Within the Space of Now ... I sit .. I Am Open ... Listening ... Awakening ... Noticing... My Previous Life is no longer.

The Flow of Life is calling me ... Home ... into to the Center of My Infinite Love ... my Precious Heart ... My Creative Womb. 

All of the striving, the management, the negotiation, longing, fear... the desire to hold things together that must. fall. away. ... now.

No longer are we to hold onto the past.

I Choose to BE Awake to Now, to Live and Create from here.

This is a time of revelation, reflection, stillness, inner Power 

A time of Rest ... of Integration ... of being born anew ... within this life.

A Space of Healing, a Space of Innocent Wonder ... Freed from the static of consciousness, and of what was.

A Space of Restoration ... into the New Possibilities springing forth from here now ... of Living Breathing Heart-beating Access to Now ... 

Recognizing ... We cannot any longer ... do or act from old distorted masculine energy, no more "power over." No more "taking," no more manipulations, positioning, judging... leading away from center ... No more structures that imprison, and build wealth only in your corner...  denying access to the Bounty all Life naturally deserves ... we must ... allow the Wild and Free Rivers of Our Love to Run Free ... Allow All Life to Be Flourished, Expanded, Revered, Experienced as Bounty, Abundance, Vibrance ... through the Natural Ruler of Our Wild Free Heart Flow. 

All Life deserves our Love. 

Stop withholding. Stop judging. Stop the pulse of fear through the mental seeming guide. Let it go ... And as you do, hop into the Flow ... or jump on a raft if you don't trust your Self to swim yet ... Just Let Go ... Be carried by the Wild Current of your Own Love. 

See where it takes you. 

All illusions are to be shattered here. You come into Your Own ... It is vital to carry your own weight.

As I step into this New Life, New World of Flow and Effortless Creation ... 

I notice I am surrounded by decaying structures ... personally, and the societal structures of money, commerce, business, health care, education, laws, governments, etc... essentially all the systems and structures of our lifeless social norms. All these structures are dying a necessary death. 

Notice Your response to what is dying... what is no longer ... Do you grab on tighter? Do you grasp?  Do you long for what was? 

Can you feel SAFE in the Now ... as You witness the Birth of something new? Or ... are you looking back and holding on to what must change now?

Noticing how when something is dying, the ego/personality grasps on for dear life ... as we do not yet TRUST or KNOW or understand what is emerging in it's place. Our human ego, our Conditioning, our unawakened self tends to hold strong to what must be released, At all cost... until we can TRUST ... and It may feel blind. We may not be able to yet "know" or even "see" what is around the bend ... However ... we are in this together ... and many cannot let go and may die with the crumbling structures of our societies and world.

Not me.

Not You.

We are ripe.

For Wild Transformation now.

For Trust in the Unseen. For Life beyond this limitation.

We come together now to Open ... Allow ... Dream ... BE ... Love into Being ... 

A New CoCreative Foundation born of a more expansive way of Being, where we live and love and grow in community ... where we no longer seek to blame, attack or separate... where we Open to share intimate, tender, and important moments with the ones surrounding us, our neighbors, our community members, our children, our community at large ... where we support and champion each other ... knowing that as we support one another to thrive, we also thrive. Remembering that when we view our brothers or sisters as competition, we all lose. 

Knowing ... We are actually One, and when you suffer... I suffer too.  

And, You may not be aware of it, yet when I suffer, you do too. 

How could you not, when we are so connected? We are seemingly individual cells of a giant organism... called Life. Where it appears "I end and You begin, or where You end and I begin" ... This is where our "boundaries" of "separation" exist that coax us into believing that what happens to you is not happening to me. This is an illusion.

Ask any child.

They Know.

They can feel You ... they Know when you are not "right" they know when you suffer ... they are not immune to your pain. They feel it. They can't even distinguish the difference between you and them. And, in many ways ... neither can you.

It is time for a New Way of Life ... 

Join me in this adventure, especially with regard to Work, Healing, Restoring our Lives, Living Abundance, Opening and Awakening Beyond consciousness, and Raising our children in Community...

Now... I also want to share that this way of being is not always literal ... meaning ... if you take into the center of your Home, Body, and Life ... a person/partner who is fundamentally unable to LOVE You or themselves ... You cannot expect that you will Be sustained or even okay, You cannot assume your children will be okay, and they will Magically and Miraculously Heal Instantly through your Love and Wide-Open-Heart (even if you are a miracle worker like me) ... Trust me I know from painful experience... 

What Is appropriate however, is to keep your Awareness Opening, Expanding ... beyond the consciousness that pervades the structures of life in society and conditioning  ... Keep Your Self and Your Vision Open to  ... Ultimate Trust in Life ... and Faith in People ... while they earn Your Full-On, Radically-Infinite, Open-Hearted Trust ... especially with Your most Tender, Vulnerable and Sacred Parts ... Your Children and Your Inner Child, Precious Ones.

This is when (EXPANDABLE) Structure is in Divine Support ... so that the seed can burst forth, sprout and be protected as it grows, and Opens to New Life.

Gather Strength, Gather Power, Receive the Beauty and Bounty of Life, of Nature ... of all that exists ... see Beauty through and through .. Look for the Beauty daily ... Attune to the Beauty and Abundance that You have immediate and instant access to now! Go outside and sit in Wonder ... See the Amazing Miracle You Are ... See the Miracles in all Life that surrounds you ... in all those who come towards you... become a Beauty Lover ... and You will be Filled with Vibrance, Energy, and Vitality. Breathe in Your Appreciation ... Exhale resistance.

Let go of all that once was ... let it be fully dissolved in the Awake Awareness of Now.

Here is where Life is.

This moment.

See me? 



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