Self Love 

Join Us in Expanding Self Love, Self Care and Blossoming of Our Radiance!

We invite You Beloved One ... to join us in the monthly program of Self Love ... Self Care ... where you will receive deep levels of Support to Nourish, Nurture, and Revitalize Your Self and Your Life ... so that you are Supported to do and BE all that makes You come alive, while caring for those you Love most!

You can make a Powerful Impact upon this world, while also being fully sourced, supported, loved, provided for,  and nourished. Full. Whole. Complete. Expanded and more deeply connected and fulfilled in your Service to Life, and to the others who need you.

I have been a chronic over-giver, a mother, a healer to soooo many beings around the world ... becoming more and more Self-Less ...and as Bella so brilliantly pointed out to me ... that when we are too self-less we can actually lose ourselves in serving others. This is what I had done ... and as a solo mama, this is not okay with me, nor my precious children. They need more of me, not less as they grow ... What I have come to realize is that the more I give to others, the more others expect from me ... and I have been Giving Away all my greatest gifts ... for FREE ... feeling a bit like throwing my most precious diamonds to ghosts (like in the movie Spirited Away) ... who gobble up everything I offer and feel entitled to more, without inquiry or question about my personal human needs, and even at my expense...with no sense of responsibility to sustain or support me in return.

Like the drowning ... When people are suffering, they tend to be extremely selfish and lack awareness of those surrounding and supporting them. I have been serving so many who suffer, and so many who demand and feel entitled to more and more and more of me. I realized that I am not here to save this whole world... without doing it with Abundance, Joy, Love, and the necessary supports I need and desire in my own life experience. I am no longer here to give at my expense, or give where I am not given to in return. This is healthy selfishness ... and I am here to stand with You and for You ... calling You forward to honor and value your Self first, then giving where you are fed. And Yes, I will always be the Mother to many ... and this I LOVE ... and yet, I will no longer do this without being fueled with all I require to first serve my self, and my precious children ... (who BTW are the MOST PRECIOUS ones I have ever witnessed!) - You'll see when you meet them too ... 

In this Monthly Program, You receive:

A New Monthly Encoded Video to Deeply heal, nourish, support, uplift, rewire, and open Miracles for You, each month! These Videos support You exactly where you are and open you to experience the Blessings that pour forth when you take the time and space to Breathe and deeply connect to Your Life, Your Self, your Truth!

This is my Signature Powerful, Silent, Palpable, Miracle Support ... 

Where True Self Love is born. Blossoming ... Your New LIFE ...

Opening Miracles ... for You ... from the inside rippling and reflected outward ... magnetized Love returning back to You!

You Deserve this Beloved One!

Can You recognize how Self Love is the bottom line of your Life experience ... If so, You will know how VITAL this support is for You!

Choose the level of Support You are ready to Value and Receive: (my Service must now be Valued to be Given from my overflowing Heart!)

The Self Love Project

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