Welcome Beautiful Beloved!

Instructions for Receiving Your Live Miracle Sessions!

Instructions For Our Session "Time":

Once You invest in Your Self through PayPal, You will begin to Receive Support Immediately ... up to the Opening of Our Upcoming "Official" Live Session. This happens naturally, as this work is nonlinear and undefinable within time, this Healing does not exist within "time" and cannot be calibrated through limitations of "time." This is how Miracles happen naturally everyday in this Magical Love at PLAY Together!!!


In REALITY (of this body of Service) ...You do not need to "do" anything in order to receive Your Miracle Session during our Appointed "Time" (I've Got You!) ... 

However, I do invite You to Luxuriate in the Present Moment as much as Possible ... to Breathe ... deeply into Your Belly ... feel the breath expand Your belly and your lungs ... feel and receive the amazing multidimensional depths of your Heart... beating constantly in Loving Support of Your Life Experience ... Listening and Feeling the sound and Unique Vibration of your Radiant Presence ... To BE ... within this body ... in the Miraculous Precious Beautiful Amazing Gift of Life and Love that You Are ... to Re-Member and Re-cognize this amazing Gift of Life ... of LOVE that You have been given, that You have Chosen before you became "conscious" ... where You can FEEL and experience the Amazing things that make your heart sing, that inspire you, uplift you, expand You beyond Your previous inner-standings ... Where You can Awaken to Who You Actually Are (not what your conscious mind thinks) ... You are a Miraculous Being of Pure Eternal Infinite Love ... here in a Beautiful Perfect Body for a Divine Purpose ... Opening to Experience glimpses and Embodiments of Who You Really Are in All Your Magical Exquisite Beauty and Infinite Love ... where we Unfold Your True Alignment, Your Divine Purpose, Your Sacred Mission, and Your Beautiful Unique and Necessary Destiny!

*Have a Glass/Bottle/Gallon of water with You. 

(I will be transmitting Miracle Frequencies into Your Water that assist Your Cellular Body Awareness, and many aspects of Your Being and Body in Divine Alignment with Your Destiny!)

Drink this water as You are inspired. Use this water as Your Inner Knowing Guides You! (You Share with me what You are doing with Your Miracle Water!!)

*Have a Pen and Paper/Journal... and/or ... Art Supplies with You.

You may feel inspired to capture the essence of something that IS E-Merging within now moments of Our Session ... and in the following moments of Your early mornings, late nights, shower moments, quiet or meditative or e-motional moments... There may be many IN-Sights that serve as Triggers to Awaken You beyond Your conscious mind's function ... after all, we are here to Awaken Beyond Consciousness through every thing we experience. This Session is a Direct Deep Dive into Opening this Divine Sacred Portal of Aware-ness ... Beyond and including this "Real-I-Tea" (Reality). You may be given a book to write, a thing to do, a direction to go, a treasure map to create, a new high frequency thing, a genius idea with complete instructions and support, Divine Loving Healing and Meaningful Messages from Divine Mother, God, Source, Yeshua, Your Angels, Guides, Guardians, Protectors, Devas, Fairies, Dragons, Ancestors, Star Beings, Earth Beings, Your Future Self ... etc... You may be given a download of in-form-at-ion (information) that is vital for your life, or for the lives of those whom you are here to impact and awaken! You may be given an immediately actionable step to take, Who knows ... how it will show up will be Unique to You ... there are infinite exciting possibilities the Love of Creation - will Give and Bless You with from within the Core of this Miracle Session!!! Please do share with me!!! IAM all-Ways Honored and Excited to Witness Your Magic and Miracles ... and to Support You in the Unfolding!!!


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