Money. Abundance. Wealth

Divine Plan Alignment  *  Life Purpose Embodiment  *  True Lasting Happiness from Inside


You are not here to play small.

This is a Rare and Sacred Journey of Embodied Unfolding Love.

Leading You into the Generation of True Lasting Wealth. Love. Abundance. Happiness. 

Where Your Purpose Lives. Where Abundance, Wealth and MONEY Naturally Live for You Specifically.

If You have struggled with any aspect of Money, Abundance, or Wealth ... there are necessary key embodiments and activations here for You that clear your way into the Life Your Heart has always dreamt of.

Our Wealth is directly impacted by our relationships, health and happiness, and vice versa.

If you struggle with money, you likely struggle with your relationships and your health in varying intensities.

This work clears it all.

Here we work together intimately, distantly ... at the level you are ready to Increase, Live and Embody!

I don't do this for You. You are in charge. I simply access, open and unleash the Unique Journey for You. I CLEAR whats in Your Way. You naturally become awake, receptive, aligned to Your Inner Self who Guides and Leads You to LIVE Your Sacred Purpose.

You receive and Live from Your Own Internal Alignment with what/Who You are Here to BE.

You are here for a Vital Purpose.

You choose IF  and when You step into it.

Right now, You may be living blind, You may be manipulated into thinking and feeling in ways that ARE NOT YOU and ARE NOT TRUE. You may feel lost. Alone. Left out of the Magic and Wonder and Abundance and Miracle of Life. You may feel unimportant. At the mercy of external circumstances. You likely believe your thoughts. You likely don't even know that You don't know ... (blind walking in the dark, thinking you know the way). 

Here You Open to Experience Your TRUTH and how the Miracle and Abundance of Life is here for You.

Most live from from what we believe is "true" based upon programming, conditioning, and the destructive influence of non-life through thought forms, entities, influences, global structures, distorted perceptions of how we achieve abundance and what and where it comes from etc...

Bottom Line TRUTH no matter what: You are here for Love. 

In Your Specific Unique Rare and Powerful Divine Expression, You are Love. You were created from Love and to this Perfect Love you shall return. 

In Living the Love You Are: Your needs are solidly met. You see the Love that You Are reflected in Life. You are no longer impacted by lesser vibrations. You can BE. Fully You. You are Generous, Grateful, FULL. You Graciously Dance through Life ... You GIVE as a Gift to Your Self! It pleasures You deeply to Give and LIVE Your Passionate Purpose in Abundance, Grace, FREEDOM, and Ease ... as You were always meant to BE! (with no downside!)

It's time to get out of Your own Way!

This is the greatest Service you can give to the whole world ... as we are all One, connected in ways we cannot fathom.

When You claim Your Sacred Way of Living Wealth and Abundance, You open the way for others to find You, and find their Sacred Way. Once all are awakened to this Magical Wealth ... the entire monetary system will transform and we Live as Gifts in support and communion with each other and all Life ... In Harmony.

I offer You: personalized supernatural comprehensive support. This support gives You Internal Aligned Access (independent of external circumstances) to the Creation Keys of Your Life.

You are here to Live the Life You have dreamt of as a Magical no-limits Child.

You are here to BE ... to Live from Wild Innocent Wonder, Miracles and Magic.

This is LOVE's Plan for You. 

Maybe this is the Miracle You have been Praying for?

This Support is available to You at whatever Level you are ready to Open, Receive and Live:

1. Invest in YourSelf at the monetary level you desire to exponentially increase Your Monthly Income by

2. If You are TRULY ready for this ... Your Way will Be Provided. You will (Miraculously?) HAVE the Money to SAY YES and Invest in this Service! It will likely come in an unexpected way, forever opening you to the Divine Flow of Love, Abundance, Money, and Happiness unfathomable! This is the first step, the Opening. the Beginning.

3. Within this Service, You will be given internal access to never before shared secret encoded information Keys that unlock Your Life from the grips of illusions, false powers, structures of control/decay, etc... and OPEN You to Live as the Generator of Love, Abundance, Bliss, Unfounded Happiness, and Passionate Purpose. Your relationships rise to meet you in Love. Your health is restored. 

Update 4/19: If You are ready for this Option ... You will HAVE the Ability to SAY YES and step into this opportunity. You will Know. You will Be inspired and called. No obstacle will be too large for You to step in and Claim Your Abundant Life! You will (sure-footedly or Miraculously?) Have the Ability to Invest in YourSelf through this Service, even if it doesn't appear to be so on the surface of your life. You will see it. It will be made visible to You. Trust. Align with Your Future Self Who Knows and Generates Life circumstances and feelings and knowings and embodiments in Harmony with Your Divine Destiny! The resources emerge. Stay out of the way. Do what You can. Effortlessly see. Open to Your Infinite Being. This is your First step to embody Your Life of Wealth. 

