The Transmission that Transforms

This Sunday December 10th


*This Transmission has a Direct and Immediate Effect upon Your Life in the ways most needed in Your Unique Life and Journey of Destiny in this Life. It may unfold in your Awareness in surprising ways, while its impact is real and lasting ... it Opens doors that were not possible before. It works on every aspect of life, not just one area. It is a Divine Comprehensive Dispensation that Opens New Opportunities and Wisdom to get You back on track with HAVING what You Desire and Need in Your Life now! 

This Transmission is designed for Beings who feel that they've lost track of their life, direction, purpose and steam. I focus on opening doors to higher awareness that your spirit has been missing, that's been invisible to your ever-trying, tired mind. 

This is for you if you're exhausted from trying to figure things out, you're weary of what will happen next, you feel alone in the mission, you doubt that you'll have what you need, and you want to find the wisdom your Soul has starved for. In receiving this Transmission you can let yourself unwind in the trust and Deep Wisdom that everything is following a Divine Plan, you can melt into right where you need to be, you can get back on track.

As always, I can't say which specific areas of your life will be affected by this Transmission. You can expect it to unfold in the way your Spirit and Soul tells me it needs to, often *not planned* by our conscious minds. You can expect doors to open, peaceful sensations, and unexpected revelations.... possibly miraculous healing, and unfathomable new occurrences.

Details and Registration at bottom of page!

Living Love Transmission … Expect Miracles.mp3

**This SUNDAY 12/10 @ 11:11am PDT**

New Life ... Begins here 

Everything that has brought us here, is now falling away
The unspoken "operation manual" that got us to this moment ... is no longer working.

It can no longer work.

I know you feel it.

Deep inside there is a rumbling 
Things are falling away 
And You somehow know they must
Questioning ... HOW will we do this?

WithIn the unknowable-ness of it all, you may experience huge waves of fear,
Deep questions that have no solid answers,
Sentences and Paragraphs that cannot be finished

It may seem we are in an unknown and unknowable in between time

Yet, a Calling is emerging

Leading us blind
To Something More

IF We are Awake to it 

And ONLY if we say YES!

While In the dark.
With no familiar "safety" net
What makes it feel so challenging is 

The inability to know enough to control it,
To plan, to manage, to understand

It is like Birth

Giving Birth to Who You Really Are beyond your Previous Identity 
(which btw has always been a false sense of "security.")

This Calling is emerging from deep within You

Life Placed it here 
And Life placed You Here Now to Experience this
in the Depths of Your Very Spirit and Your Unique Soul 

You are being unearthed from the seeming knowns and solidity of the past 
And Your heart may be registering it with palpitations 
Or waves of inspired elation followed by fear 

It may feel overwhelming, and you may be feeling alone.
You Know that something is UP and in a big way
You know that Life (as we know it) Must Change

This is actually Your Time to Shine and Thrive and Live ... Really LIVE into Being ... 

The Magnificent Truth of WHO You Are

You were given a Unique Destiny and Purpose, that no one can fully know
Except for You ... as You Live it!

IAM here to Connect You with the Holy Spirit of You ... the Light of You ... The Infinite Love of You to Blossom and Shine Radiate and Illuminate the very moments You inhabit

It will cause You to Transform Naturally, as God Intended.

You were called here for a Purpose, and Now is the Time!

Here, You shall be Given Safe Passage into Your Eternal Love
Lived and Experienced and Expressed as God intended for You, Uniquely

You are actually the embodiment of Source Infinite Eternal Love 
You have been chosen to Awaken Beyond the Illusions of this world ... Now.

Your True Nature and Miracle is about to be revealed.

Your Heart Knows if this is for You Now.

This SUNDAY December 10. 2023 

I will be Offering a Deep Living Love Transmission that clears the way for You to experience the Awakening of Your Destiny, the Love of Source in Your every Cell ... Opening Direct Inner Knowing and Communication with God Source.

This Transmission has been known to Manifest instantaneous Miracles, 
Blessings, Healings ... ever since I was a child ... this has happened. 

I will be here with You in this Sacred Space ... Expect Healing Miracles.

I encourage You to Participate, and invite all those you know who are suffering.
Each Individual circumstance and situation will be comprehensively addressed in this Living Transmission.

IAM Here with You ... In Love and Devotion to Your Precious Unique Miraculous Destiny...

In Wholeheartedly Sourced Love and Devotion,  Jyoti

Registration Details:

*Each person requires Reservation, you are also welcome to sponsor those whom you feel need this now.

1. Invest to match the Depth of Support and Transformation You are Ready to Live and Experience (this means that You Receive in direct proportion to the Value You place upon this Transmission, if you have the ability to Value and Invest at a higher level, and choose a lower level, your experience will reveal lower results... it's truly about what You De-Side to Have, this is something I cannot interfere with, and is palpable and proven over the past 15 years)

2. On SUNDAY, we will Gather on a Live Call @11:11am PDT,  it will be recorded for You. 

During the Transmission: 
You do not need to be "doing" anything special during the Live Transmission Call ... however, I do encourage You to take Refuge in Self Care and Silence as much as possible ... as it can be deeply restorative, and can give you Awareness of what is True beyond what is visible. 

This Transmission operates beyond time as we experience and understand it. 
There is no way you can mess it up! Trust in the Process and Allow YourSelf to Receive the Love and Healing and Transformation and Miracles here for You! 

Honestly, You can be fully engaged in any activity of Your day and still receive at full measure! ... You will have access to the recording afterwards to listen to ... and I want to remind you ... that Your True Transformation is independent of the words or recording. The recording is really just a courtesy to You, to allow the mind to listen to something while the Transformation is taking place!

Make Sense?

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Living Love Miracle Transmission

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** No One will be turned away who is sincere and in need of Support Now. If this is You please reach out @ ATTN: TRANSMISSION SUPPORT

This Transmission is Intentionally Created to BE AN OPEN DOOR to ALL MEASURE of Miraculous Unfolding, with both Personal and Global impact. The only limits are the ones we place upon ourselves. 


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