Activation Transmissions!

Activate Your Divine Purpose

This Powerful Activation Aligns you with your True, Divine Purpose. You were born with a Mission and a Gift, a Rare and Precious Inspiration, Passion, Perspective, Feeling, Knowing ... deep inside ... something Amazing to BE and Share in this world! 

When we are misaligned, distracted, overwhelmed, or challenged in Life, we may lose our ability to recognize the importance and impact of our Gift and Purpose in life. We may panic and seek outside-in solutions and attempt to copy other's successes or callings, only to fail. We may feel "lost" and eclipsed from our ability to recognize the Preciousness of Life, and our place within it all. This disconnection from your Purpose causes many forms of suffering, that only your re-alignment can heal. Truth is ... we all need You now ... to Be Living Fully Your Purpose! Awake to Your Impact, Your Passion, Your Power and the Abundance that awaits You!

Activate Alignment with Your Spirit 

This activation aligns you with your True Essence Self ... the Eternal You that lives far beyond this life ... who has access to all Life and all ways of Living that are beyond consciousness. This Activation has the ability to calm and sooth the mind into stillness where You are able to feel the experience of "being fully in this world, yet not of it." 

Your Spirit Knows and Guides You to your most fulfilling Life ... where all the confusion and questioning is calmed and made clear.  This activation opens a new way of BEing beyond thought. Life becomes more and more effortless. You realize a new way of Ease and Grace in Flow ... You Open and Flow through Life with a content Knowing that things are the way they are for a Divine Purpose ... where you can rest in the Perfection of it all. You really get that where you are is where you are is perfect and always temporary, where there is joy and awareness to constantly carry you through the sometimes stormy waters of life. The mind is eased of confusion and the need to control or be motivated by fear. You Feel and Embody a deep inner sense of Higher Purpose and Meaning in everything that emerges. Your Spirit Knows and Leads the way through your Heart ... allow it to guide you now. 

After You checkout through PayPal you will be directed to an immediate access page where you are given access to Your Video Activation Immediately! (I also additionally encode this Activation specifically for You in 24 hours!)

Activation Transmissions
You can experience these Activations multiple times in successive Levels. Each Activation builds upon the previous Activation and expands the impact and access delivered by your Spirit. This is an amazing spark to Awaken **If you are unable at this time to invest in my deeper service, these Activations will help and open doors that have been invisible to you.

These Activations radically and immediately shift your experience. 
They produce Immediate and Permanent Transformation, Healing, Access to New Paradigms ...
Where Your Life Experience is Renewed and Aligned in Magical inner and outer ways!

These Activations Open and Rewire the Divine Communication and Manifestation Gateway between You and Your Spirit. 

These Activations are not "doing something to You" ... 
They Open the Way of Grace from within You ... From Your Spirit, in the most gentle and powerful of ways.

Miracles truly happen here.

You are given Direct Access to Beyond Your Current level of functioning, experiencing, knowing ...

Activation Transmissions