Perfect Weight Cleanse 


22 Days to Your Perfect Weight!

We join together for 22 days and night to permanently clear and cleanse the Cause behind the experience of weight gain, excess weight, heaviness, clutter, too much of the "wrong" stuff, misalignment with food, our bodies, our awareness, our relationships, lack of fitness, lack of wellness, lack of energy, lack of flexibility, lack of strength, pain held in the body, unprocessed emotions, stuck emotions, fears, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, traumas, beliefs, misperceptions, worries, patterns and habits that have caused us to live in a way that feels heavy, out of balance, out of harmony, out of alignment.

You will receive an Encoded Video that addresses, releases and cleanses the Causes behind the experiences you have felt in your body and life that have led to weight gain, or any other undesired experience of heaviness, misalignment, or toxicity. This video is encoded daily to address your specific causal issues, it is designed to keep you aligned and clearing the depth causes for the the duration of these 22 days and nights together. You do not need to "do" anything to receive the clearing and healing in this video, however you will also receive some additional supports and suggested ways to make the most of this experience for yourself now and from here forward. 

You also have the opportunity to add structure removal (Highly suggested!) as well as a Private Session Add on including the Structure removal as well. (Most Powerful!)

Perfect Weight Cleanse

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