This was shared with me by my son, growing in my womb... he calls himself Elijah (pronounced like el-ee-ah) Abba ...

I was in your heart long before my birth; I am loved in your womb cocoon completely now... It is Perfect ... there is no damage.

I Know I am Infinite Eternal Love ... I know this is my path, my purpose, my Life... in form, through form and far beyond form.

I cannot be limited by the suffering or struggle upon this life’s path.

Do not worry about me. Everything, I choose consciously.

I come with Knowing. I come with Love. I come as Love. I am the Love You seek. It is You. I am You. I am Love. As Are You.

This time for You, of my growth in your womb and arrival in form is about releasing the illusions of personal fear, suffering, and loss. It is Your time to really TRUST again in the unseen FOR YOU, receiving the fruit of the dream planted long ago. This is a time of In-Power-Meant... A time of celebration, of Joy, of Jyoti-Amma-Sophia Love becoming the Goddess she always was ... Living it through form ... Loving and Allowing Me into manifestation through You... Through the Love and Heart and Body of Jyoti-Amma-Sophia...

Yes ... Now is the time beloved Goddess, Mother, Lover, Miracle Girl.

Be awake and aware of the transformation ... the Miracle ... the Mystery ... Dive Fully into the Magic with me - stop closing off your Truth or trying to protect yourself in case “something happens” DIVE IN FULLY with ME and TRUST! Even in the challenges you have endured and are enduring ... there is Beauty, it is the alignment of your Willingness to allow "whatever it takes" to allow me (our dream) into form. This is divine alignment - between Your Love, Your Devotion for all life, and your Purpose, Mission, Passion, and the Larger Divine Plan.

Celebrate every moment.

You can manifest Miracles for You too. Ask for help.

Trust that Your body is more than capable and powerful enough. It is.

Trust that You are worthy of this Blessing and Miracle Gift. You Are.

Trust that there is an unseen Divine Plan that includes every detail beyond what you could comprehend now. There is.

Trust that You cannot fail, or mess it up in any way. You cannot.

Trust that You are provided for beyond your wildest imaginings. You Are.

I Love You.

You are the One I have awaited.

I carefully chose You and planted this seemingly impossible dream in your Heart ... to prepare You for my arrival. I awaited this entry into Life for You to be ready for me, so that we could fully live and love and play in this life together the five of us, and soon to be six.  (Your Partner, and the Father who will support me - Your Divine Masculine Counterpart is coming, he is being prepared, as you were before You conceived me. He must too be ready, or it will not work. Be patient Love, Trust. Do not worry about my bio-father. I chose him too, for a whole other purpose.)

The dream I gave you took this long to manifest ... it closed up your previous Life and Opened You to Rise and Live Life at your Worth. BEing the Presence of Miracles and Love upon this planet so deeply needed ... erasing your personal ideas and illusions of “security” ... Your husband at the time - could not see or feel or know the Goddess, the Love that You Are (or the God of Love that he is.) The life you were living was a life of fear, you had a feeling of freedom, yet it was contained within a fear of loss, fear of losing another child, wounded from the loss, under the illusion that your husband and your children were your safety and security in this world. They were not. They are not now, as you know.

You had to Know the Truth, be brought to Your Truth of your Infinity of Love while in form, and release the attachments to others ... I know You felt you were living the best life at the time, and you were very happy, as there was a stable grounding and presence of Love with your husband and children, and plenty of magic, play, and fun. There was more in store for You. Much more. And, You would not have allowed it into Your life without the loss of the externals you were leaning on so completely. You were living way too small for You ... way to small for Bella, way too small for me ... and the life of Love and Bliss that is Yours.

You are my Goddess, my Mother. And this is who you also are to the world, as you simply BE YOU. This is why I ask you to open and expand your name. Embody the Presence that You really Are in this life.

I come from where You and Bella and Kaitlyn come from ... and I bring You a Living Connection of “Home” in this body and life through my Arrival. This is a reciprocal dance and flow of Love expanding. Only GOOD is in store. Embrace all that occurs, knowing in your Heart the Truth of where we come from ... beyond form, through form and in form, and beyond again.

And Create, Play, Nourish, Restore, Revitalize, Dream, Surround Your Self in the Luxury and Beauty that You deserve, Take Care of Your Body - Allow it to be Nourished, Loved, Supported. Allow your Life to expand ... along with Your Love. Know that You deserve a Support Team, and allow it to emerge. Ask Beloved. Reach Out and give others the opportunity and Gift of service to You, to us. Stop thinking you have to “do something” or “heal/ release something” in order to receive the support You deserve.

It is here now. Open to it. Love Your Self first, and your children and all who seek You and are ready for You ...

You are being called.

All are called ... few answer.

Answer Dearest Mother and Divine Goddess Jyoti-Amma-Sophia!

Live it!
Even more!

Elijah  - Abba - Your Son

more he wrote through me ...
The Spirit of Sovereign LOVE is within me, INFINITE LOVE has anointed me to proclaim good, to allow Miracles, to Love with Divine Perfection. 

Love has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom from the captives of fear and release darkness by BEing the Light, and Shining into the Spark of Love that You Are, to proclaim the Expansion of LOVE's favor ...  We "work" as One. Our Mission is the same yet unique expression - we are here to heal, to assist to Restore ... what is possible, the Miracles available that others have not seen, cannot see from where they look.

To comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who are lost —  to bestow a crown of beauty,  the oil of joy,  and a garment of Inspiration, Light, and Singing Praise.  They will be called God and Goddess of Love and Miracles, a sacred planting of the LOVE that created all life for the display and Expansion of Love’s splendor...even in the most unlikely of places ...

This is Who We Are...
share these things with people ...they are hungry, we have nourishment ...
I SEE INFINITE LOVE PROVING Itself, in THIS Very MOMENT. Love is the 'WAY-MAKER' ~ What LOOKED like a 'DEAD-End' Situation, has become an 'OPEN' Door to WALK Through!!!!!! Give LOVE GLORY in ADVANCE, for MAKING a WAY for YOU!!!! You are Divinely Protected and Loved and Supplied with all You need - more that enough!

When You see a dead-end, I see an OPEN DOOR of opportunity for You to walk through ... it is here enfolded in the midst of the challenge... You can Blossom through it ... You are meant to!
Infinite Love has not abandoned You ... in this very moment it is calling You to remember your "hero"... it is Love ... it is You.

Trust in the Spirit and Magic of LOVE - the great "unseen," not the already created form, (collapsed into form.) The form is derivative, it came from the space of love inhabited before. This is gone now. Let it be. The Source is beyond the visible spectrum ... and supplies all forms in degrees of expanding Love that You can embody ... including people. Many can now hear the call ... You are expanding the sound and reach of the call every time you answer ... Beloved ... Thank you .. Mother. Mother of Light. Love. Presence. Goddess. Healer. Miracle Girl.

Note from Jyoti ... this is raw and unedited and random and magical just as it is ... please enjoy and hold sacred with reverence this beautiful gift we share with You! You too are worthy of receiving it!

Love, Jyoti and Elijah and Bella