A Gift from My Heart to You...

I am now Creating a Personalized Abundance Blessing - Just for You!

It will be sent to You silently, and energetically within 24 hours.

You may notice many shifts in the flow and experience of abundance in your life over the next 30 days.

This Abundance Blessing will be fully materialized and manifest in your life in 30 days. Be aware that the most powerful and meaningful forms of abundance for You ... are what you will receive. (This is orchestrated by Your Spirit, for your greatest benefit...and may not be what you think consciously ... there is a larger miracle at work!)

Be on the lookout for new expanded feelings, inspirations, openings, new pathways emerging, new thoughts or new people coming into your life ... healed relationships, mended wounds, moving beyond relationships or situations that stifle you and your creative genius ... whatever it is that is energetically standing in your way of receiving abundance will be touched and opened to the potential of resolution through this customized Blessing of Abundance (and Love.)

This may be an Opening in consciousness to a New Way of BEing, it could be an increase in tangible money from expected or unexpected sources, it could be an overall feeling of expansion that leads You into new Possibilities of greater levels of Abundance, it could show up as Love and Support, it may show up as an internal awareness of the Abundance you already Are and Have...which opens you to more ... You may experience waves of Gratitude that Open You to Living in Abundance.

I keep You in my daily Abundance Blessing until our 30 days are complete!

Please stay in touch with me and let me know how abundance is showing up in your life experience!

Thank You for Trusting in the FLOW of your Heart...and opening Potentials for Greater and Greater Abundance...for You personally and for all those you Love! The More abundance you open to Live - the more freedom you have to create your Life!

May you recognize and stand in awe of the Gifts that are Yours - and LIVE them in this world, multiplying abundance, joy, and love for all!

What You support in Your Self and Others grows ... Be sure to pay attention and notice what you are growing with Your Appreciation and Awareness...

In LOVE and Devotion to Your Best Life,


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