POWERFUL Miracle Healing Audios

Custom Mastered and Encoded for You!

Instant, Immediate, Permanent Relief ... and Relaxation! Its a 5-minute Oasis, a tool you can use anywhere! You can download them on your phone, your computer ... listen anywhere anytime! These Audios are Custom Created Works of Musical Art on their own, and when Encoded become Radically and Exponentially more Powerful, Impacting Immediate Change!

Just breathe and allow the encoded Music to Free you!

Choose Your Encode: 

  • Deep Release - At Depth Release of what is holding you back, and keeping you stuck, fearful, and holding on to the wrong things, believing you know best. Your mind is trying to control what the Heart already Knows ... Deep Physical, Emotional, Trauma, Wound, Patterning, Program, Release. 
  • Purification - Divine Light and Consciousness Powerful Purification of Your Inner Mind, Heart, and Emotions ... leaving you feeling alive and open .. clear for what is to manifest next. Creates a vacuum, that must be filled with something radically new, expansive, and a match to the Essence You.
  • Deep Emotional Clearing - Releases deep emotional wounds from known and unknown origins in body, cellular body, emotions, psyche, and patterns of mind control and limitation, which previously cut you off from FEELING and KNOWING Your Self.
  • Clear Inner Knowing - Opening to all that Your Deepest Self Knows, both specific and general ... Opening your Awareness and Actionable Control to be Aligned with Your Truth, Your Knowing, Your Life Possibilities ... so You can make proper choices for You for the RIGHT REASONS!
  • Alignment - Divine Intervention that Opens Alignment between the Personality and Your Spirit. Creates Harmonious Communication pathways between You and Your Source, as well as the Quiet Knowings of Your Heart, and the mind. In Alignment You have conscious choice in your free will. 
  • Heart Opening - Ahhh... to LIVE with a WILD OPEN HEART! Yes! Radically Clearing and Releasing the stories, interpretations, as well as fears and traumas that created rifts and closed the heart. Things are now able to be seen and experienced from a new space of integration, and Opening the Heart to Live Freely once again, with clear and subtle heart communication directly to your mind. Follow Your Heart, You can TRUST it now! 
  • Divine Safety and Protection - All Manner of Divine Intervention ... creates a Bubble SphereExperience Feeling Cozy, Safe, and Protected in Your Body, Emotions, and in Your Life from the 
  • Money Opening the Flow - Divine Grace Assistance to Provide and Supply the money and resources to best support you now.
  • SUPPORTOpens the Divine and Life Channels for all manner of necessary Support ... People, Resources, Situations, Money, Care, Help, etc... Just what you need, when you need it. This also opens you to see, feel and experience the support you have always had, yet couldn't recognize.
  • Healing a Broken Heart - Oh Beloved, this one is huge Yes. I get it. Divine Healing, Divine Awakened Consciousness, and Intervention to heal Your Precious Heart and strengthen all underlying support networks to dive even deeper into Life with full Trust, Love and Presence!
  • Sweet Surrender - Surrender all control, rest into the flow of EXACTLY WHAT IS ... Now ... Allow Yourself to fully and freely release your minds narration and trust in the Larger Intelligence of Life to Hold and Restore You. The Divine Presence is wth You here! You are not alone. You will see the Miracle on the other side of this scenario!

Custom Mastered Miracle Healing Audios

More Coming Soon!

  • Chill Pill ... Freedom From Stress 
  • Freedom From Worry and Anxiety
  • Up From Depression
  • Deep Pain Release
  • Deep Emotional Release
  • Karma String Clearing
  • Clearing of Conditioning
  • Opening Abundant Flow
  • Opening Love
  • Calm and Relaxed
  • Self Love
  • Opening Awakening
  • Heart Awakening
  • Accelerated Healing 

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