Birthright of Abundance for Lightworkers

Abundance Awakening Transmission Series and Streaming Miracle Support with Jyoti Amma Sophia

This Project is intended to seed 144,000 People with the restoration of Your Individual Birthright of Abundance as intended in the Original Blueprint of Life. 

If You are reading this, You are One of the 144,000.


You Beloved Precious One.


... Here You Receive ...

  • Monthly Encoded Transmission Video that Sparks and Supports Abundance in all areas of Your Life, as Designed by the Creator. (Your access has already been Granted, now it's time to Embody it through these Transmissions!)  
  • My Streaming 24/7 Miracle Support in the Awakened Realms beyond consciousness to Support Your Unfolding Abundance, at the Supernatural Causal Level of Natural Abundance, Ease, Grace, Flow...

Naturally Creating Miracles, New Possibilities, Openings, and Embodied Abundance 

These Monthly Transmissions work from within Your Soul, eliminating blocks to the Alignment with Your Spirit's Birthright of Natural, Effortless Unlimited Abundance, Blessings, and Grace.

Expect Miracles.

Choose Your Level of Support:

Basic * Intermediate * Advanced * Advanced with Mentoring

Birthright of Abundance Project

Beloved ... Here is a Sacred Moment as a GIFT of LOVE for You ... captured and encoded for You to Receive Abundance Now ... You are so Deeply and Dearly Loved ... Appreciated ... Needed ... to Blossom Your Creative Magic in this Life! We all need You to Live Your Beautiful, Blessed, Abundant Life ... You have the Power to make a Profound Difference in this world ... just by Being You! I Love You ... and Celebrate You! Please join me ... We together can make THE difference in this world!

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