Here's How You Receive Your Encoding!

IAM so excited that You are here to Claim Your Encoding of Your Favorite YouTube Videos! 

How to Receive Your Specific Encoding within the Video You have chosen:

Before You watch Your Video Please gather a glass of water, a piece of paper and a pen/pencil/marker, and a Journal or notebook to write in!

On the paper draw a Circle. If Inspired, You can add intuitive markings on the outside of the circle if you are guided or inspired! Also write today's date in the top right corner of the paper. Place the paper under your glass/bottle of water.

Open Your Video and RECEIVE as You play it!

You may feel and experience many things, many sensations ... or you may not feel or sense too much ... either way is Perfect for You! You may notice new feelings, sensations, tingles, tickles, waves of feelings, waves of sensations, insights, new thoughts, inspired ideas and solutions may simply pop in ... and soooo much more ... this may happen during or beyond the experience of Receiving Your Encoding through the Video.

After You play the Video Encoded for You .. 

*Drink Your Now Encoded Water ... This water will in-form Your atoms, cells, and will give You instant cellular Support. It will assist in the upgrading of Your Awareness, thoughts, and feelings... It will give you emotional support and cleansing free from old heavy stuck emotions in your body. 

*Write at least 3 pages of non-thinking writing just after your video ... Do this every time you experience your video, and also I encourage you to keep a journal beside your bed and additionally write 3 pages of non-thinking writing before You get up out of bed! (Keep me posted on what is emerging for You!! I am so excited for the Miracles coming Your Way and unfolding in Your Life!!)

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Your Miracle Water can alsobe used in many Miraculous Ways!!

You may also add a bit of Your encoded water to a gallon of water and it will be encoded to support You .. You can get creative with this water and put it in a spray bottle, add some drops into your bath, your beauty products, etc... use your imagination!! (and please share with me your inspirations and how it felt!)

Each time you view your encoded video You will also re-charge your glass of water.


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