The Call of Your Spirit

Your Invitation to Awaken and Embody Your Magical Life's Destiny

This is the Call to Embody Your Delicious, Magical, Miraculous Life and

 Dance Effortlessly into Your Destiny!

Your WAKE UP Call!

You can answer now or later, however you Will answer … It is your Destiny. It isn’t going to go away. Not in this lifetime, or any other.

If you cannot answer now, you may need to experience more pain and suffering in order to wake up.

That’s okay. I will be here to Serve You in Embodying Your Sacred Purpose and Your Greatest Life … (at least for a while!)

This is Your Call to actually discover from within … the very sacred purpose, meaning, passion, abundance, joy, playful creativity, and bliss that GOD (Unconditional Love, Unconditional Life) created You for. This is Your Purpose.

This is radically and refreshingly different than anything you have ever experienced. This is not a “coaching” program, You don’t need to be coached. This is not a school or “teaching.” You don’t need to “learn” anything. In fact, this will serve you as a Release ... an un-learning an de-conditioning of all that has invisibly kept you from Your Magnificent Life! You cannot remain small, stuck, lost, victimized, depressed, "off" or suffering any longer. 

It’s time to recognize Who You Really Are, and Wake Up from this so-called life you have been existing in.

Even if you already consider your life as great, or even magical compared to others … I promise you, it is nothing compared to what You are Really Here to Live, Love, BE, and Experience!

I have finally answered the persistent yet silent indwelling Call to BE the Beautiful Delicious Wild, Innocent, Magical Amazing Loving Life Vessel I was Created to BE … So that You can Receive this Delicious, Astonishing, Effortless, Profound, Life Altering Embodiment in Communion with Your True Self and Your Sacred Purpose for Life that YOU were created for. 

No more suffering. No more self-care-comes-last. No more neglecting your true needs! No more following the no-longer-viable-ways-of-this-world! No more just going along with things that Your Heart KNOWS is WRONG! No more settling! No more looking outside! 

Its time to CLAIM the MAGIC You were created to BE from the Inside Out!

Once you are living and breathing the intimate inner knowing of Your True Self, Your Truly Unique Divine Sacred Purpose naturally calls and guides you forward with pristine clarity … it rewires, rewrites, and reorganizes your Life into the Life reserved for You. You Live Deliciously in Blissful Effortless Alignment with Your True Essence. You are connected, held and loved in ways that your mind cannot comprehend, yet your Heart shall know and expand and unconditionally extend to others… just by breathing! You become the Gift that brings Delicious Beauty and Life back to this Life!

This is a Magical, Miraculous, Effortless Opportunity to Rise into Who You Are meant to BE in this Life. I guarantee you, it will be radically different and Miraculously better than anything you can imagine! 

There are Four Levels, each lasting 3 months, that carry you through your Sacred Embodiment and Marriage into form of Your Infinite Self and Purpose for this incarnation. You can begin with Level One, or enroll in the whole year (Levels One through Four) of Astonishing, Amazing, Blissful, Effortless, Delicious Miraculous Transformation! This is a quantum, supernatural creation that is at work with you 24/7. You are beheld in the most beautiful sacred silent space .. You will feel it. It feels like nothing you have yet experienced. You will know it by it’s otherworldly quality of Love that does not at large yet… 

During each level, I stay connected with You silently and palpably 24/7 during each 3 month immersive transformational Level. You are held in a sacred space of Love and Healing that does not exist anywhere else on this Earth. This is not for the faint of heart or for those who are living in fear. You must be of sound mind and sound emotions in order to be eligible for this service. Your Life will radically transform and you will be living what would have taken you thousands of lifetimes within a very short period of time. We bypass the conscious, the linear, and the physics of this world in order to achieve this state of Being … and we carry you through all the necessary groundwork to make it sustainable to BE Fully in this World, yet not “of” it.

Level One Opens with a Silent Comprehensive Spirit Connection and Soul Constellation Clearing Session, and continues through ongoing Soul-Spirit Communion, Marination and Revelation for a period of three months. 

During these 3 months You are cleared and prepared to embody Your Purpose. You are bathed and washed clear of limitations, restrictions, and impediments to Living Your Bliss-Filled Life. You are given opening access to Your True Life’s Purpose and Inspiration. You are being prepared to fully embody it. There are necessary cellular, emotional, mental, and soul level preparations that you will be effortlessly and gently carried through in order to be capable of embodying Your Sacred Purpose here. Life begins to Open to You, effortlessly. You achieve a point of inner stillness and clarity that begins to be untouchable by the physical world surrounding you. You come to understand the True Divine Order of things, and Life, and you experience a great deal of Freedom, Clarity and Peace.

Level Two Deepens and carries you deeper into the Sacred Embodiment of Your Purpose at deepening depths, as guided by Your Spirit. This is a tender cycle of this journey into Your True Awakening beyond limitations, while healing the Soul, cleansing it free of the many deeper layers of dysfunctional soul constellation patterns that have kept you from Knowing and Being the Real You.

Level Three Opens new Embodied Living Miracles, Grace, Clarity, Awareness and Access to Your Sacred Purpose Embodiment within your cellular biology. You will go through a period of effortless physical and emotional clearing, cleansing and rewiring. This is necessary for your Spirit Purpose to move through You with grace, effortlessly ease and flow. You will be renewed and strengthened in vitality, meaning, purpose, bliss, joy, and peace that defies your current understanding. You open to being innocent, you feel innocent and free … you begin to live in natural curiosity and wonder … Your Magic is being Restored … The Magic of Your Life becomes palpable every day.

Level Four is the Full Embodiment Level of moving beyond normal physics of cause and effect… where we clear, align, rewire, infuse, up-level, and upgrade your cellar biology to be capable of holding the Sacred Light and Life that You Are… This is where your footsteps upon our Earth are healing for all … Where simply breathing makes the qualitative difference in the world surrounding you … instead of being impacted by the world surrounding you .. You impact and influence the world surrounding you with Your Unique Frequency of Your Spirit’s Essence with Innumerable Healing and Restoring impacts upon Life on our Planet … and opening the hearts and tenderness and healing power of life in your sphere of influence. Your “work” becomes effortless and You live in a state of Divine Sacred Alignment … clear, connected, and radically alive, Youthful, Vibrant. You have choice and freedom that is impossible to imagine from where you are now.

Each Level is a $33,333 Pre-paid Investment in Your Unique Passionate Life’s Purpose … Your Brilliance, Beauty, Love, Vibrance, Your Magical Beautiful Unique Miraculous Self!


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