Customized Crystal Singing Bowl and/or Pyramid 

Your Crystal Singing Bowl will be Customized just for You with 
Quantum Levels of On-Going Support. 

Your Crystal Singing Bowl is Custom Encoded and Embodied within a Living Crystalline Structure that You PLAY in order to unfold and activate - You PLAY at your own pace and allow the Miracles that are Your Life to unfold before You!

These Sacred Bowls Open the Way for Your Infinite Spirit to be more Fully Embodied in this Life, in Your Body, In your Mind, Your Feelings, and Your Whole Life Experience.

You will receive a Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl in the Note guided by Your Spirit!

 I take a full month (28 day moon cycle) to:

  • Complete a 28 Day Journey of Miraculous Divine Interventions, Grounding this Support into Your Heart Bowl
  • Attune to Your Spirit's Unique Frequencies of Love's Expression... Calibrating Your Body to Allow Grace, Easing the Transformation as experiential Joy and Love... Even Bliss
  • Encode Your Bowl to specifically Support You as You Evolve and Advance in Your Spirit and Life Purpose... 
  • Option to include a Private Session
  • Option to include a Private Session and Custom Essence

Every time you play your Crystal Singing Bowl You will cellularly receive just whats needed to support you - Ideas come, solutions flow, support is received, guidance is activated, negative and discordant energies are Completed, Cleared and Released...resulting in higher awareness and feelings of spacious Love. Love is Restored. Peace becomes Primary in Your Life.

  • Your Bowl will be Encoded and Calibrated to Clear Your Energy Fields, (including your Home, Family, Work) and go before you in your day - clearing your Path for Grace, Ease, and Miraculous Flow
  • Clearing Your Specific Energy Field completely, Activating Rhythms of Your Spirit, Clearing Soul Constellation debris, and Harnessing the Power of Your Unique Spirit's Infinite Love, along with Cosmic Rhythms designed to Support You throughout Your Life!
  • Each Chime of your Heart Bowl creates an Active Field of Miraculous Infinite Love ... with palpable support, where Divine Grace is Active within your life for 24 hours. 
**Adding a Private Session is Highly recommended with this Heart Bowl ... as we Clear the Soul Constellations present to make way for the Full Embodiment of Your Beyond Human Self, while still being Embodied in Human Form. It is the Divine Design for Your Life, which manifests as Grace in daily life, no matter what is happening!
**Bottomless Custom Essence that is created by Your Spirit to Support, Nourish, Heal, Restore, and Ease Your Journey of full Embodied Love. This Custom Specific Frequency Essence is known to "tune" and "align" Your Cellular Biology, and DNA Sequencing to the Correct Frequencies of Your Spirit, so that You experience a Deep Palpable Feeling of Support as Your Ultimate Transformation takes place. This Custom Essence is "bottomless" and will contain an encoded crystal and instructions to replenish and upgrade it indefinitely.

You can also choose a Crystal Singing Pyramid additionally, or on its own!

Encoded Crystal Singing Instruments