Soul Constellation Sessions with Jyoti

The Original Work ...                      True Life Transforming Miracles 

Soul Constellation Sessions

 the Original Work I was born living, breathing and giving since my birth... 

This Is The Most Powerful Access we have to Instant, Permanent Transformation, Healing, and Change.

These sessions work Directly and Perfectly within the interface between Your Eternal Self and Your Soul.

This work bypasses the linear, conscious mind and Opens ever-increasing Access to Your Authentic Awareness, Your Love, Your Purpose, Palpable Access to More of Your True Self ...

This is the Signature Work that kicks off and facilitates Miraculous Changes in your Life in Big Ways.

What are Soul Constellations?

Soul Constellations are the pattern-makers of your entire embodiment. They are at-conception-responsible for the ways your cells form, divide, replicate ... as well as the energy environment within which you inhabit Your Being. They are the ultimate source of all of your greatest Life Challenges ... And ... they actually hold the Golden Key to Your Liberation, Awakening, Freedom and the Miracles You are here to Live, Heal and Transform in this Life. 

They are not conscious to the mind. They are the Source of Beliefs, the Source of the Subconscious Mind. They cannot be tracked or changed through effort, focus, thought, or linear sequencing. They live in the "I don't even know that I don't know" level of your life creation. 

They appear to me like star constellations when they come out to play and be Liberated in Sessions together. They can Only Be Seen, Perceived, and Liberated through a highly refined vibration of Love. This is the Love Vibration that Jesus showed me how to embody when I was a very small child, so I could be granted access to this level of Life's Miracles. 

SC's are connected patterns and clusters of highly powerful condensed balls of energy and information (in-form-at-ions).  They exist and have very real impact in multiple dimensions, calling in experiences on multiple dimensions, that You may or may not even be aware of. They are responsible for the limitations as well as the Gifts you are here to bring... through their Liberation... as when we liberate each SC you naturally have more and more access to Your Infinite Self, Your Infinite Power, and the Field of Higher Possibilities and the Awakening Awareness and Access to New levels of choice in your day to day life experience.

Your SC's are responsible for attracting all the formative events and experiences that happened in your early life as a child. (Most people believe that these early childhood wounding patterns happened because of events outside of our control, and while this is true on one level ... it is also true that we agreed to come here to FEEL and embody the playing out of our SC's in order to experience these emotions and then to Liberate them through our Awakening Love) 

You ... as an Infinite Presence of Eternal Love chose a Soul with lots of Constellations ... to incarnate through to enter and play in this realm of Creation on Earth.

We are NOW Returning to a Higher Vibration , a Higher Level of Density than we have experienced on Earth for over 26,000 plus years. This marks the destined time we are here to Awaken Our True Destiny, liberated from the Soul Constellation Patterns we came here to intimately experience and Heal for all of Life.

This is why things are intensifying exponentially now. 

We can no longer hold onto the ways things have been since we arrived. These current structures in our world are not sustainable, are based on control, enslavement, and manipulation, which dark energy structures have created and have been controlling... up until now.  We came here to usher in a Whole New World of Beauty, Liberation, Love, Freedom, Joy, Peace, Fulfillment, and the Full Embodiment of Who We Really Are ... and this can only happen through us. 

As we Liberate our SC patterns, we are able to BE at PEACE, See the Truth, Create and Live in a Whole New World of Indescribable Beauty ... 

Our LifeForce is given new Operating Instructions in alignment with Our Destiny, and the Destiny of All Life. This is where Miracles become Real and Accessible to all.

This Sacred Work Illuminates a New Life Experience for You in Direct Alignment with Your Spirit ... Your Life's Destiny and the Magic and Miracles that You were born with ... and may never have even fathomed before now. Igniting Our Purpose, Love, Joy, Presence, Magic and so much more that cannot be defined by language.

Your Life will change in Miraculous unpredictable ways... all from the IN-Side Out ... There is nothing Like this work on the whole planet and very few people even know this kind of Support exists! It is Time to change this!!!

This work is born of Love ... As Love is the Only Healer that can reach this deep and allow such Profound Transformation, Liberation, and Freedom in ways unheard of before!

Once Payment is Received Your Session Opens ... You choose the depth and Length of Your Session Below! 

Private Soul Constellation Sessions with Jyoti

Why Lengths and Depths of Service?

You will Know in Your Heart ... in Your Bones, how quickly and comprehensively You are ready to Embody Your True Self through this work.

Each Depth of Session allows for the Liberation of multiple Soul Constellation Patterns. These patterns are Liberated through a highly refined Vibration of Love and Compassion where they are allowed to be witnessed, seen and interacted with. They lead my beyond-human-awareness to the places where these original wounds were embedded within the soul, these consist of many different dimensional times, experiences, incarnations, and densities. 

Usually within a 24 hour period IAM guided to liberate and release hundreds and sometimes thousands of these SC's. 

They appear in order of most importance to Your Spiritual Awakening, Development, and Healing. I am shown these patterns by Your Infinite Spirit and we Journey together across the cosmos to LOVE FREE the entire pattern and each piece / experience that made up the whole pattern.

Obviously, the longer we are immersed in this process, the deeper and more comprehensive your Liberation will be.

Each Session is an immersive Spirit Attuned Love focus in multidimensional experiences of "time" fully Present with Your Soul and the Constellations as they emerge to be witnessed, loved free, and liberated.


DO I need to do anything specific or special during my Immersive Session?

You do not need to do or think or speak or focus on anything in particular during this Immersive Session. This work bypasses the conscious mind and produces change at a level that gives rise to what your conscious mind will now have access to. I do however suggest that you drink extra water, get more rest if possible, keep a journal and pen nearby to record any in-sight or through or revelation ... and even to take note of the Miracles You are able to witness ... and take as much time to just "BE" and allow any thoughts, feelings, or sensations to emerge and give them space to just move through your awareness and experience.  Breathing into the belly ... as this allows the CSF to pump fluid up to your brain and help you to be Present. 

This work will work no matter what you are doing in your conscious world. You seriously cannot "mess it up" in any way. Everything that happens during this time is Perfect, which you will come to understand as your Awareness settles in. This may be instant, and it may unfold or be revealed over time.

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