The Next Wave of Miracle Healers

It's Time to Usher In Your Destiny!

You have a Natural Miracle Healing Ability ... It's time to LIVE it!

Here You will find My Comprehensive Multidimensional Exclusive Personal Support to Activate Your Unique Miracle Healing Abilities!

I have developed this Offering for You.

It will change Your Life forever ... it will change what is possible for You personally, and it will change the lives of all those who are waiting for You to come Alive as the Miracle You Are!

This is an Exclusive One-on-One Intimate Immersion together, just You and I.

This is the Opening of something Bold, Radical and New:

You will Be one of the First Founding members of our Global Network of Miracle Healers, Where we mutually support one another and provide nourishment, community, family of belonging!

You have a whole fractal of Beloveds who are waiting for You ... (truly!)

Your people will not receive from another what they are here to receive from You. There is a Spiritual Law around this... as each of us are here to assist and align with specific people, and without You, they will chase others without results, leading to a sense of hopelessness.

Are You Ready to Be the Source of Miracles as Only You can? 

Your Next Wave of Miracles is here!

Together we Master the Unique Art of the Miraculous, and discover Your Unique Flavor and Expression!

We Unify Our Light and Live in Support of each other like never before!

We are here to make Miracles available to everyone ... Commonplace ... without religious imprisonment!

I was Born with a Miraculous Gift of Healing Ability. I was never "taught" by humans, only guided by a higher part of my Self, as well as Infinite Love Beings. Just as I have been Guided into Living the seeming impossible, IAM Now called to Guide You in Being the Source of Miracle Healings in the world too ... as only You Can!!!

IAM here to Excavate and Reveal The REAL YOU ... and Your Unique Abilities... 

IAM here to Teach You Everything I Know ... so You will have complete, ever-expanding Mastery in Miracles. You will experience Self Trust as a Miracle Healer and miraculously open doors for all Your People to find You! (even without experience or a website, or business training, etc...)

What is a Miracle anyway? 

As a direct Witness and Participant to countless Miracles since Birth... I say that Miracles are the ever Present Infinite Portal to Unfathomable Direct, Comprehensive, Perfect, Seemingly Impossible Solutions that Manifest (instantly) in a Comprehensive All-Encompassing Way, that are Beneficial for ALL Life. 

Miracles Instantly change Your Life, and the Lives You touch! 

Miracles Ignite Your Destiny! Miracles are Present, Open and Available to ALL! 

But many don't know how to ignite them ... 

How would you like to become a Source Point of the Miraculous? 

As a Steward of this Ability, IAM Here to Align Your Direct Inner Access to Miracles. I reveal Where and How, Multidimensionally!

The way I work is Unique, unlike anything else out there ...  I do not teach your mind, I work with a higher lever of Awareness .. that informs your mind automatically from a Higher Vantage Point beyond duality ... I work directly within the interface between Your Soul and Spirit ... Aligning You into Your Destiny from a higher plane of Awareness that the mind simply does not have access to. 

If you have a deep desire to Help, Heal, Transform, Serve … This is the Answer to Your call!

You were born with a Divine Natural Innate Intuitive Genius within You that Naturally Possesses the Right Response to Every Situation You will ever face … Personally and as a Healer, Mother, Father, Coach, Mentor, LightWorker, StarSeed, Teacher, Doctor, Transformer, Meta-Physician, Innovator, Philanthropist, Business Professional, or however You choose to express your Self!

True Miracle Solutions will never come from the mind.

They only come through the Divine in/as You. This requires an expansion beyond the mind in order to Receive Your True Divine Knowing and Access to Miracles! You do not need “prior experience” or “training” to Manifest Miracles, Heal, Help, and Serve … Your Unique Way is already Encoded WithIn You. All you need is Awakening to Your God Given Purposeful Authentic Connection, Communion Divine Knowledge, Truth … Which exists far beyond the reaches of your consciousness … 

Consciousness always leads us astray … it causes us to think, believe and act from our limited and dysfunctional (and programmed) mind structures… The "conscious" ego mind is a realm of noise, illusions that feel and appear real. The conscious mind is a record-playback mechanism that leads to distraction, dead ends, endless seeking, learning, etc… We must Unschool from consciousness! It’s been hijacked and programmed to seek outside authority. It’s time to deep dive within! This is where your True Infinite Self Resides … Holding All the Miracles and Wisdom You will ever require. The Access is Encoded WithIn You.