(I have encoded access to this for You ... it is embedded within this webpage, can you feel it?)

Update: 11/19 Need a low cost option to get started?  IAM also offering ... A NEW affordable-for-everyone Money-Manifest-Now-Month-of-Support  Opening Subscription at $144 per month CHECK IT OUT HERE! (Purchase button below!)

I AM here. For You. For Love. For LIFE.

I AM here. To Restore LIFE to LIFE.

You are the Sacred Gift of Life!

Life is Abundance and Unfathomable Wealth.

Act and Invest according to Your Knowing. 

What You Invest, You Claim and Grow for Your Life.

Choose the level You are ready to Receive Exponentially.

* This silent supernatural support changes your life and what you have the Ability to Live. You are here for More than You can now fathom. You are Vital to Life, and You Live BEST in Abundance to Unfold Your Miraculous Divine Sacred Purpose. This is Your Opportunity. Now

Money, Abundance, and Wealth Healing and Alignment ... 

Invest at the Level You are Ready to Embody, Receive Monthly, Increase, Multiply, and LIVE as Your Precious Life of Abundance. You can Invest in this Service as often as You desire, as each time your Capacity to Generate, Grow, and Live Increases. This Service attunes to You and begins the moment you INVEST Your YES. This work is delivered silently, as you are enveloped within the Morphic Resonance Field of Divine Love and Abundance ... the Power concentrates and permeates Your Whole Being, setting a NEW Course of Expanded Possibilities which increases in intensity over the next 30 days. You can return to receive your next infusion after 30 days has passed! You can also Gift this to others!

Need a low cost option to get started?

IAM also offering ... A NEW affordable-for-everyone Money-Manifest-Now Month of Support  Opening Subscription at $144 per month  CHECK IT OUT HERE! or Purchase below!

Money Manifest Now Monthly Support Investment

Even MORE Intensive Care Healing and Support For Wealth related Karmic Debt:

You have Serious Karmic Money Debt to Heal and Transform ... (YOU KNOW IF THIS IS YOU!!)

Many have this ... few will make it here to CLEAR the Way! 

(I know, in my own family, I have a billionaire uncle who lives and perpetuates this kind of suffering, abuse, entitlement, acting in unconscionable ways that do HARM, withholding and growing darkness, structures, and non-life alliances, power hungry, greed ... abusing the most innocent and vulnerable of humans to break their spirit and absorb their Power of Love, Innocence, and Vulnerability ... this creates the darkest energies possible... and we are here to HEAL, Correct, Love and RETURN TO LIFE! Especially when we are talking about  abuse of the most innocent and vulnerable children, women, families, and Life ...)

If You have this or other Money Karmic Debt ... this is YOUR MIRACLE .. and the Miracle for ALL LIFE!

You are likely experiencing health and relationship challenges (or heading full steam into them!)

You are likely feeling alone, even though you may be surrounded by people who claim to respect, admire, and work with you.

This Karmic Debt only grows. Until a change of Heart and a change of Course are initiated.

As your Karmic Debt grows, you will find deeper and deeper struggles that cause suffering, for You, for those you love, and for those who you unconsciously yet deeply impact by your ways of living.

 Now is Your Miracle Moment to Change Course before colliding with the accumulated Karma racing towards you, your children, family, and loved ones! 

We can deep dive together and release the impact of your misalignment! Aligning You with the Life God (LOVE) intended for You, where you generate, grow, and enjoy wealth in Love and Blessing.

This is Vital for You, Your Family, Your Legacy, and for all Life!

Together, we align You in the Currency of Now embodying Your Joyous Life's Purpose ... Generating and Growing Possibilities, Love, Abundance, Money for Greatness ... for All!

Listen... Your Heart Knows ... Listen to Your Truth ... Your Wild Innocent Wonder Inside Knows this is correct for You.


No one can tell You. You already Know.

You don't need anyone to tell you what your Heart knows, and needs.

You cannot do it alone, nor were you meant to.

This is why IAM here.

Intensive Karmic Clearing, Divine Forgiveness, and Restoration of Life for For Wealthy Individuals and Families. 

Karmic Debt Clearing and Release into FREEDOM! Restoration of Your Life, Health, Relationships, and 

Alignment with Your Divine Purpose and Passionate Life of True Abundance.

*Contact me to insure the correct level of support and service you need and require

**For Larger Karmic Debts You are ready to be FREE from ... Message HERE!


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