Your Encoded Video is Here Now!


Now that Our Soul Constellation Session (at this New Level) is Complete … 

I have Uploaded Your Encoded Video of Our Session (BELOW) 

(I will keep this page live for You so You can experience it as many times as You Desire!)

There is a Bonus Opportunity:

 Please share Your experience with me and Anchor in even MORE than what was Possible before … 

If You would like to Be IN on this … 

Please send me a VIDEO to

as well as a written testimonial of Your Experience so far, 

and PLEASE keep the communication Flowing as things continue shift, change and unfold in Your Life … 

In your Video / Written Testimonial Please include and Elaborate on: 

The nuance or concrete experience of what You are Opening to … or now experiencing, feeling, sensing, noticing, or perceiving  … How it’s different from before now! Be as specific as You Are Ready to Claim and Anchor in Your Experience!

CLAIM IT!!! And IT WILL EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE! … (smiling with a giggle!)

There may (WILL) Be many Evolutions, Expansions, Growth, Healings and Manifestations to come, they are underway … as new emerging  possibilities for you that were not accessible / visible / considered / conceived before! (I just confirmed this within our Spirit Soul Connection!! So Exciting!!!)

Please Open Your Expanding Awareness to communicate Your:

New Experiences

New ideas

New Inspirations

New Thoughts

New Events

New Possibilities

New Openings

New Closings 


In 2024 there is are Miracle Options Opening in the Field of Possibilities 

that exists Within and Beyond the Soul and the Soul Constellations we are here to Liberate … 

As well as Monthly Opportunities to Connect, Gather, Share, Heal, Transform, Unite, Realize … and more

I have been asked by Source to Create a “Portal” for the Miraculous to take root in the Hearts, Minds, Emotions, and Bodies of those who are drawn to Participate and Receive  … It is in the works now … and this is Sure to Be a dedicated monthly space for Deep Healing and Opening to Connection and Healing and Miracles … Possibly also Co-Creations and Collaborations Together!

I Envision this as a Portal Space with a Monthly Encoded Video hosted on the page

as well as a Live Zoom call where we can Unite and Share and Grow together in Love!

Eventually I would like it to be an Interactive Group! 

The (short sweet) Encoded Video I posted on this page is encoded specifically for You for continued Support … 

and You will Know when You are ready for what is next beyond it!

Just play the video and receive! Notice what You Notice and have water near you as you experience (it will be encoded)

Also … 

If You would like to receive Deeper Support in Navigating and Maximizing Your Miraculous Life Post Session - I have a New Coaching Service available for only Four Beloveds!  These Coaching Sessions will be held Monthly and on a 3 month subscription through PayPal … or manual monthly Investment through Venmo Please let me know asap, to ensure your spot! 

Your Investment for this Coaching will be $333/month for 3 months. We could possibly go longer if needed / desired. 

I will also offer followup Soul Constellation Sessions to You at a discounted rate of $1111 (normally $5555) You can send through Venmo (Friends) or PayPal (Friends and Family) please!

Now ... Onto Your Video:

Get a glass or bottle of Water, pen and paper, or art supplies

Take a Deep Breath ...

Open to Receive Your Encoding within the Video Below

To Jyoti...

I have kept the Contact form on this page so You can message me here directly ... 

Please feel free to share and ask whatever Your Heart is Guiding You to express and share!

You are welcome to use this form to Share Your Written Testimonial of You wish! Or You can send it with Your Video to:

This is Your PRIVATE page for Our Special Pay-What-You-Can Session Together!!

Our Session Officially Opens:

12/24/23 @11:11am PDT 

ME: I deep dive within a Sacred Divinely Curated Space where Our Spirit and Soul Meet, I stay attuned to You for as long as it takes up to 24 hours to allow all the SC's to appear, track, resolve, and CLEAR...

YOU: Be as Open in Wild Innocent Curious Wonder and Magic ... as You possibly can!! 

