Welcome to Your Destiny Activation!


IAM so happy to See You Here Beloved .. and IAM so deeply Grateful to be entrusted with the opportunity to Serve You in Activating Your Destiny ... and Supporting You upon Your Unique and Sacred Journey! Thank You so deeply from my Heart ... for Trusting me ... for Trusting YOU ... for Trusting Life in this very Sacred Transformational time!

This is Truly a Time of Destiny ... (even though "time" as we have experienced it does not actually exist...) This is the Divine Moment We Were Born For! (Im sure as the AMAZING Radiant Magical Miraculous LIGHTBEING that You Are ... You feel this deeply ... on some level! 

Your Destiny Activation is now underway ... 

Each Activation You Purchase becomes Activated upon Purchase ... is Heart-Created specifically for You, and is Delivered Silently and Directly to/through Your Spirit, Soul and then In-forms Your Whole Being. 

You may notice it working from the moment You Purchase ... (many people can feel this, because it is Your Destiny to Receive ... and All Time is Now!) And ... if You do not feel anything that is Perfect too ... This means the changes are happening in such a deep place that it is beyond what the conscious mind can track or imagine.

There is nothing you need "do" in order to fully receive it! We are in Active Unified Resonance from the moment you invest in Your Activation! You are receiving the Perfect Activation now in harmony with Your Destiny ... Awakening ... Revealing ... Receiving Your Sacred Destiny Activation!

Over the course of the next 14 days ... You may notice many sensations, thoughts, feelings, learnings/revelations, visions, inspirations, clearings, openings, (and more) ... You may be feeling and experiencing your body in new ways ... You may be feeling and experiencing your Life and Your perceptions shifting into more "light filled" Knowing ... You may not be feeling much at this moment ... as each Activation has its own Arc of Impact, Trajectory and Manifest experience, unique to You, each and every time.

No matter what you feel ... or experience ... Your Activation is unfolding though You right Now ... It is taking place at levels beyond what the conscious mind has the ability to perceive/track/understand at this moment ... this is perfect ... it will all make sense later once we move through all levels of your Life's Destiny Awakening and Unfolding!

You may purchase additional levels of Your Destiny Activation When Your Heart Guides You to it! Being True to Your-Self and Your Magical Miraculous Unfolding! (You may purchase and receive up to 10 Destiny Activations on the Destiny Activation Page ... after your 10th ... please reach out to me directly when You are ready for the Miracle and Magic of what is next!! jyoti@miraclesmanifestnow.com)

I Love You and IAM here in Love, Devotion, and Support of You LIVING Your Precious Destiny!

Here is a Video for You to Re-Member to Ground Your Self in Your Magical Auric Shield ... so Your Vibration can remain True and Luminous unto itself ...

I Love You!!


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