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Let's cut straight to the REAL REASON YOU ARE HERE!

  • You are tired of experiencing lack!
  • You need money for specific things right now!
  • You KNOW that You have the Power to Manifest Money - and You dont know how to access it!
  • You are sick and tired of struggling with money!
  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed, and your attempts to relieve your suffering are not working!
  • You know there is more to life, yet you've lost the magic, especially when it comes to money!
  • You have tried many things to help Your money situation, all to no avail!

Beloved One, Money does not manifest in the ways we have been trained, it does not come through hard work! It comes through alignment and embodiment of Who You Are, that naturally and effortlessly opens new possibilities and potentials (and Money!) to enter your life in miraculous ways! (This is where my Genius comes in!)

I happen to BE a Natural Born Miracle Girl, who has the access to hook-you-up with Your MOJO in ways You have never known! Come join me and discover if You qualify for my Personal Help! Either way, You will benefit from the Webinar (my very first!) because I have an Unconditionally FREE Blissful Healing Gift for You ... as when You are expanding ...the world is expanding too! And, I wanna see YOU SHINE! No matter what!

Join Miraculous Money MOJO Manifestor JYOTI AMMA SOPHIA, also known as the Mother Goddess of LOVE and the Miracle Girl... in this incredible opportunity to MANIFEST MONEY NOW! (she is the real deal... Human, Beyond Human, and all! Jyoti's work reaches into your Soul and changes what is possible for You! You will definitely feel it in this webinar!... It's an event no to be missed! - and it will also be recorded if you cannot make it at the scheduled time.)

PS... The FREE Healing Bliss Gift will also include YOU, even if you cannot be live with us!

PPS... Jyoti doesn't do "time" either...and all of her work is timeless... this magical secret of the way she works will also be revealed in this webinar. Time is an illusion anyway - even though we experience it everyday ... crazy huh?!

PPPS... Be sure to have a glass of water with You during our Webinar Video! Its super important and wildly beneficial for You! - Find out why on the Webinar!