You were born in this Body at this Time to Bring Your Unique Magic and Miracles Forward ... Here … Now. You don't need another technique. You need Access. Techniques are dreamt up by someone, repeated and taught for others to copy and follow. Here is what you can learn from them …


Let go of EVERYTHING You know … stay in the Open Door of All Possibilities ... of Miracles.

I will show You ... 

 Your Direct Living Access to the Infinite Limitless Miracles Available to You and All of Humanity through You… Discard the techniques and Open to the Divine Genius within You who Knows the Clear Way right here and now in this Moment. 

Your Miracle is Enfolded within the Challenge You are Being Gifted with… it’s Perfectly Designed this Way … I Wake Up… I see my Self … I see my Real-Eye-Tea … 

Everything… every single thing as well as every cascade of things that follow … are for Your Greatest Good… for a Divine Purpose to Snap You Back into Your Awakened Awareness … (beyond the consciousness that created the problem) … consciousness sees and creates problems and temporary solutions  … 

Consciousness seeks to devise a safe "plan" born of the limited mind in order to change things .. 

Keeping you stuck in patterns that sometimes appear to be progress, yet move You further from your Truth … 


You have Far More Power than You can Imagine.

This Power Requires Activation into Your Mastery Alignment.

This is what we Master Together!

IAM offering this Immersive Intimate Side-by-Side Support and Service to You in 3-6-9-12  month Segments.

Ready to Begin?

Apply Below!


If You are a 100% YES! Paypal at the Level You are ready to Receive ... and we will Begin Immediately! 

You will have Direct Private Access to me for the duration of Your Training. You will receive and experience Live Calls, Video Calls, Text Messaging along with a Place in Our New Community of Miracle Healers which will promote You to the World, and Provide You with a solid Community of Spirit Family, Support, and so much more ... from here forward you will Have Your Community, and Deep Dive into Your Inspired Life's Destiny!

3 Month:  Invest in Full $29,997    

 6 Month: Invest in Full $59,994  

 9 Month: Invest in Full $89,991

12 Month:  Invest in Full $119,988  

Next Wave Miracle Healer Training Immersion

3 Month:  $9999 per month X3

6 Month:  $9999 per month X6

9 Month:  $9999 per month X9

12 Month:  $9999 per month X12

Next Wave Miracle Healer Immersion

** It is generally recommended to receive your 12 month Training, however .. there are exceptions. We will unfold together at Your pace ... Your Miracle Healing Abilities... where You will Know and Trust in Your Self and Your Miracle Healing Abilities as You Come To Life in this Unfolding Magic!!! 

Feel free to message me with any questions at the form below! Or directly @ ATTN: MIRACLE HEALER

** This is NOT meant to be financially exclusive!

A large portion of my miracle service is dedicated to Beloveds in many countries who have limited or no financial capacity due to their circumstances. While this Service is beyond priceless, Your Investment is equal to a fraction of the Value You Receive in Service to You: my Comprehensive 24/7 Support, Energy Investment, and Time required to see You through all of the challenges that emerge along Your Personal Journey of Being Attuned to the Highest Level of Manifesting Miracles in Your Life. 

**If You Know in Your Heart this is what is next for You ... IAM willing to assist in the creation of Solutions to accommodate Beloveds to Receive this Vital Life Transforming Service and Experience. Apply Below to Connect or Subscribe to invest monthly ... or PAY IN FULL to Begin!!

IAM Here to make uncommon Miracles common... I provide an embodied Experience of Love, Profound Connection and Miracles 

to All who seek.

Miracle Healer Training School with Jyoti

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