The Miraculous Art of Sacred Release

Powerful Transmission and Miracle Support with Jyoti Amma Sophia*

and Introducing the Amazing Support of Ann Strong*

Within this Powerful Experience, You will Receive:

  • Specifically Encoded Sacred Release Transmission Video that provides Instant and Permanent Release of Lifetimes of Baggage
  • My Silent Miracle Ongoing Support for 30 Days ... (This alone is worth over $4000)
  • Membership in Our Sacred Release Spirit Community Spirit Support ...where You are Connected, Held, Witnessed, Celebrated and Opened ... Beyond the release into NEW LIFE Emerging ... Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings ... You are surrounded andHeld safely as you journey through Our Miraculous Art of Sacred Release ... These are Divine Beings that have agreed to assist you on the inner and higher spiritual planes of existence.

There is a Divine Timing, and Opening for this Sacred Release to happen Now. There are significant Universal, Cosmic, and Divine factors that are at play in the creation of this Event.

You can actually release Lifetimes of Karma, Baggage, Debris, and Soul Level Limitations here now in this Transmission.

No matter how deep your awareness goes into what you need to Release, Transform, Dissolve, Discard, Move Beyond, Shift ... this is only the "tip of the iceberg" in conscious awareness to the depth of the underlying currents that must shift in order to produce fundamental Life Transformation.

This is what is Offered here.

Where You can be Freed into the Life Potentials awaiting You ...  to really step into the Life WE are DESTINED to Live ... 

This Truly is a Miraculous Art of Sacred Release ... when we release in this way, we are given a Divine Dispensation of Grace ... Grace that takes over and allows the dissolution of hidden blocks in the Actual Soul Blueprint, which is responsible for the creation and manifestation of all limitations of your life. There is a huge difference between simply letting go of the things you are aware are blocking you, and its another thing entirely to Be in Sacred Release at the Level of Your Soul Blueprint. As You Release within this Sacred Space, Your Life will certainly and radically change ... 

You are here for Miracles you cannot now see, feel, or even imagine.

I am here to support You in Awakening Beyond your current reality here through the MIRACLE of Sacred Release.

And, for this Community to Thrive for You (and All of Us) ... I invite You to reach out to Your Beloveds who are in need of Release, and SHARE this opportunity to Be Supported and Release in a Sacred Way ... so that we can All benefit from the Life Our Hearts are calling ... to Embody. To Simply BE. To Grow and Expand far beyond our current Life.

Join Us?

This changes everything. For each of Us and for All of Us Together.

The Miraculous Art of Sacred Release

*Jyoti Amma Sophia is a Natural Born Miracle "Healer" who discovered her Gifts as a very young child, and Lives in Love, Devotion, and Service of her Life's Purpose, (and she couldn't even stop this work if she tried!)

*Ann Strong is an AMAZING Guide with Incredible Presence, who is Gifted in Nurturing, Grounding, and Stabilizing You through the inevitable Challenges in Life, Loss, Grief, and Living Your Life's Purpose. 

We make a GREAT TEAM!

We Are Here to support You in Sacred Release!

The Miraculous Art of Sacred Release

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