Miracle: TheProsperity Experiment

 Wild Innocent Wonder and the Creation of Prosperity

Okay Beloved One ... I created this video for You ... just before my Mother left her body ... 

I am just now able to be in OPENING ... to GIVE this Gift, Opportunity, and Service to You ...as I am Inspired by the Beauty and Perfection of my Family (even in all seeming imperfection)  ... You see, my Precious Mother gave her whole life in service to Unconditional Love, She Gave and she Forgave everything ... and from her Essence ... she Carried On ... even with my father (who had a gambling addiction) which she paid the price for ... and now we as her children are now responsible for. 

Now in this moment, I am here to Honor her and Give this Gift to You.

This is important to me. 

And ... Please Give from Your Generosity and Abundance and Share Your Gratitude and Gifts to the ongoing  

Want to PLAY in the Experimental and Experiential Field of Prosperity? 

Including Abundance, Ease, Wealth, Freedom, Happiness, Fulfillment, Vibrant Health, Love, and so much more!

Welcome to Our FREE Miracle: The Prosperity Experiment 

Your Investment in Your Prosperous Abundant Life: 

Play! * Align! * Receive! * Expand! * Give!


Once You Join, You will receive access to an encoded page where the words on the page, and the whole page itself is encoded with frequencies and Magic specifically for You ... to release blocks and open flow. Open to Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Love, Play!, Ease, Grace, Fulfillment and More ... You are given the Gift of Ability to Attune and Align within the harmonic resonance of what You Truly Desire. This happens within your unique Destiny Alignment, which means the Abundance and Prosperity that You seek in any area of your life is aligned with Your Destiny ... and Here to Stay! This is a Joy-full journey, especially because we take our selves, life,  and our finances WAY too seriously. Its time to loosen up and allow the Divine Spark of Innocent Play and Joy and Generosity to Take the Lead as we Dance our Abundance into form!

This is a 28 Day 

1. Play! : 

Open and Make Space to PLAY ... to Live in the Present wild innocent wonder of this moment now! Open to the natural and magical imaginal realm of all possibilities (that you reveled in daily as a small child!!) Here You can FEEL and SEE what You desire and prefer to experience AS Your Life ... This provides clarity of Your Vision, Your Desire, Your Preference. FEEL it. Feel ... deeply imagine in your body what you feel like, what your body feels like within in this preferred experience, this desired reality. (hint ... this magnetically draws it to You in unfathomable, Miraculous ways!)

Do you desire to live in a juicy delicious healthy vibrant body that feels so good to play in?

Do you desire to live in financial freedom, liberation, choice on a day to day basis?

Whatever You desire ... You must align with, be in harmony with ... and FEEL GOOD about, even if you are experiencing the opposite in your external "reality." You will come to KNOW the MAGIC of YOU ... and the Power of Your Alignment, Vibration and Frequency. What you experience "out there" now is what you have aligned with prior to now. Yes, there is a "time lag" n the beginning ... even though "Time" is not even "real" especially as we experience it. This 

2. Align! : 

Awaken Your Awareness ... Notice moment by moment ... Am I vibrating in harmony with my desire (feeling good), or in opposition to it (feeling bad)?

3. Receive! : 

Receive the Confirmation of Your Micro (NOW) Alignment ... Your Frequency cannot lie ... Your Frequency calls forward the Miracle Particles that CREATE Your Reality... including your moment by moment experience  as well as your larger Life ahead of You. When you Tune In ... You receive Immediate, Instant, Consistent feedback of what you are aligning with, and how you are commanding the Miracle Particles to Manifest experiences in your life. (They are either 

You join and commit to Your Desire Your Vision for Your Life. Here. Now. As You align with your desire and vision in this moment, You begin to VIBRATE the Miracle Particles at Your Command ...to Produce the experience desired.

 Within this very moment, this Now ... 

You are an active participant in creation by your now vibration. 

