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I give this Gift to You Beloved One ...

From My Infinite Spirit.

On my Precious Day of Entry onto this planet 47 (wow!) Years Ago.

Living Access to Your Spirit Essence Silent Livestream
with Encoded Video sent to You!

This is a taste of the Powerful New Work of My Life and Spirit
I have been given access to in my Life's Unfolding Purpose ...

This includes:

 Embodied Access to Your Spirit that can
Change Your Life Forever.

Transforming in (less than) a nanosecond Your Life from here forward!

This Encoded Video gives you access to the Awareness and Embodiment of Your Spirit, the Birth of Your Life's Purpose and Mission in this Life. To the degree You are prepared and Aligned to Receive it.

So You Can
Access a NEW way of BEing, Living and Loving on this planet!



With Permanent Access to Your Spirit.

This is something nothing and no one can ever take from You.

It is Yours for Life Eternal!

Encoded specifically for You, your Video will give you instant access to experiencing greater and increasing Ease, Grace, Peace of Mind and Heart, Support, Healing, Nourishment, Transformation, Alignment and Access to Your Infinite Spirit and Larger Reality while remaining within this body.

Yes! It IS that BIG!

My Gift to You Beloved!

From my Full Heart Expression ... of My Spirit in this Life!

GIVE, and You Naturally EXPAND!

If You wish to Give a Gift to me from

Your Love, Abundance, Gratitude, Presence

I Thank You from My Infinite Heart!

I Am here to Assist You in Receiving Exponentially the Rturn of all You Give - 
from known, unknown, Miraculous Ways and Possibilities from Your Origin Spirit Source ... to expand You in Your Life and Spirit's Expression on this Planet!

We need You to BE, Feel and Live Abundant Life Now

What You Give, You Give from Your Abundant Self
(hint: that exists Beyond Consciousness)
It is through Giving that You are Expanded and
Given what you most wish to receive!

This is a Most Powerful way You can Access
Your Own Abundance ... through GIVING now!

"The Abundant Future Belongs to those who Know How to Live in Expanding Life
beyond consciousness!

This is where and how your Abundance is assured.

When Inspired, Give everything You can with Your Full Heart Presence...
and watch as Miracles expand your Life and who you thought you were!
I meet You here..."

Here is Jyoti's Birthday WishList:

EGift Cards to riverofmiracles@gmail.com:
Amazon.com Gift Card
Patagonia.com Gift Card
Angelrox.com Gift Card (favorite clothing!)
Apple.com Gift Card
DickBlick.com Gift Card
Amazon.com Birthday Wishlist Items

SEVA Selfless Service:

*Support the expansion of MiraclesManifestNow.com and Jyoti's upcoming offerings

**BE a Devoted Personal Assistant to Jyoti

*BE a Miracle to our Family

*Provide Nourishment for us! Personal Chef who Embodies LOVE through Food

*BE a Nourishing visiting or weekend Nanny Aligned with our Family in Bliss

*Web Support

*Be a Miracle Event Organizer

*Be a writing coach for the numerous books in process

*Set up an INSPIRED monthly Tithe of 10-20% of income

Web Support:
*Create websites that essentially run with my Life's Work once established, Keep up with the speed of the Evolution of this work, manage email lists, set up delivery of emails, videos, content, manage storage, updates, etc..
also we are ready for a new Macbook Pro and Iphone!

Event Organizer:
*For Webinars, Global Circles, Live-in-Person and Distance Events, Retreats, 
Monthly Healing Circle - FREE GATHERINGS
*Non Profit Set Up

Book Manager/Writing Coach:
Organize Complete books, Compile material into books, guides, blogs, vlogs, programs, etc...


Free Expressions and Gifts of Love:
YOU, Smiling everyday
Be Present in the moment as it is happening!
Take time to Pause, and simply Breathe and feel all of your Blessings!
Step outside of "ordinary reality" and Imagine ...
Discover Your Purpose!
Spend time in Nature being held in Beauty and Presence!
Do something Nourishing for Your Self ... Daily!
Practice Random Spontaneous Acts of Kindness (secretly!)
Expand Your Expression in this world in Creative, Unique ways, Guided by Your Spirit! (I can guide you, if you cannot yet hear it!)
Send me a photo and/or video of Your Precious Self describing how your life has been impacted by Miracles!
Speak the unspeakable... Trust that You are Loved and Received!
Awaken to Your True Life's Precious Value!
Share Your Compassion in this world - tell me how!
Acknowledge BEing Your Radiant, Beautiful, Whole Self as Life!
Handmade Creations from Your Playful Creative Self!
Make Inspired Natural Body and Bath care Products!
Make Your Art!
Commit to Self Love FIRST!
Flowers sent weekly/monthly!

LARGE GIFTS For those of Us Who LIVE in Overflowing Abundance with Inspired Desire to Exponentially Expand ...


*Toyota Prius

*Toyota Hylander Hybrid with Tow Package

*Rpod RP-179 Camper


*First Class Air Travel for Jyoti and her Amazing Children!

*RV Winnebago Mercedes Sprinter Era 4X4 Camper Van


*Healing Sanctuary and Transformation Retreat Center with Staff

*Private Mountain Home with Water and Fertile Acreage

*Private Kauai Home and Land


*Personal Assistants to Jyoti

*Event and Program Manager

*Business and Non-Profit Manager

*Web Manager



Land and Loving People to cultivate Food, Flowers, Herbs, and Beauty Gardens, Providing Organic Nourishment, Beauty, Peace, Earth Restoration, Healing, and Grace ... Where Miracles Live as we Gather!


*$1,000,000- $10,000,000! to Bless and Expand my Life and Purpose

Donations, Tithes, Seed Money for the Growth of Life and Inspired Adventures

*Expressed Support to and for my Amazing Children!

*Fund our monthly living expenses to focus on additional pursuits for a period of time!

*Set up an INSPIRED monthly Tithe of 10-20% of income
as your ongoing Commitment to the Expansion of Life as Love (Super Powerful!)

PS... My Love Language is Quality Presence Together and INspired Gifts of Love, Support, Abundance ... THIS is what jazzes me!
Smiles ... Giggles (in my vulnerable reveal!)