Welcome to Your Miracle Healing Chamber

Instructions to Activate and Receive Access to Your Personal Miracle Healing Chamber:

1. Receive Effortless Instant Access to the Audio at the bottom of this page ... It is Encoded Specifically for You. (This will not work for others, they must receive their own encoded access directly!) The Audio will continue to support You, until You are ready for Your Next Level of the Miracle Healing Chamber.

2. You are Sealed, Protected, Loved, and Held within a Sacred  Miracle Healing Chamber created just for You for the Duration You have chosen to be supernaturally supported and healed without limitation ... Allow everything to BE ... just as it is ... Breathing in the Next Level of Life .. Being fully resent regardless of how things seem to show up. Magic and Miracles are Here ... Potently impacting Your Life and Your Access to deeper Awakening beyond consciousness .. Giving You Freedom!

3. Important ... This Audio gives you access to greater Life ... Be Wise to the POWER. Only Play this Audio when you will lay down and nap, rest, deeply meditate, or sleep for the night. DO NOT LISTEN WHILE OPERATING MACHINERY OR DRIVING A CAR! Listen to this (mostly silent) Encoded Audio MP3 as you go to sleep. (nap of more than 15 minutes or deep sleep at night) This Rejuvenation, Restoration, Regeneration, Love, Bliss, (and far more beyond definition) Healing Chamber is encoded specifically for You, from the Source of LOVE and Life itself. Your Origination Point in form (you identity), as well as your Infinite Self (that which You are becoming awake to) are harmonized and aligned to fulfill your Joyous Purpose for Being here! This is far more than "healing" ... it is about the restoration of Your Divine Blueprint and Divine Purpose for incarnation into this Life... especially now... Healing the limitations of a toxic world (seeking Pure Awareness and Healing) opening the way for Awakened Clarity ... and Love to fuel You into your Blissful Body Experience!)

There is really nothing you need to "do" ... in fact, the more you think and/or do the more you negate the Actual POWER of MIRACLES ... Beloved ... You are not in charge, you cannot control or manipulate .. this is why you are here .. to Re-Member the Infinite Essence of LIFE beyond your awareness ... You are here to bring forward into this world ... the Glory of Perfection, Healing, Wholeness ... and far more beyond description ... into Life! And, Your Life specifically! Including all those You are here to touch!

Before You Open Your audio ... welcome a deep belly breath .. notice where you are now ... and how deeply you are able to breathe ... notice where your breath is ... and how you desire to expand beyond the thoughts that flood your mind ... (its old stuff, recycling) .. time now to open to more ... 

Just Be.

Just allow the breath to breathe you. Take you to where you are meant to BE.

Miracles are here. Now.

Your Body is already coming into Divine Perfect Health and Vitality NOW.

Feel it?

You will... to ever more increasing levels of Bliss.

This Miracle Healing Chamber provides DIRECT ACCESS to Your Perfect Divine Blueprint of Perfection, Health, Vitality, and Bliss ... Happiness beyond description, beyond your previous thoughts, beyond your previous awareness.

For those of us who feel we need to "do" something  or "focus" on something in order to change or heal or transform ... You can Expand Your Experience by listening to your body (body of access to the Presence of Now) and following the still small voice within your Heart ... calling you to what is next for Your greatest Bliss, Love, Life, and Happiness... this still small voice is loud, clear, and palpable in Your Miracle Healing Chamber ... and when You align your AWARENESS with it ... exponential results happen IMMEDIATELY. Some (many!) Miraculous Transformations and Changes you will notice instantly ... and others you will recognize over "time." This is Perfect how it unfolds, as YOU have a far greater intelligence in charge ... Your Infinite Self .. who is responsible for your Awakened Sight Ability to recognize ...  and when ... and how.

I Love You.

I heard your call ... I created this for You!

It is my Love for You that Opened this Possibility.

I SEE Who You Are and YOU MATTER!!!!

Yes, You matter! No matter how you have felt up to now!

You are the Miracle Needed to make the Difference in Life ... that ONLY YOU can make!

You are a Miracle!

You are here for LOVE expanding as You!

I am here to see you LIVE this into Being!

YOU have a most powerful purpose that ONLY YOU can fulfill!

We all need YOU to be healthy, vibrant and ALIVE in this PRESENCE now to BE Your Amazing Miraculous Potential (which maybe you have not yet ever known! Or even dreamt of!!)


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Re-Member ... this is ONLY for SLEEP, Deep Meditation or napping ... It is programmed to ONLY work when you are able to Rest! (effortless bliss included!)

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