What Happens: IAM guided to the Constellation patterns in Your Soul that are blocking and limiting your life in countless billions of ways ... some subtle and others direct. I stay with each point of the whole patterns until is it completely dissolved. Sometimes one or several of the points (which I see as vibrating balls of light similar to a star constellation... however they are HUGE impacted and enfolded traumas/wounds/pains/fears/horrors/etc... of your Soul's unique journey through many lifetimes - including the lives of your ancestors) They REQUIRE Full Unconditional Love in order to open and Be Liberated. Many times they disperse into many additional points, and some are in multiple dimensions far beyond what is conceivable... I stay with them and work individually with them LOVING IT ALL FREE ... then once it is complete it supernova's into a space of peace ... then the next one in the pattern emerges... and I do this until the WHOLE pattern is gone ... this is why and how your whole life changes ... as these are the creative influences that have blocked and limited what you had access to in this life... 

I sometimes create a video that I encode Your Session into so that You can experience it in a condensed moment.

I only do this when IAM guided by Your Spirit.

If I am Guided to create an Encoded Video for You - it will be posted on this page so please bookmark it! (It is a private page!) Also please do not share this experience with anyone else, as each person is unique and the Video is only encoded for You, if it is shared - it will dilute your experience exponentially.  

 Your Session will last for approximately 24 hours. It will be silent distant and Life Chaninginly Powerful! We will be accessing your most Important SC's (deemed by Your Spirit) and clearing them forever. These patterns are responsible for sooo many limitations and experiences in your life. They are the "unconscious" unseen influences that color and imprint your reality. When they are removed, Your Life will be Different ... You will have Greater Access to New Choices, New Experiences, and New Possibilities, New Manifestations untainted by your previous limits! 

Many people report Miracle Healings, Happenings, and Experiences through these Sessions every day.

Expect Miracles ... Be Open to the Magic of how they emerge!

I have a direct contact form below if You have questions... 

Please note that I respond as IAM Guided. Many times I respond without words directly given to You as a Pulse of Knowing in Your Heart.

Listen. You will Know clearly inside, in the event that you do not receive a written reply.



Know ... that the Source You came from is in charge here. This entire Session is Guided by Your Spirit. IAM simply the One who has chosen to Serve this Purpose for You and for Life ... this work works through me, not from me. Yes, it takes a great deal of Personal Inner Alignment, Power, Focus, and most of All LOVE ... Pure Unconditional Love! (which as we all know can be challenging (GIFT) ... every challenge is a Gift Inverted!) 

As always, there is nothing you need to "do" to FULLY receive this Powerful Life Changing Experience ... However, I do recommend having a journal and pen or markers, or if you want to get creative gather art supplies and just create spontaneously at any point before, during, or after our Session.

**You are welcome to set Your "Intention" (HOWEVER >>> see note at page bottom on Intention!)**

Know ... that what is BEST and MOST Important for You is what will happen first, not necessarily what your conscious mind thinks or expects! Be WIDE OPEN and BE DELIGHTED IN SURPRISE! The experiences / changes may take place so rapidly that Your conscious mind is bypassed, this is always True to varying degrees.Recognize and Feel into the Flow of Love of Gratitude for this Immeasurable Gift and Blessing! Most will never experience this in their Lives - (unless I can change that, which IAM working on!!!)

Some things may shift Immediately and others will unfold in your awareness as You Live and Breathe ... Onward

A note on INTENTION ... 


Our Intentions are colored by and through our Soul Constellations ... which is where all of our "dark matter yet to be resolved" is stored. This is why when you listen to all of the LOA stuff and you set your INTENT to MANIFEST or INTENT TO NOW HAVE... and while you may receive it ... You do not Receive it in it's Perfected form ... it comes with tests, challenges, karma, and need for more "work" etc... Simply, it doesn't come with ease ... 

What this means is that Your SC's are informing your Intentions ... Your Soul Constellations are simply what is unresolved in your Soul ... SO your "Conscious Intentions" many times are COLORED WITH what is unresolved, unaddressed, the unseen, unknown limits/blocks/barricades, etc... that  require "hard work," tests and challenges to overcome which many times are far greater than the Experience INTENDED... 

This is what I want You to be aware of whenever You are setting an intention to have or to manifest something / anything ... as this is the HARD WORK path ... in this Intended way, you will get it, but in a much lower, lessor form! 


Be OPEN ... to Truly RECEIVE The MIRACULOUS GREATEST BENEFIT Beyond Your expectations!!! It Emerges Naturally in Wild Innocence, Wonder and Magic!


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