You are Either in harmony with what you Desire and Prefer, or you are in harmonic creation of what You do not want. Many times this happens by default and automatic programming and conditioning.

There is a way to Awaken and Be Free. Be Clear. Be the Vessel for what You Desire.

That is what this Prosperity Experience and Experiment is all about!

Right now ... Your Essence is attuned to your Vibration ... informing the Miracle Particles to Congeal in harmony with your desire. 

Your part: Align with the Experience You Long for. In each moment, In each breath. In each action.

You are either vibrating in alignment with what You desire, or You are vibrating against it.

Either way, Your micro (tiny. now. here.) produces Your macro (larger vision embodied, manifested) Experience.

Receive Your FREE Miracle Healing Prosperity Audio 

Here we Unite to PLAY, Embody, Receive, and Expand Prosperity, Abundance, and Wealth

 for all members of our Prosperity Tribe. 

Your Prosperity and Healing is a Gift of Healing for us all!

This is a Sacred Space where we join together and impact our tribe by the ways we think, feel, act, receive and vibrate.

You must APPLY to be included.

Once You are approved to Join Us, You will receive Access to a Powerful Healing Encoded Prosperity Audio. 

And as long as you remain an active member, You will receive a New Healing Encoded Audio/ Video each month. 

We come together to LIVE Abundantly ... in Playful Joy ... Inspired Wonder ... in Magic 

You CAN have Freedom, Choice ... You can be included I the Life experiences You desire. You can be well nourished, You can afford to take excellent care of yourself and Your Family and Your Beloveds ... You can have money. You can experience Wealth. You can BE You ... and BE Abundant!

Yes, You can have your Cake ... and the sweet experience of not only eating it, also sharing it with others who grow and expand because of your Abundant Cake! And who knows what abundance Cakes will be exponentially shared with You!

As we Give, so shall we Receive.

As we Are, so shall our reflection be Returned in those we impact by our Being.

You are Known by Your Love.

You are known by Your Presence, Your Vibration, Your Essence, Your Freedom.

You are here to BE.





Together we Unite to heal the wounds, baggage, mis-creations, impacts, lineages,

Prosperity Prayer Circle

Heal money, the means of exchange in our world

Heal and restore all the channels of money flow

Heal all that has been done, all dark acts committed in the name of money

heal all abuse that has been committed agains those without money

heal the dark side of money

Heal the corruption, the greed, the manipulation, the control, the abuse, the unethical contracts, and unethical deeds done with money...

Heal... our ancestors use of money, and abuse by or of money

Heal ... our religions and religious affiliations use and abuse of money and people

Heal... our bloodline contracts and histories of money

Heal ... our soul contracts and soul constellations with money

Heal our worry, fear, lack, not enough ...

Heal our settling for not enough.

Heal our experiences of being left out of Good, of Comfort, of Nourishment, of Care, of Freedom for lack or abuse of money.

Heal money as power and control

Restore money as Love ... Love that provides for All People.

Restore Money that supports, encourages, uplifts, heals, soothes, provides, nurtures, nourishes, connects, shares, expands, grows new opportunities, gives freely ... grows exponentially as Good and Love and Opportunity for all!

Restore and Rejuvenate Money as Love.

Rejuvenate Money as a beautiful glorious material means of grateful exchange for the things we most value, love, create, give, grow, nurture, and provide ...

Let Money be a means of care and inclusion and love for all.

May all our basic needs be met.

May all our inspired visions and desires be met.

May all our children know the gratitude of Money, and what it can do for others, and what it can do for the GOOD of all Life!

Restore Money as the means to say YES to our JOY ... our Love ... Our Creative Expression .. Our Generosity ... 

Our FREEDOM, our care of others, our choice, our FREEDOM, our Liberation ... our free choice and ability to choose again and again what best honors Life ... our families ... our communities ... our Unity of One ... that we are at the core of Life.


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