Your Birthright of Abundance

Your Birthright to Abundance is something You were born with.

You are Here to Awake-In and Re-Member this Now.

You do not have to "earn" it, work for it, "make" it happen ... 

These are the strategies and hypnosis running the disconnected self imprisioned within the structures of our outer "reality".

Here. Now.

You Simply Awake-In Your Inner Knowing and Ability to hold in your hands and heart all the Abundance that Is Yours.

Naturally Creating Miracles, New Possibilities, Openings, and Embodied Abundance 

You can Receive Your Birthright of Abundance TODAY! Right Now! 

Literally - You receive Your Encoded Video upon successful payment! You will be redirected to Your Video Page ... (Please **BOOKMARK Your Video Page) ... and when you return to Your Video in 24 Hours ... its a Whole New Customized Encoded Experience that continues to unfold within You in Magical and Miraculous Ways!

You will get Instant Access :

Birthright of Abundance Awakening Transmission Encoded Video ... then ... within 24 hours, Your Video will be Specifically Encoded just for you in 24 hours!! 

This Project is intended to Powerfully uncover and Reveal within You ... 

The Restoration of Your Individual Birthright of Abundance ... as You were Born to Live!

If You are reading this, this is meant for You.


You Beloved Precious One.


... Here You Immediately Receive upon In-vestment in You ...

  • Your Living Encoded Transmission Video that Sparks and Supports Your Unique Flows of Abundance in all areas of Your Life, as Designed and Given Freely to You by the Creator. (Your access has already been Granted, now it's time to Embody it and Re-Member and Receive through these Transmissions!)  
  • My Miracle Support, Customized and Encoded into Your Video at each Level of Your Abundance Birthright Restoration. This Support is Delivered to You within the Awakened Realms beyond consciousness to Support Your Unfolding Abundance, at the Supernatural Causal Level of Natural Abundance, Ease, Grace, Flow...

You may return and receive this Service up to 10 times. (Message me to Receive what is beyond that for You!)

These Transmissions take place beyond your conscious mind's filters ... they bypass the conscious mind and deliver deep access within Your Soul Blueprint /Spirit Interface... In-Forming Your Personal Real-I-Tea.

Eliminating and Resolving Your unique and comprehensive blocks to 

Your Birthright of Natural, Effortless Unlimited Abundance, Blessings, and Grace.

Expect Miracles.

Choose Your Level of Support:

Basic * Intermediate * Advanced * 


Beloved ... Here is a Sacred Moment as a GIFT of LOVE for You ... captured and encoded for You to Receive a Living Gift of Abundance Now ... You are so Deeply and Dearly Loved ... Appreciated ... Needed ... You are here to Blossom Your Creative Magical Presence of Love and Abundance and Joy in this Life! We all need You to Live Your Beautiful, Blessed, Abundant Life ... You have the Power to make a Profound Difference in this world ... just by Being You! 

I Love You ... I See You ... I Celebrate You! 

Please join me in Abundance and Love ... Together We can make THE difference for and within Our entire World... just by Being Who We Are in Our Love and Abundance!!

Here with You in Love, Devotion, and Restored Abundance,

Jyoti Amma Sophia

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