Abundance that is now here for You! This Video is encoded with Your Living Abundance Light INfusion Download - Feel free to experience it as many times as you wish for the next two weeks! Then, it will be fully integrated, and You may wish to advance to the next level of Living Abundance ... or invest in your Self the Greatest Gift of Your Life ... An INtensive or Private Session... that accesses and Transforms Your (Causal Blueprint) Soul Constellations that are forming the potentials and possibilities and limitations of Your Life! You are meant to BE FREE ... without struggle, effort or timelines...

I am here for You to ensure this for You when You say YES to this most Powerful Self Investment!