This Changes Everything.

Beautiful Beloved One ...

Welcome to Your LOVE ACTIVATION! 

I placed this Very Special Heart Selected Video at the bottom of this page.

in 24 Hours it will be ENCODED JUST FOR YOU!!

If You watch it before it is encoded, that is okay ... It has Base Frequencies that are Supportive Right Now Active and Living inside of the water! If you do choose to experience it before the 24 Hours needed to encode it ... then Return after 24 hours and EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! (I would LOVE to hear from You ... all that You notice both before and after Your Encoding!)


There is nothing You need "do" in order to Receive this Encoded Love Activation... however, I do recommend that You have a glass or bottle of water with You, as well as paper and markers/paint/pencils/etc... to CREATE / Write 3 pages of no-thought writing / creating ... just after you experience this video!

Your LOVE Activation is OO-Sing within Your Encoded Video Below

Why Water?

Your water will be Encoded with Frequencies of LOVE that match, Sing, Dance, and tessellate with Your Unique RNA/DNA as You drink the water! The Water naturally restructures and absorbs the specific Frequencies unique to You... to Support every cell of Your Body and every etheric template within and surrounding You ... Allowing and Welcoming IN what You are in LOVE RESONANCE with!

Yes... It's Magic! Real Miracles are True Alchemy LOVE!

The Encoding in this Video changes Your Very Sacred Geometrical Structure formerly known as your Body... to Function in New and Beautiful Ways of LOVE ... of Light ... of SOUND ...of Magic and Miracles ... Expanding from here forward into LIFE. 

Opening New Possible Real-I-teas (Realities)...

PLAY and DREAM and DANCE and BE ... Here You are Supercharged to LIVE and Experience the LOVE Your Heart has All-Ways Dreamt of since You were a tiny child ... and since You ARE/Were the Infinite Spirit of YOU ... before this In-Body-Meant!

Keep me posted!!!

Have Your Water and creation tools with paper next to You ...

Breathe ... Relax ... Open

Allow whatever arises to Be ...

Scroll down to experience Your Video!


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